Weekly Wrap: Round 15 stars, flops, injuries

Check out our Round 15 NRL SuperCoach wrap, including injuries, suspensions, and minute watch for the week that was.


Funny how the draw and Supercoach works. By Sunday morning, most sides were all but done barring a masterclass from Tapine, Kiraz or King.

The weekend was highlighted by a spirited campaign of #JusticeforJoey who was not given the Try assist to Suaalii live, or in the subsequent update. Twitter was fired up and rightfully so. Thankfully the bean counters came to their senses and Manu was awarded the extra 22 or so points.

Looking through the scores it was an up and down week, with a number of stars not hitting the heights we imagined i.e Graham, Walker, Mulitalo, Teddy and Ola but were saved by the likes of Cleary, To’o, Moses and Hynes.

We now go into a rep round weekend with no Supercoach! What ever will I do with my Sunday nights to 12am writing the recap?! Maybe sleep. Can’t wait!

The Non-Fungible Turbos held solid, scoring 1216 and sliding 103 spots down to 1152 overall

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Dragons v Rabbitohs

You would think Dragons fans would be happy after this match but the few I spoke with made the comment, “yeah but where has it been all year”. Hard to please…

Two sides that are playing Round 17 so it was good to get a look at a few potential trade targets, although the quality of the match made it tough to watch. JDB, Ravalawa and Lomax all played well and will come into plenty pf sides consideration for the coming weeks. Suli is another I’ve mentioned a couple of times and if he can keep finding the line, he will be hard to leave out.

It was all the Dragons for most part of the match as they took apart a very, very bad Souths side, vets were on hand as an animal welfare issue.

D Cook was far and away their best player with 103, having a hand in both his sides tries whilst Murray bounced back from last week’s low score. He will be one for about Round 18 for the run home.

The less said about Walker and Graham the better. The pair were awful and lest hope that’s the worse game they have this year

Minutes played – Sims 54, JDB 60, Koloamatangi 80, Arrow 80, Murray 83

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Nil

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Sea Eagles v Cowboys

If you are wanting an in-depth recap of this match, I’m not the man to do it. Cotter got ruled out in the warmup and Manly lost in the dying moments. Need I say more?

Every pen stroke recapping this match is like a dagger so I will be brief. Garrick continues to score well and should be in most sides looking to win it, DCE could be a good POD for the run home and Ola just keeps being Ola.

Outside of Holmes, the Cowboys players didn’t set the world alight with Lolo, Robson, and Drinkwater all going sub-70.  

Minutes played – Olakau’atu 80, Schuster 22, Lolo 68, Robson 80

Reported Injuries – Reuben Cotter (hamstring – pre-game)

Judiciary – Morgan Harper (Grade 1 Dangerous Contact)

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Storm v Broncos

Big game match and you know who turns up. Munster was everywhere again and in worry signs for NSW, looks like it will carry over to next Sunday. 87 including a try and assist as well as a mountain of busts and offloads, he is one you can certainly carry through Origin even if he does get a rest or 2.

Brandon Smith despite starting, did not score well and those who played him in their 17 were left wanting more with his 25 the lowest of the Storm side. I’ll be holding until Round 17 but he won’t be featuring in mine or many sides before and after that.

Josh King only played 42 minutes and came from the bench. Hold or cash out?

Staggs performed like Staggs unsurprisingly and managed only 35. It seems Freddy has given him the flick and all owners should follow suit and do the same.

Ezra will make around 63K for owners after his late try heled him to 36. Cowboys, Dragons and Titans await him so hopefully 450k by then

Haas is a concern. Will drop around 27k and be unavailable for Round 17 and then has a 3-day backup after Origin 3. Could be under 500k by Round 19

Minutes played – Grant 71, B Smith 32, King 42, Haas 63, Carrigan 61

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Nil

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Sharks v Titans

Oh, what could have been! Expected the Titans to fold here but they showed up and did not look like a team running last when the Tigers are in the comp.

Nicho bounced back brilliantly scoring 96 after I called for his head on the SC Playbook podcast. Hopefully no one listened to my dribble and kept him.

Katoa bagged an early try and owners would have thought a 100+ was on the cards but the Titans kept him and the whole Sharks side quiet as he finished with 74. The left edge of the Sharks carried several thousand supercoach owners, but Mulitalo and Talakai did not trouble the scorers, scoring 82 between them. Talakai has become a sell if the Origin whispers are true

Liking what Beau Fermor has been putting out of the past month. Bagged another 70+ score and is playing big minutes and for me, Tino will be a likely inclusion post Round 17 in the FRF when Fifita returns

Minutes played – McInnes 50, Wilton 48, Tino 64, Fermor 80

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Nil

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Warriors v Panthers

Oh, what joy a junk time try brings! Brian To’o scoring 31 points from one play in the final 30 seconds is nothing but Supercoach shithousery! As an owner I was more than pleased when he crossed to bring up a Khawaja like back-to-back centuries. I thank you Brian.

Cleary had a blinder, and hopefully can bring that form into a blue jersey with 103, he like Brian going big with back-to-back tons. He had a hand in 3 tries and kicked 5 goals and didn’t really need to do much more.

The love match of Maygo appears to have run its course, with Tago only managing 38. I’ll be looking to trade him out this week to a second rower who plays 17. It’s been real Izack. It’s been real…

I read somewhere that 14 of the 17 players from the Panthers side that took the field on Saturday are playing again in this rep round!! That’s enormous and hats off to them. I assume the remaining 3 are required to play for their local clubs or sell raffle tickets

Warriors are playing at home next time they go around so expect a much better showing next time out. Curran showed some really good signs again scoring a late try for 63 and AFB made a return but managed only 41. Will be very cheap in a few weeks’ time.

Minutes played – AFB 51, Tevaga 54, Curran 80, Harris 67, Kikau 80, Martin 68, Koroisau 68

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Nil

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Eels v Roosters

Hook it to my veins! That first half of footy should be showed all over the world! What a game it turned out to be. 7 tries in the opening 40 it was on for young and old!

Maika Sivo showed some of that 2018 form and loves a match at Bankwest or whatever it’s called this week scoring 78 giving owners plenty of hope heading into the bye round. He will have both Brown and Moses at his disposal then unless 14 halfbacks and myself are unavailable for Origin 3 should there be an injury

Matterson and Papali’i had big games with the former staring which is great signs fir owners. Even better were the non-inclusion into the Origin side! Looks like another number for Round 17 how good!

And how good can he be?! I’m not embarrassed to admit I traded Suaalii out. Well, I am and am seeking some sort of therapy to get over it. His 101 seemed to be done with ease and like I said previously, playing outside Manu will only help. And as for Joey… #JusticeforJoey won out! He was rightly awarded the TA to Suaalii after a second update. I can cancel my bus trip to SC headquarters and return the pitchforks and torches to Mitre 10.  

Minutes played – Matterson 61, Papali’i 66, Paulo 59, Crichton 80, Butcher 15 (HIA)

Reported Injuries – Nat Butcher (head knock), Egan Butcher (head knock).

Judiciary – Lindsay Collins (Grade 1 Dangerous Throw)

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Raiders v Knights

I wouldn’t be lying when I say most Supercoach sides had all but wrapped up their weekend before these 2 games kicked off.

I had to endure another 46 minutes of Joey Tapine brilliance as a non-owner and let me tell you, it did not make for fun watching. Scored 81 in his 4th game on the trot over 70 which makes him just about a must have… but when I can fit him in is another question. Will be well over 600k by the time you are reading this.

Elliot had another big showing and probably hasn’t had the wraps Tapine has got but has been one of Canberra’s best over the past month. 99, 92 and 79 in the bast 3 weeks.

Klemmer has fallen off the radar of late with 54 on Sunday, wont pique the interests of many, although he will be cheap.

Minutes played – Tapine 46, Young 80, Ellioto 60, Starling 35, Klemmer 64, Randall 68

Reported Injuries – James Schiller (suspected broken collarbone), Jack Wighton (pre-game – COVID-19)

Judiciary – Nil

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Bulldogs v Tigers

Jason Kiraz… You know how I said I sold Suaalii a few weeks back, yeah, I also sold this bloke 2 weeks ago… not 2 of my smarter decisions!! What a player he is turning out to be! Scored a try on his way to 73 and it’s no surprise the Dogs form coincides with this bloke. He bleeds blue and white, which I’ve heard is a treatable disease and he is on the right medication.

Max King was given 63 minutes in the middle and kept up his better than a point a minute year with 66. Much needed as a last reserve.

And Origin is beckoning but for the run home Matty Burton is the POD play of all POD plays:

71, 57, 78, 75, 98, 82 and 75. No, not my Keno numbers, but Matty Burtons last 7 weeks of footy. Helloooo!!!!

Minutes played – King 63, TPJ 51, RFM 58, Ofahengaue 77

Reported Injuries – Alex Twal (head knock), Starford To’a (ankle), Kurtis Morrin (shoulder).

Judiciary – Nil

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