Weekly Wrap: Round 14 stars, flops, injuries

Check out our Round 14 NRL SuperCoach wrap, including injuries, suspensions, and minute watch for the week that was.


Well, Round 14 is in the books! How did we all fare? It seemed there was a big score in each and every match going, just a matter of whether you had the player or not. I found most of my good scores were on my bench and not in my final 17. Gee that makes for fun reading

There were some big scores to be had, but finding the right captain choice is seeming so much harder this year in a Post Turbo world. Cleary backing up after Origin was a gamble, Moses v the Eels… Well, we all know how that went, and Nicho sat back and watched as everyone else had big games.

Might have been the difference between green Jai Arrows or red ones and whether you won your head to heads or not.

Might be the year for the POD Captain? Kiraz against the Tigers? It’s crazy enough it just might work.

The NonFungible Turbos had a solid week, scoring 1314, rising 371 spots into 1049 overall.

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Cowboys v Dragons

I thought Scotty D was about to break Supercoach 2022 wide open early on when he notched 50 points in about 20 minutes! He was on track for one of the all time great scores but seemingly went missing for the remainder of the game. Maybe missing is a bit harsh but as a non-owner I breathed a sigh of relief when he finished with 90 when in reality it was looking like a 170+ score

And Jason Taumalolo oh my! I don’t know what he has been putting on his weet-bix of late – presumably rocks, because he has just exploded with another massive score, this time 89. Set to jump considerably in price, he is one FRF you can lock in until they close Supercoach for 2022.

Robson was again brilliant and put ease to those who sold Grant for him as he bagged a try on his way to 78.

Michael Molo was spoken about heavily this week as a potential buy and I hope you listened to the great minds at SC Playbook and avoided him. 20 points in 30 minutes, I can’t see him getting too much more game time with the return of Su’A.

And just for the sake of it, I’d go Suli over Lomax if I had to make that call for a Round 17 number.

Minutes played – Lolo 74, Gilbert 66, Robson 80, Bird 80, Molo 30

Reported Injuries – Heilum Luki (ACL)

Judiciary – Nil

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Titans v Rabbitohs

In the words of Freddy Flintoff, “mind the windows Tino!”. What a backup performance after Origin! Tino made himself known in the 47 minutes he was on the field, racking up 2 tries, 3 LBs, 17 hitups and 22 tackles! Some owners I saw didn’t even play him as he started from the bench! Ouch. 121 in probably the performance of the weekend.

The Titans don’t have too much Supercoach relevancy about them outside of Tino and D Fifita but B Fermor is sill running around in a few sides. He was busy all game managing a line break as he finished with 73.

South’s keep finding ways to win but it’s very unconvincing. Hopefully they can find some of the attacking nous between now and the end of the year because the ceiling some of these players have is mouth-watering. Campbell Graham showed everyone why he is a must have from here on in with 95 that didn’t include a try. He has been one of my best this year and has not let me down since coming into my side. I’ve likened him to a security blanket and you too can enjoy the warmth he brings week in week out

Cook and Walker were strong, with Cook now far and away the leading points scoring in the HOK position. His 79 on Saturday was 4th score over 70 in a row!

And AJ! How are we going to fit these CTW guns in our side! His back half to last year was huge, and I can’t see this year being too dissimilar. If I brought him in though I may be relying too heavily on Souths players. Ill have more than Jason Demetriou the way things are going!

Minutes played – Tino 47, Fermor 80, Arrow 80, Murray 44, Koloamatangi 80

Reported Injuries – Erin Clark (Ribs)

Judiciary – Nil

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Roosters v Storm

It was a great match to watch, but unless you are an owner of Marion Seve or Felise Kaufusi, there wasn’t much to crow about in Supercoach!

The big guns of Grant, Munster and Tedesco all failed to fire as Grant scored the highest of the trio with 51. For those who traded him out, it may be a tough few weeks as he looks like his running game hasn’t gone anywhere. Was unlucky not to notch an attacking stat in his 56 minutes

Nat Butcher got through a mountain of work and continues to reward owners who pulled the trigger on him a few weeks back. Has a 3 Round average of 66 and will continue to make some much needed cash. His 74 looked real good in my NPRs

Suaalii had a match too! Many including me sold him because of reasons I can’t really remember but wow did he show up! He defends well beyond his years and if he can hang outside Joey Manu for the rest of the year, then big chance ill open the door and welcome him back with open arms. Open but cash strapped arms

Minutes played – Butcher 80, Watson 52, B Smith 36, Grant 56, King 65

Reported Injuries – Luke Keary (Head Knock)

Judiciary – Felise Kaufusi (dangerous contact, contesting at judiciary)

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Broncos v Raiders

I emailed the SC bean counters and they tell me the top scorer of the night was actually Brisbane’s doctor, who had more carries and time on the field than anyone. 104 pre updates. He had his work cut out!

We were blessed on Saturday with some cracking footy and this game was probably the pick of them. Ezra Mam scored the first try and with it, welcomed himself into plenty of Supercoach sides. And I think come lockout, will find himself in plenty more. Had a BE of -108 and finished the night with 79. Simple Rugby League Maths says that’s roughly a $135K price rise, and more to come. I may be able to trade him to Teddy in a few weeks’ time which is just incomprehensible

He will have to presumably navigate the next few weeks on his own with Reynolds, Haas and Farnworth all picking up injuries. Haas succumbed to the shoulder complaint and managed only 31

Haas owners shouldn’t worry though because there is another front rower absolutely tearing up Supercoach and that’s Joey Tapine! My god what a few weeks he has had. Ricky has obviously backed him because he has lead from the front and bashed, weaved, offloaded and tackle busted anyone in his way. Scored and impressive 95 on Saturday and with every time they mentioned his name, made me want to trade him in even more.

Minutes played – Haas 28, Carrigan 68, Tapine 53, Elliot 61, Starling 32, Papali’i 29

Reported Injuries – Adam Reynolds (ribs), Payne Haas (shoulder), Herbie Farnworth (biceps), Cory Paix (knee)

Judiciary – Nil

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Tigers v Sea Eagles

Oh he just gets better and better doesn’t he! No not Tuilagi! Olakau’atu just had a field day on Sunday treating the Tigers players with such disrespect

The thought of playing for Tonga must really be getting him hyped because he has been on a tear these past few weeks. Scores of 70, 86 and now 112 his form is as good as any forward in the comp and a must have for the run home. He wont play Round 17 but it’s a small price to pay for one of the most damaging backrowers in the game right now. Is there a 2RF that has a higher ceiling right now?

Garrick has made the 1 jersey his own and as a non-owner it’s starting to hurt. Scored a try and set another up for his 121, I just need to find a way in for him…

And finally Koula found some open space and bagged a try! I’ve been waiting for this since his first game 10 rounds ago! Maybe the flood gates will open now and the tries will hopefully continue.

Minutes played – Leilua 69, Ofahengaue 64, Twal 61, Olakau’atu 68,

Reported Injuries – Nil

Judiciary – Brent Naden (Dangerous Throw)

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Knights v Panthers

Gee there isn’t much doing for the Knights is there? NRL or Supercoach wise. They were always going to be up against it coming up against a Penrith side most of who lost Origin but they barely looked interested.

Cleary got off to a good start scoring the first try, then didn’t need to do too much more as the Knights folded. Kicked 100 or so goals so his 106 was no surprise. The big surprise was though was his minutes. Most thought he might be given a spell after Wednesdays less than impressive performance, but he put that behind him and stood up.

He had some help though as To’o crossed for a double scoring a season high 116 and Kikau too found the line again. I still can’t trust him but he seems to post the big scores more often than not recently. His 88 backed up last week’s 86

Randall played the full 80 minutes which was promising for owners heading into Round 17. He scored 63 whilst Klemmer finished with 65.

Minutes played – Klemmer 60, Randall 80, Barnett 55, Martin 56, JFH 46, Kikau 80

Reported Injuries – Kalyn Ponga (Head Knock)

Judiciary – Nil

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Warriors v Sharks

Did the Sharks not get the memo? Nicho’s hair was far too dry on Sunday night. The popular captaincy choice bombed out scoring only 61 as most had the big C on him hoping he would do a number on the Warriors.

He was outplayed by his halves partner in Moylan as he took most of the running on and starred whilst Nicho sat back and missed goals. That’s a bit tough it looked like it was howling but another low score. A worrying sign as Nicho’s last 4 games have produced scores of 50, 82, 51 and 61.

Mulitalo however did turn up for owners as he scored a double on his way to 106 as the popular buy for the week showed just what he is capable of. Katoa too bagged a double for his 93

Talakai finally scored a try running over someone that wasn’t Morgan Harper however may spend a week or 2 on the sidelines (unconfirmed) as he found himself in the cross hairs of the NSW Magistrates Court. They’re like the NRL Integrity Unit only with actual power and they wear funny wigs.

Curan was good in his return and can hopefully lift this Warriors team in the back half of the year. Sneaky POD for Rounds 20-25 where he went mad last year.

Minutes played – Harris 75, Curran 52, Tevaga 47, Aitken 58, McInnes 61, Wilton 48

Reported Injuries – Ben Murdoch-Masila (elbow)

Judiciary – Nil

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Bulldogs v Eels

Hahahahahah. Oh stop it it’s starting to hurt… Could Monday have been any better?! Watching on as Gutherson and Co got absolutely thumped by a Bulldogs side with more heart than Phar Lap and what about Moses over the line!? I had a daughter this year and it’s only a marginally better moment for 2022 than when Moses dropped the ball over the line going for the casual put down.

Check my Twitter @_nickmoon. I saved it and will be pinning it to my page for many, many years to come.

It was hands down the most enjoyable 80 minute of NRL action I have watched in I don’t know how long!! Anyone watching me would have thought I was a Doggies supporter I was carrying on that much.

But seriously, when a team running stone motherless bashes a top side what’s not to love!

I must have watched a different game to the one the SC scorers did. 80 for Moses, 72 for Penisini, 59 for Papali’i and 52 for Matterson. I don’t remember the last 2 doing all that much but I did have my “I hate Parra” hat on. Matterson played only 37 minutes so to knock out a 50 is very promising.

There was only 1 King out there on Monday and his name was Max. 72 points in 58 minutes he is a PPM beast! And his minutes are up since Barrett left so things are looking good for owners who have held. Another 70 odd point left in my NPR

And Kiraz! Wow I wish I kept him…

Minutes played – King 58, TPJ 49, RFM 61, Papali’i 57, Paulo 43, Matterson 37

Reported Injuries – Chris Patolo (head knock)

Judiciary – Nil

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