Final Word: Trades, tactics, tips, Round 10

2019 runner-up Walson Carlos has the final say on the major Round 10 plays, including PODs, skippers, trades and more.


 The cream really rose to the top in Round 9 of Supercoach and those coaches that had rolled the dice of fielding teams without bonified guns like Munster, Grant and Hynes were found wanting. 

Round 10 presents some interesting challenges to Supercoaches. The highest scoring player in the game Ryan Papenhuyzen has been reported to be out for 4-6 weeks with multiple injuries.

Normally this would make it an easy decision to use that cash and trade in another gun fullback like Tedesco or Tommy Turbo. 

The only problem is the impending big wet weekend at Magic Round, the extremely tough draws both players face in the next 5-6 weeks and the question marks over backing up after Origin. 

Throw in the mix for Supercoaches the consideration they are starting to have to make about the upcoming Round-13 bye and there is plenty to think about. 

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With the boosts enabling four trades in the round leading into Round 13 as long as you have 9-12 players in your side that will play Round-13 then you should be pretty right. 

Some Supercoaches will look at Round-13 as a chance to field 17 players and really catch up some ground on the pack. 

For mine, the quality of players in that round is fairly skinny so I think I’ll be happy with somewhere between 12 and 15 players. 

What I really want to start nailing in 2022 is my captains and top 17 selections. 

All week I was tossing up between Hynes and Papi but I decided to go with the more popular choice and cost myself about 110 points. 

To be fair Papi’s injury was unforeesable and he may have posted a 150+ if he played out that game.

 Sit and start decisions can also have a big influence on how far up the rankings you can climb and how far you can fall. I haven’t nailed mine at all in 2022.  

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Despite all that I am feeling good going into this week placed in 1,138th place (green arrows up 226 spots). 

I’m actually prepared to possibly drop rankings this week foregoing Turbo and Teddy who are always a chance of exploding in any game. 

I feel like there is still a lot of money to be made through some emerging cheapies. I see it as possible short-term pain for long-term gain. 

I may not trade this week at all yet. Straight after last round Jai Arrow and Kelma Tuilagi were in my bad books and on top of my list of trade outs. 

However, Arrow slots into Cameron Murray’s 13 jumper which should stabilise his scoring and with the benefit of hindsight I’m not sure Tuilagi is an automatic trade out. 

Tuilagi has to be the most frustrating Supercoach player to watch though. 

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So often he runs what I refer to as ‘dead decoys’. A dead decoy is when a player runs through and doesn’t even have his hands up as an option to catch the ball. 

Coaches generally frown upon it as they want all players to be ‘live’ options, which he is certainly not. 

AFB did it a lot early in his career but it got coached out of him at Manly and Tuilagi needs the same tutelage. 

Anyway, a bit off topic but if I do trade it will be because it’s become miraculously dry in Brisbane and the temptation of Cody Walker, Tommy Turbo or Tedesco get me. 

Possibly Burbo could tempt me also, but I managed to dodge the Tass ‘sugar hit’ and will keep that in the back of my mind if I start to waiver. 

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PODs & Super PODS 

Here’s the players I’ve identified as PODs (Point of Difference players – less than 10% owned) and Super PODS (less than 2% owned) that should be on your radar. 

I’ve listed them in ranking order of who I believe is the best to take the risk on: 

PODs (My top-4 ranked) 

1.    Reuben Cotter – At 9.2% owned he’s not really a secret any more but certainly the last two weeks of 80  minutes and 75minutes have seen his SC stocks rocket. He’s a huge chance of being an Origin bolter so beware! 

2.   Cam McInnes Looking for a solid 2RF or HOK who will just continue to deliver scores of 60+ on a weekly basis? McInnes is your man. He is getting through a power of work and his scores will continue to rise as his attacking game develops. 

3.   David Klemmer – Talking about locked in points… Klemmer’s return in a depleted Knights side has been phenomenal Supercoach wise. He averages 66.8 in mainly pure base. Beware that the Knights are getting some troops back though, so his minutes could suffer somewhat. 

4.   Nick Meaney – Moves into the vacated fullback duties at the Storm and will take the goal-kicking one would imagine. The Storm are hitting a particularly tough stretch of the draw, but they are the Storm and they can pulverise any team on their day. And their day comes a lot more often than others.  

5.   Reuben Garrick – An incredibly consistent Supercoach scorer for a CTW with serious upside. You’ll have to pay up for him though and his draw is the same as Tommy Turbo’s except he’ll play the first bye round if fit. 

6.   Angus Crichton – Has now put together 4 x 80min performances in a row and is probably starting to warm into Origin contention. Will be in my team at some stage this year. 

Super PODs (Top-4) 

1.     Ryan Matterson – Supercoach Super POD – yes! Big tick! There’s been a lot of talk about the Dolphins’ targets and this guy should be very high on their list. Matterson is a starting lock forward in an NRL team. Not only that, he is Origin standard in my book. Dolphins, get the cheque book out and sign Matto up and you will not regret it. 

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This segment will list the players to keep a close watch on over the next month for their Supercoach prospects:

1.     Thomas Flegler – I can’t trust Kevvy Walters minutes, but Flegler is a serious Supercoach FRF option if he is given the time on the field. 

2.    Mitch Barnett – He’s 1-3 weeks away from being a really good price and by that time the Knights might have hit some form. 

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Clearly the weather is going to have a huge say on this. Possibly if the rain that’s predicted is coming maybe scoring will be easier in the earlier games in the round with the field sure to chop up. 

But if we just ignore the imminent weather and look at games on merit, clearly the Sharks matching up against the Raiders appears to be the most enticing for players like Hynes, Talakai and Mulitalo.  

As much as I hate to say it, but if the Rabbitohs can get a dry game they could wreak havoc against my Warriors who have shown some serious frailties in defence on occasions this year. 

Particularly concerning is the Warriors right side defence which means Walker, Taaffe and Alex Johnston could explode for big SC games. The wet weather probably impedes that somewhat. 

Finally I really like the Dragons match ups out wide against the struggling Titans. 

Zac Lomax has been great all year and could explode come Magic Round. Again weather permitting. 


Nicho Hynes is the option. Anything else would be taking such a huge risk I feel it is not worth it.  If I was way down the rankings and desperate I would consider the POD captain plays of Talakai, Cleary and I.Pap. 

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2022 – Starting with $1000 bank  

Current Balance – $671 (-$329)

Round-9 Recap

The lock of the week went down by one leg with the Panthers losing at home for the first time in ages. 

All other legs got up but that is no consolation for losing punters. Nicho Hynes scored the first try and set up the last but that didn’t get our Last Tryscorer punt paid out. Tough run at the moment but every week is a new week.  

Round-10 Best Bets (Odds courtesy of TopSport) – Total Bets $71

Lock of the week 

Dragons/Sharks/Parra all win @4.20 (TopUp) x $51

To score a try multi’s 

S Talakai/K Ponga/Z Lomax @ $23 (TopUp) x $10

J Taumalolo/I Papali’i @ $26 (TopUp) x $10

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