Spy Talk: Preparing for rep round, NRL break

Fresh off a 91st placed finish last season, the SC Spy looks into the big dilemmas facing SuperCoaches each week.


G’day Everyone!

Things are a little bit quieter this week and its important to remember there are still 7 trades before the second bye, more if you have boosts in hand!

And, in fact, a 4-trade week directly into the bye could be an option for many while we await possible cheapie options who could bang out bye points and also subsidise a gun or two.

The facts are that most bottom dollar options (Peoples, Grant Anderson) are not currently certainties to play the bye. In saying that it’s ok to take a punt if you need the cash desperately to get a gun whose price is about to blow out.

Before I go on, I should note that the SC Spys had a decent round of 1314 to get back into 2300th. I haven’t been able to properly get going this year, but the rank is still super solid and there is time to build momentum still!

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Players of Note This Week

Campbell Graham – Left edge and flying! It’s the preferred edge for the bunnies by some margin and when you add the extra attacking stats to his awesome workrate he is a super super buy! As always there are possible issues. Potential origin selection and therefore would miss the bye?

Tougher run home post Origin? On the positive to buy now his Break Even is 4! I can’t see him playing Origin seeing as though he missed Game 1 selection and Latrell will surely be back for Game 3 (if selected Graham misses round 17).

And the tougher draw post origin is probably not so bad for Campbell as he is a little fixture proof, and you may be able to move him on for the last month if necessary! In for me!

Ezra Mam – Look, if you have someone to downgrade to him, I’m ok with it but it could be a tough next 2 weeks and then it’s possible he doesn’t play the bye once the injured brigade return. For what it’s worth I think he holds his place… the kid is a gun! In terms of purchasing now I’m not sure why you wouldn’t have done it last week if you had someone to drop so doing it now, I’m not as keen on but go for gold if it suits your team.

Brian To’o – A golden bye this week against the warriors despite having origin duties still. A chance to get ahead of the game both in point scoring potential and cashing in while he is such good value! The tricky part will be who to get him in for. Do you drop a bye round number? Hard to do unless you think they wont offer much for you in round 17. But it is To’o & he has the Warriors this weekend!

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Put it like this as an example:

Manu/Tago -> To’o

I am fine with if you think To’o well outscores them for the run home (although Tagos round 18 coverage could be super handy) and the kid is a star in his own right and plays on that left edge of magic. I’m not against it just wary. Manu is another tricky one! I’m tempted to cash him in right now…

Penisini –> To’o

Penisini – Round 15, 16, 17 – Average 55-60PPG for 165-180 points and holds value.

To’o Round 15 & 16 – Average 80PPG for 160 points and rises $100k. (With upside!)

Ok, looking at that I’m doing Penisini-To’o and saving $100k.- But do your own maths if you can on who you would drop him for. The other alternative of course is to wait until post origin, ensure he is healthy and then scoop him up. $$$ Price at that stage is the only possible obstacle.

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The Sum Up

Alright my friends, a tad shorter then normal this week perhaps as it’s looking a little more stock standard without any major issues. No doubt after the rep weekend with no NRL there will be plenty to discuss including Origin selections, possible injuries and who’s looking good for round 17 selection!

Round 17 is looking a little tricky so don’t panic if you don’t have a heap of numbers but do your best to get in solid guys if trades allow.

For me it’s looking like two very attacking trades in Manu -> Campbell Graham & Penisini -> To’o; or if you will, Manu -> To’o for $100k+ & Penisini -> Graham as an upgrade in the centres.


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Round 17 Planning

  1. Robson –> McInnes for similar value & $25 In the bank (ITB)
  2. Hynes (If unavailable through Origin) –> Dylan Brown – $100k ITB approx.
  3. Burbo –> Playing cheapie – $210k ITB
  4. Max King –> Klemmer – $90k ITB

That would give me up to 4 extra round 17 players and leave me with 8 trades! Round 17 numbers for me would then be approximately 13 all going well plus Tass/Momoisea as maybes but not banking on it…

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After This & Post Origin

  1. Graham/Mulitalo –> Murray (Talakai to centres) $250k ITB
  2. Moses –> Hynes $200k ITB
  3. Brown –> Teddy $100kITB
  4. McInnes –> Harry G $30-50k ITB

This would leave me 4 trades for the run home for injuries, pod plays or underperformers! Or if necessary, I would keep Max King / Burbo and not grab Klemmer/cheapie. This would be purely to save 2 trades but there is plenty to play out before then so we will see how we go when the time comes.

As will you find though you simply can’t have everyone (For me potentially no Garrick, D Fifita, Matterson and these types) and that’s even more so this year it seems which is fine with me because it opens things up for added variety and pods.

All the best with your teams!!


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