Spy Talk: Round 13 – Why I am selling Harry Grant

Fresh off a 91st placed finish last season, the SC Spy looks into the big dilemmas facing SuperCoaches each week.


Seems silly to sell Grant I’m hearing.. This may be true for some teams but as we know every situation is different in Supercoach depending on your team makeup, trades remaining, cash situation & overall rank!

There are a couple of reasons why selling Harry could be super beneficial but if you don’t fall into these categories then by all means hold him and enjoy the rewards of not having to hustle him back in when the time is right.

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So why would you sell him?

  1. To free up cash for genuinely good bye players!

For me, selling one of Papenhuyzen or Harry Grant allows me to get myself Manu, Crichton & Drinkwater whilst also bringing in Reece Robson. That’s four potential big hitters who could really boost me over the coming bye weekend. If I choose to keep Harry then I basically lose one or two of these guns and I feel a bit to light on for that when combined with the below points.

  • Round 14, 16 & 18 coverage – Who is your backup?

When looking at Melbournes draw, Harry is a chance to miss Round 14 as they can easily opt to play Brandon Cheese Smith and give Harry a rest/reduced minutes. Round 16, Melbourne play on the Thursday which is four games after Origin 2. Again, Harry may be rested or have reduced minutes. Round 18 is five days after so it may depend how Melbourne are travelling but if there is no real need to play Harry, then once again he could rest/play reduced minutes. Maybe this doesn’t occur but he backed up last year and for me, it may have cost Melbourne their season as Harry got hurt again backing up and never really found full fitness for the rest of the season.

In short, it’s feasible that Harry G could miss or play reduced minutes in some or all of Rounds 13, 14, 16, 17 & 18. If he plays reduced minutes with a current Break Even of 166, that would be all the better as his price may plummet and allows a direct trade back to him from a Reece Robson type post Origin. The risk if you hold is that he either doesn’t play, or plays 30-40 minutes and loses a heap of cash while not scoring overly well for you.

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On the plus side he may play 55 or so minutes in Rounds 14, 16 & 18. This would be ok and he can do damage in that time but when I combine it with point number 1 and the calibre of player I can get by selling Harry it’s a no brainer.

It is noted that if you have a decent back up then this helps a lot if you want to hold and for what it’s worth my prediction is below –

Round 13 – Out through Origin / Melbourne Bye

Round 14 – Rested with a best case of 50-55 mins

Round 15 – 60-80 mins assuming he is healthy

Round 16 – Rested or reduced minutes. I’d say somewhere between 30-55.

Round 17 – Origin

Round 18 – Reduced minutes of 30-60 but every chance of a rest!

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  • Dollars

As mentioned abovem Harry may potentially drop a heap of cash. Whilst cash isn’t everything it may still be important to your side and if you make the right trade you may be able to then get Harry back for close to no cost! This is not really an issue if you want to hold for the season as you will just take the ebs and flows of his price and not sell. Not a problem if you have generated enough money elsewhere across the season. Again this all comes down to what a sale of Harry allows you to do over the round 13 & 17 bye period.

*One final point – and it’s been mentioned on the podcast – but just check your teams for round 14 & 18 because if a bunch of your Origin stars rest for those rounds due to the short turnaround you may find yourself short depending on your depth. This may help in the decision to hold and sell Harry!*

Thanks troops! For me this weekend it’ll be Scotty Drinkwater as my VC and probably Manu as Captain. I think I would take anything over 80 as my VC but maybe that goes to 90+ depending how the weekend vibes feel 😉

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