POD Hunter: Low ownership picks to set you apart, Round 15

We take a look at the best options flying under the radar to set you apart from AFL SuperCoach rivals.


Finally, we are DONE!

I’ve improved significantly over the course of the byes, and I definitely owe it to a few PODs I picked up along the way.

Rory Laird, at the time, was a hugeee POD when I brought him in (2%!), now he’s owned by 12%. He has been absolutely incredible.

Jordon Dawson has also been unbelievable since I brought him in at just 6% ownership, scoring a massive 140 on the weekend.

The byes, in some respect, are about playing it safe and just trying to find 18 on-field players. Now, however, is the time to take risks.

You need to differentiate yourself from the pack if you want to stand any chance at moving up the rankings, and the only way to do that is to pick up some PODs!

Let’s have a look at two of the best ones from each position.

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Daniel Rich ($510,900, 99.2, 8.7%)

With his 55 against GWS about to fall out of his cycle, Daniel Rich is in for a HUGE price increase, and this will seriously be the cheapest he gets all season. Ever since Dayne Zorko moved back into the midfield (and got injured), Rich has found a heck of a lot of footy down back, and the only reason he scored a 55 in the first place was because he was completely tagged out of the game (that won’t happen again this season don’t worry). Discounting the 55, he’s scored 117, 93, 127, 119, and 119 since Round 8.

Shannon Hurn ($520,400, 97, 0.5%)

Can you trust Hurn’s body? No, absolutely not. In fact, writing this is giving me PTSD from that time I traded him in and he got injured on ZERO. Omg… The zero was against Essendon… Who he is PLAYING this week. You couldn’t do it?? Could you?! He managed to play eight straight games at the start of the year, and now he should be well rested from his bye. In the last four games, he’s scored 100, 129, 111, and 109, so he’s in some ripper form. It’s risky… But you have to take risks.

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Cameron Guthrie ($541,300, 98.5, 1.8%)

I called it a couple weeks ago, and I’ll happily call it again today: Cameron Guthrie is BACK! Yes, yes, his 115 on the weekend was against the Eagles, but before that he scored 124, 126, and 101. He’s finally getting the bulk midfield time he deserves, and he’s absolutely loving it!

Jack Viney ($531,700, 114.3, 7.4%)

Melbourne need a hero. They need someone to step up. They need their CAPTAIN to lead by example, and I have no doubts at all that Jack Viney will do just that. With Gawny out, and the club in disarray, Jack will step up for sure. Since Round 9, he’s scored 129, 109, 106, and 126.

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Toby Nankervis ($531,800, 98, 1.2%)

Nank the Tank is in the form of his life, having only dropped below 107 once since Round 8. The reason why I’m so up and about with him this week, is because he plays Geelong, who allowed Reilly O’Brien to pump out a 175. With Nank’s current five game average of 113.8, and the fact that he’s a much better ruckman than ROB, I think it’s safe to assume that he has the potential to score even bigger.

Darcy Cameron ($519,000, 83.4, 5.8%)

If you’re in need of a flexible quick fix to remedy the Gawn/English/Teakle conundrum, Darcy Cameron has to be the #1 option. The FWD/RUC status is a thing of beauty, and for as long as Grundy is out, he’s a lock for a ton. Since Round 7, he’s scored 115, 108, 90, 130, 93, 129, and 103. When Gawn comes back, you can just swing him down forward!

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Harry Himmelberg ($435,700, 80.3, 0.7%)

He’s the in-form player of the comp at the moment, and the swing down back has proved to be a career changing move for Big H. It was a risky play to bring him in last week, but he rewarded his owners in spectacular fashion; scoring 95 and moving up $67.5k in price! He’s shown that the role is legit and that he can score alarmingly well. Plus, with a breakeven of just 14, there is literally nothing that can go wrong. The safest trade you will ever make, GUARANTEED.

Tom Liberatore ($547,000, 103.2, 3.4%)

As much as I want to chat about Luke Jackson here, I can’t because he’s owned by 12%, so I’ll chat about Libba because who doesn’t love Libba?? For the first time all year, Tom has three straight tons, and I think we can all finally agree that the consistency is there. Since Round 6, he has only dropped under 100 twice (87 & 92), all while collecting three 120+ scores. With Bailey Smith out for the next three weeks, he will continue to spend heaps of time in the middle, and his scoring will only trend upwards. Jump on!

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