POD Hunter: Low ownership picks to set you apart, Round 13

We take a look at the best options flying under the radar to set you apart from AFL SuperCoach rivals.


Ok, this week was a perfect example as to how beneficial PODs can be, but also how detrimental they can be as well.

Congratulations if you somehow had Jeremy Cameron (153, 2.7%), Taylor Walker (150, 0.8%), or probably more likely Rory Laird (136, 8.6%) Angus Brayshaw (130, 6%), Darcy Cameron (129, 4.6%), or Tom Liberatore (123, 2.7%).

But, at the other end of the spectrum, your season could have completely unravelled with the likes of Sean Darcy (59, 6.7%), Reilly O’Brien (78, 3.4%), and Mark Blicavs (1.2%).

It’s a tough balance to figure out, are PODs really worth it?

The simple answer is yes, because having those extra 10-20 points that a POD could potentially bring to your team will become pivotal in the second half of the year.

Anyway, here’s my best two from each position that you should take a look at.

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Harry Perryman ($504,800, 96.8, 0.9%)

He’s been as consistent as they come this year, and coming off his bye, this is the perfect time to bring in Harry Perryman. Having not even dropped under 93 once in his last five games, he’s got a five-round average of 104! Say for instance you have SDK or Patty McCartin (as sad as it would be to trade him out), downgrade one, upgrade the other to Perryman and reap the rewards of having a consistent POD who also has a ceiling (exemplified by his 138 two games ago)

Luke McDonald ($505,000 94.7, 5%)

LMac got it done again on the weekend with a solid 90, taking his three-round average to a whopping 116.3. I’m wary of his upcoming bye next week, but for a guy who’s only dropped under 90 once since Round 6, he’s presenting himself as a great option.


Josh Kelly ($619,600, 113.8, 8.8%)

My favourite player in the AFL, Josh Kelly, is on an absolute heater and is getting absolutely ZERO hype. Since round 6, he’s scored 153, 85, 156, 125, and 131, and you’re telling me he’s only owned by 8.8%?! Yes, he’s expensive, but he has a five-round average of 130, AND he plays North Melbourne this week coming off his bye… After that, he plays the Bulldogs which could be tough, but then has Collingwood, Hawthorn, and Port. Now is the time to pounce.

Sam Walsh ($629,500, 117.2, 6.9%)

It’s hard to ignore Sam Walsh as a genuine premo POD after the incredible year he’s had so far. Discounting his 90 he got in his first game back from a syndesmosis injury, he’s only dropped under 100 once, all while collecting scores of 124, 128, 129, 149, 133, and 123. He’s got a three-round average of 135, and coming off his bye, he’s certainly got a dream run of Essendon and then Richmond. Unbelievably, he’s still down from his starting price, so you may not see him cheaper than what he is at the moment.

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Toby Nankervis ($556,800, 99.6, 2.4%)

He’s had his bye, and Nank the Tank should be well rested to tackle on the second half of the season. He was in the form of his life coming into his one-week holiday, scoring 121, 108, 135, and 134 to take his three-round average up to 125.7. He also has an absolute dream run coming up, where plays 3/4 ruckmen-less teams: including Port, Carlton, and West Coast. There’s currently a plethora of options that you can choose from for your R2 position, so you may as well take the punt and go with a POD.

Darcy Cameron ($503,900, 81.6, 4.6%)

Darcy Cameron is an absolute freak, and I am crucifying myself for not bringing him in in round 8 like I said I would. Since then, he’s scored 108, 90, 130, 93, 129, and he’s gone up $83.3k with a current breakeven of 75. It’s risky bringing him now because of his upcoming bye and the imminent return of Grundy, but if you’ve got some spare trades lying around, I would absolutely pick him up ASAP.

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Todd Goldstein ($522,500, 92.7, 3.4%)

Many, including me, thought that the three-ruck-combo North decided to rock in Round 10 would greatly affect Toddy, but nope! Since round 6, Goldy has been a man possessed; only dropping under 98 once. It looks as though Norf have come to their senses and decided to play their best ruckman in… Ruck??!! Whaaatttt, that’s crazy!! He does have the bye next week, but if you bring him in now, you’ll be instantly rewarded.

Steele Sidebottom ($377,200, 71.6, 1.9)

Hello?? Steele? Are you there?! Back-to-back tons and a three-round average of 96… Is Steele BACK? It’s hard to know for sure, so I think the best option is to wait and see how he plays this week, and then maybe swoop on him after his bye. He could prove very serviceable at F6…

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