Spy Talk: Attacking the second major bye round

Fresh off a 91st placed finish last season, the SC Spy looks into the big dilemmas facing SuperCoaches each week.


G’Day Peeps!

Amongst the current media driven agenda claiming there is beef between Australian Socceroos Captain – and all-round good bloke Maty Ryan – and yours truly, I am happy to report that the boys have stuck to the task at hand and delivered another solid week on the paddock.

It’s this kind of attitude that led me to selecting each individual, and why it makes it so hard to let any of them go. Alas, its necessary and some hard calls are soon to be made!

As it stands, I’m sitting at 1593rd after a score of 1208. I was the most relieved man around when Lil Papi decided to go utterly bananas with 100 points in the last 6 or 7 minutes of Thursday night footy. Hopefully that is the kick start he needed to get the confidence going again.

Trades wise I have 13 trades left and currently 10 players for the upcoming bye week (that’s before I make any moves). Post Origin, I have Teddy & Harry Grant down as must haves, and Cam Murray a huge want but not necessarily a need (pending trades remaining).

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This means I need to take a minimum 3 trades off my current total as ill use 2 to get in Harry and Ted, and 1 to downgrade Josh King who I have held onto despite a price drop. A 60 from Josho this week would be unreal!

This will leave a max of 10 trades following these planned trades to add to my bye coverage this weekend and deal with any dramas on the run home that may/will come up.

I’ll rely on depth as much as possible, but you never know what may happen in relation to restings/injuries/suspensions and COVID and then there are blokes like Manu who may need to be called upon again if he sticks at 5-8 or a David Fifita type who could be a super purchase for the run to the finals.

As we know trades do run out though so at this stage, I’m looking at using 2 this weekend with scope for 3-4 (trade boost) if I choose.

So, let’s get into this weekend with my thoughts on options. I’ve split them between guns and basement options who you can downgrade to in order to free up cash and gain bye round points!

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Hard to leave out. Latrell Mitchell looms as a stud option however if you simply can’t afford Papi but try everything to get Papi first as he averages 100+ for the year. There is a very real possibility that Papi could still be underdone and with Melbourne dealing with a few out its isn’t a sure thing he goes bananas but gee it’s a risk not owner because a 180+ when others have him as skipper would be near season ending.

Latrell Mitchell

I really like him and have all year. Looks insanely fit and that to me reflects motivation. I can’t personally fit him in given I already own Cleary/Moses, Papi & Hynes but I’d love to get him. Tough draw is a factor, but he is good enough to make a mockery of this.

As with Papi and Matterson below my only real concerns is returning from injuries and do they see out the year. Just be aware that if you partner Papi & Latrell that means no Teddy.

Ryan Matterson

As long as he makes the final side and isn’t a late injury withdrawal, I find it hard not to grab him. A genuine keeper who plays the bye round yes please. Injury the only risk here really.

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On the end of a red-hot backline and a good run home especially the last month or so this try scoring machine is one I love and have owned for a while!

Mitch Moses

I think Mitch could be a real Point of Difference this weekend if you have room for him and could be particularly good over the next fortnight and for the run home if necessary. Does have the ability to go a little low but mass upside.

Others I like include Dylan Brown, Shaun Lane, Alex Johnson, Joe Ofahengaue, Sivo & Tass. They are all quality options.

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Basement Price

A couple of very timely downgrade options this weekend including Jed Cartwright (dual position), Pole who has big wraps and was a monster in limited minutes last weekend & Grant Anderson who could still be taken cheap. Hosking will also be basement price along with Palasia who should see increased minutes.

Edrick Lee

This guy gets his own category because he lands himself in a very unusual situation. Generally, in Supercoach, it’s a good idea to avoid mid rangers who have a big game, however here is why I see Eddy having real merit and why I may just grab him.

  1. Barring injury will make anywhere between 100-200K over the next fortnight. This allows a cracking upgrade or monster downgrade in 2 weeks.
  2. He plays the bye and has 100+ potential in him. Anything 50-60+ would be super handy points wise.
  3. If you were looking to move a guy on, then its only 1 extra trade if you go via Lee to do it.

Essentially for 1 trade you can get points scoring potential and a heap of cash to help you settle on a run home side in a fortnight. Just be sure you are getting Eddy for someone you were already planning to move on otherwise you are using 2 additional trades to get him in and out.

The downside is evident in that he may score 25 and 25 but you likely won’t play him round 18 (pending origin restings) so it’s really a $$ grab with adding bye scoring potential. One to ponder!

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The Plan

For me I am going to go at this stage:

  1. Burbo –> Pole

This frees up cash and get me a bye player who I hope can keep punching out 40+. Better then downgrading later for 0 points.

2. Kiraz –> Matterson

I don’t want to sell my boy, but centres are stacked, and someone has to go. I’m selling the guy with the least upside as I’d prefer centres/wingers from the out and out gun teams.

This gives me 12 for the bye with a view of doing the below in the coming weeks:

Round 18

Josh King –> Nuff

Mitch –> Teddy

Round 19

Robson –> Harry Grant

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This would leave 8 trades and roughly $100k. With some luck I’ll be able to go directly from Penisini – Murray. If not, I can use the extra trade by going Tago – Murray and Penisini – Tupou who has bottomed out nicely. I don’t mind this idea anyway!

As we know a couple of weeks is a long time in sport so let’s see what happens. For the record I’m also pondering Tago – Eddy Lee this round purely for bye points and a big cash upgrade to then turn Eddy in Murray soon enough and make a profit out of it 😊

VC will be Papi and skipper likely Mitch Moses if Papi doesn’t deliver.

Good luck legends!

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