Sit v start: Who to play in your final 17, Rd 10?

We rank the fringe 17 players in your NRL SuperCoach squad to help you decide who to sit and start in your weekly team.

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Magic Round is looking rough for start / sit decisions. With the significant rain expected and several key fringe players having tough matchups, we may need to look outside the box this week. Here are my thoughts for the round, with plays listed in priority order. Thanks as always to the legendary, whose website I've utilised for position vs team analysis and various stats breakdowns. Embed from Getty Images Start RankingPlayerVsMatchupAvg3RABase + Power - NegsAvg Minutes1ArrowWarriors7th524251632StaggsManly11th52443480 Both Arrow and Staggs had poor outings last round, but I think there’s enough

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