Money movers: Players to trade/target to up cap value, Round 17

2021 AFL SuperCoach runner-up Steve Nikolovski assesses all the key players set to make big cash, and those set to plummet in value.


Round 16 wasn’t much for me, with neither Preuss, Jackson, or English making themselves available for Lovski FC – the ruck line has been an utter disaster for me this season.  An under-par score of just over 2400 was the result, I’m sure you did much better with some huge individual scores from popular players. 

I’m hoping this is the first week I have avoided injury and won’t have to trade… Well apart from Rich who I’m hoping is only the one week.  For those lucky enough with some trades in the bank, let’s see what the best trade in and out options are for this week are, looking at break-evens.

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Rookies to Consider Trading in

PlayerPosBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Luke Strnadica*R-73$102,40066+$62.2k
Luke Cleary*D-68$117,30068+$61.0k
James Tunstill*M-43$117,30056+$44.4k
Callum M. BrownD/F-30$182,90079N/A
James Blanck*D-26$102,40043+$30.9k
Jase BurgoyneD/M-19$123,90065N/A
Jackson ArcherD-11$117,30057N/A
Hewago Paul OeaM/F0$123,90049N/A
Zane TrewM0$123,90049N/A
Dominic BedendoF8$123,90041N/A
James TsitasM14$102,40026N/A

* Indicates player is on the bubble

Top Trade in’s:

  1. James Tunstill – Passed the eye test and with a couple of injuries at the Lions den should continue to get games in the short term.  Mid only which is a little annoying.
  2. James Blanck – Terrible scoring potential as a key defender but a warm body and bargain basement price.
  3. Jackson Archer – Scored pretty well in his debut then was a late out.  You would think he’d get a few games if he’s overcome that injury.
  4. Hewago Paul Oea – What a great story.  Looked decent enough in his debut.
  5. Jase Burgoyne – Don’t trust he’ll stay in the team but has DPP.

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Players to Consider Trading in:

PlayerPosBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Willie RioliM/F-11$311,80062+$32.6k
Will Hoskin-ElliottM/F0$380,70068+$30.4k
Jake LeverD8$403,70089+$36.1k
Harris AndrewsD9$399,20082+$32.8k
Ned ReevesR16$323,90063+$20.9k
Christian PetraccaM19$526,90096+$34.6k
Jake KellyD19$353,80077+$26.1k
Wayne MileraD21$312,50066+$20.3k
Rowan MarshallR24$447,40082+$26.1k
Chad WarnerM28$453,40092+$28.6k
Jamie CrippsF28$415,00088+$26.9k
Ed LangdonM30$366,60064+$15.2k
Josh DaicosM30$351,50078+$21.4k
Lincoln McCarthyF33$360,40096+$28.0k
Jayden StephensonM/F33$281,70050+$7.6k
Jake LloydD34$468,50090+$25.1k
Jesse HoganF35$416,50078+$19.3k
Brayden MaynardD37$459,600101+$28.8k
Marlion PickettM37$384,30086+$21.9k
Tom HickeyR39$442,80099+$26.8k
Charlie CameronF41$393,80076+$15.8k
Nick DaicosD/M43$482,100104+$27.4k
Peter WrightR/F44$408,80084+$17.7k
Steven MayD45$379,10057+$5.3k
Keidean ColemanD/F48$437,70092+$19.7k
Noah AndersonM53$474,900114+$27.5k
Daniel RioliD/F57$452,70097+$18k
Zach MerrettM61$539,500116+$24.6k
Izak RankineF61$460,70088+$11.9k
Bailey DaleD71$545,200133+$27.6k
Sean DarcyR73$542,400111+$17.2k
Jordan DawsonD85$626,900122+$16.8k
Jack SteeleM92$543,00087-$2.3k
Jack SinclairD/M105$577,700105$0

Top Trade in’s:

  1. Jack Steele – Looks to have bottomed out and with back-to-back 100’s looks a great buy for those who can afford the luxury trade or are missing an M8.
  2. Jack Sinclair / Jordan Dawson –No tag this week for Sinclair and he showed what he can do with a huge score of 150.  Dawson not far behind with 144.  Both these guys have been amazing this year and have jumped to uber premium status.
  3. Bailey Dale –Was tight between him and Sinclair, but with Caleb Daniel back in a few weeks’ time it will probably halt Dale’s ceiling toward the end of the season.  Still a great pick though.
  4. Steven May – Most of the top 10 last year had this guy so he’s generally a good pick.  Takes most kick outs and is a good cheap alternative if you’re cash strapped.
  5. Nick Daicos –I know this seems crazy, but this guy has gone to another level since I traded him out!  Haha.  He’s playing as good as anyone at the moment and his price will continue to go up.
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Players to Consider Trading out / Wait to Bottom out and Trade in Later

PlayerPosBEPriceProjected ScoreProj $ Change
Adam CerraM181$398,60064-$52.2k
Darcy ParishM176$586,90099-$34.7k
Callum MillsM171$590,700111-$26.8k
Dayne ZorkoD/M168$391,90055-$50.5k
Nat FyfeM163$498,10074-$39.9k
Dion PrestiaM163$475,30095-$30.4k
Tim EnglishR/F160$605,100130-$13.4k
Sam DochertyD157$558,500101-$25.1k
Luke ParkerM/F142$545,400108-$15.4k
Jack CrispD141$519,40097-$19.9k
Braydon PreussR120$444,10093-$12k
Zak ButtersM/F117$471,000103-$6.4k
Aaron HallD115$495,30088-$12.3k
Jayden ShortD112$481,40085-$12.3k
Patrick CrippsM108$520,000101-$3.0k
Malcolm RosasF74$277,70057-$7.4k
Sam ButlerM/F43$180,40039-$1.9k

Top Trade out Targets:

  1. Braydon Preuss – Hopefully you got rid last week when he wasn’t named in the best 22.  If not, you need to do it now.
  2. Aaron Hall – Listed as 1-2 weeks with his quad injury which is a great result for him.  Really tough decision as to whether you hold or not now.  Wehr and D’Ambrosio will provide decent cover if you are low on trades, especially if you can loop them.
  3. Malcolm Rosas – Looks like he has reached his peak price.  Trade if you can and bank some coin for upgrading elsewhere.
  4. Jayden Short – Might have a new rule next season, no Brayden’s or Jayden’s in my team.  He has been crucified by the new role in the middle and half forward.  If you can luxury trade, I’d be pulling the trigger, he needs to be playing defence to score well and the emergence of Daniel Rioli is not helping with that.  I wouldn’t do it with Crisp as he has the Kangas this week and could go really big.
  5. Patrick Cripps – Another luxury trade option for those in good positions.  I really like the Cripps to Steele play.

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Final Say

If you are near the top and have trades in the bank don’t be shy in taking a risk with a luxury trade or two.  Unfortunately for me I am not in that position on either count.  I’m really hoping for some good news at the selection table this week and an injury free weekend for once.  Fingers are crossed.

As usual, good luck!

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