Weekly Wrap: Round 9 stars, flops, injuries

Check out our Round 9 NRL SuperCoach wrap, including injuries, suspensions, and minute watch for the week that was.


And the updates rolled in! I was writing this wrap up late last night and one minute I was thinking I had an under par week, then bang!

Nicho must have broken three tackle and scored another try after they shook hands because he went up about 50 points, as did Munster and Grant.

The shoulders of the Storm players must be sore carrying the 140 thousand Supercoach players each week as they continue to run riot over the NRL.

 You can’t have enough of them and although they play the Panthers this week, I can see both Grant and Munster scoring 80 plus each.

There has been some big injuries to some star players and with Origin looming, these next few weeks will be pretty telling in the ranks.

It might be time to pull the trigger on some PODs and put it all on the line!

The NonFungible Turbos had a solid week, scoring 1,319 and rose 43 spots to 1,013 overall. I’ve held Curran this long, so hopefully there’s some positive news on him!

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Rabbitohs v Broncos

A terrible start for many – unless you were an owner of Trent Peoples, with a number of popular Supercoach players having a very quiet match. And on a Thursday it tends to sting a little more.

Te Maire Martin didn’t see much open field, scoring only 16, and Thursday must have been an off day for the FIFO worker Staggs as he was unsighted for his 14. Staggsy I dare you to have three good games in a row…

Cobbo and Carrigan were huge for the Broncos as the pair smashed out 85 and 92 respectively. Carrigan got through a mountain of work in his first game back from injury.

It was tough viewing for Souths and their owners, as only Taane Milne scored more than 70.

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Murray, Graham, Cook, Ilias, Taaffe, Walker, Koloamatangi, Arrow and Johnston all failed to have any real impact.

It goes to show how Supercoach relevant this Souths side is. Here’s hoping some rugby league points start appearing.

Popular cheapie Isaiah Tass barely saw any footy and finished the night with 24. The positive sign though was he held that left centre position, whilst Milne was moved to the right wing.. Where all the ball went.

Minutes played – Murray 76, Arrow 59, Peoples 64, Carrigan 64, Paix 46, Walters 34

Reported Injuries – N/A

Judiciary – N/A

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Raiders v Bulldogs

Not one to get the Supercoach juices flowing. Adam Elliot was one player I had an eye on as he took over from Starling as the starting Hooker. He scored 57, but doesn’t look like he will get dual position in time for Round 13.

TPJ continues his run of solid, but not overly good scores. He banged out 67 on Friday which has roughly been his season average.

I can’t even pretend I was interested in this match.. 

Minutes played – Papali’i 49, Tapine, 46, CHN 36, Starling 59 TPJ, 60, Thompson 56

Reported Injuries – Jarrod Croker (shoulder), Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad (leg cork), Josh Papalii (knee).

Judiciary – Tevita Pangai jnr (contrary conduct), Joe Stimson (dangerous contact), Jeremy Marshall-King (dangerous contact)

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Panthers v Eels

Oh what a game! Great advertisement and a match that even had me forgetting about Supercoach for a good 80 minutes.

I had a feeling after a game like that the scores wouldn’t be all that high, but seeing Cleary with 40 next to his name meant the Panthers did it tough!

May scored a try and set another up and has already locked down cheapie of the year, Tago needs to pick up because with every low score he makes it harder to hold each week and Liam Martin didn’t get much opportunity scoring only 30.

The Eels were strong and showed the comp they can still be a force, although if they were a racehorse, the stewards would be knocking on the door! One week atrocious, the next world beaters.

The people over at the ATC don’t look to kindly at that sort of behaviour, not sure why the NRL allows it.

Papali’i was a beast scoring 93, whilst Ryan Matterson showed some light feet scoring a great try. If he gets a starting spot and 80 minutes each week, he is straight in.

Minutes played – Martin 80, JFH 50, Kikau 69, Paulo 61, Papali’i 80, Matterson 50

Reported Injuries – N/A

Judiciary – Ryan Matterson (contrary conduct)

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Sea Eagles v Tigers

Turbo, Jurbo, Burbo.. Take a seat Waugh brothers there’s a new family dynasty brewing and it’s located on the Northern Beaches!

I was as proud as Jake on Saturday watching the Trbojevic’s run out in the maroon and white. Mum wasn’t all that impressed when I sent flowers to Mrs Trbojevic’s house instead of hers for Mother’s Day but hey, who could argue?

The trio ran riot at Brookie on Saturday with Burbo getting his first start and banging out an impressive 96 with a double, whilst the most mercurial man in Supercoach showed he hasn’t lost too much in his brief absence, scoring 78.

Great news for non-owners who got out of that matchup relatively unscathed. He’s set to drop more money he has a tough three weeks heading into Origin. But after Sunday’s game, the vacancy sign has been hung up in the FLB position.

Garrick found some 2021 form and bagged two tries and four goals to finish with 113, his first 100+ score of the year and now looks like the most in demand player in Supercoach heading into the Origin period and if it isn’t him, it might be his wing partner Tuipulotu who scored 70 which included a try and LB.

We might have missed the jump on him as he jumped a further $85k after lockout.

The Tigers got within striking distance but didn’t have the class to keep turning up. Tuilagi played the full 80 but only managed 31, with many having to play the backrower due to injuries. They don’t play round 13, so avoid at all costs.

Minutes played – Bullemor 71, Burbo 80, Twal 51, Utoikamanu 22

Reported Injuries – Ken Maumalo (head knock), Thomas Mikaele (concussion)

Judiciary – N/A

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Roosters v Titans

Ahh Sir Teddy. A lot have said you should never trade a keeper and well done to those who held!

The risk has paid off as he has had two massive weeks with a huge 126 on Saturday arvo.

Since the Warriors match three weeks ago he has seemingly taken it upon himself to lift his side and the scores have come with it.

A three round average of 98 and a match on Sunday arvo v the Eels awaits. A lot won’t want to trade him back after getting rid of him, but it might be time to leave your ego aside.

Suaalii crashed over for a double finishing with 86 and now looks set to lock down that wing spot and he might even play fullback in their Round 13 matchup which would be a blessing for owners.

If you are reading this and still don’t have him, you might need to front up with the cash because I can see some big scores on the horizon

The Chooks may have clicked and if that is the case, we need to considerCrichton and Walker again.

The pair were strong, although Crichton didn’t have the base he did last week. Walker we know won’t get picked for Origin so he becomes a pretty handy POD for the next month or so.

The Titans were pretty disappointing, so they can’t now blame Fifita for their slow start.

Fermor dived on a loose ball as he was the only player to break 60. They look all at sea and I would be avoiding any players for the time being.

Minutes played – Crichton 80, Radley 73, Tupouniua 18, Tino 61, 

Reported Injuries – Sam Verrills (shoulder)

Judiciary – Lindsay Collins (careless high tackle)

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Cowboys v Knights

I keep waiting for the Cowboys to crash and burn, but I don’t think that is going to happen. A side built solely on defence they continue to impress week in week out.

Some solid scores all round with no real standouts. Cotter and Drinkwater both were impressive scoring 68 and 74 with Cotter seeing 75 minutes of football. 

I finally nailed Chris Randall! After 9 rounds of silly buggers, I was forced to play the hooker and he barged over for a try and finished with a very handy 78! I think I’ll be holding till Round 17 at least.

For those out there looking for a FRF, check out the numbers D Klemmer is putting out. Another strong performance on Saturday where he finished with 72 which was all base.

Minutes played – Nanai 69, Lolo 50, Luki 44, Klemmer 65, Randall 80

Reported Injuries – Jack Johns (arm), Edrick Lee (head knock)

Judiciary – Tom Gilbert (careless high tackle)

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Storm v Dragons

Oh what could have been! Papi was a very popular captaincy choice and that looked to be the right call until a hamstring and knee injury cut his day short.

And from all reports he will spend a few weeks in the rehab room. If last year is anything to go off, he won’t be back until round 20…

Jokes, but we now free up a spot in the FLB position where Tedesco, Turbo, Drinkwater even someone like Manu comes into consideration. Maybe the bravest move would be to stick Nick Meaney there?

These Storm boys just keep firing though! Grant banged out a huge 138, Munster was superb again with 130, whilst Josh King is the FRF who just doesn’t stop. He may be in my side until the final whistle of 2022.

Xavier Coates didn’t see too much footy and had an off week scoring only 31. This is what you can expect from the winger who could go massive, but has a very low floor.

Zac Lomax was strong again in a well beaten side and just scores well without being spectacular. 

He hasn’t notched too many attacking stats yet but if they come, he will be a hard player to leave out.

Minutes played – King 69, Smith 50, Wishart 69, Maguire 80, JDB 56

Reported Injuries – Ryan Papenhuyzen (knee / hamstring), Reimis Smith (pectoral), Kenny Bromwich (head knock)

Judiciary – Francis Molo (high contact)

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Sharks v Warriors

It’s wet hair season footy and I am here for it!! Nicho Hynes with a massive 185! What a game.

It wasn’t a game where you sat there and went wow he has torn the Warriors apart, it was an accumulated match after he was moved to fullback after Kennedy wanted the only bit of warm water in the showers and took the early option.

His carries were strong, 20 points in offloads, plenty of linebreak and try assists, we went to bed and he was on about 130. Then woke up to an update from the Gods!

It was Cleary-like the points he was updated to. Great for owners which is most now that the Overlord has come to his senses and traded him in.

Talakai has had a very quiet two weeks since he made Morgan Harper look like Morgan Freeman.

Those who tore their side apart to get him in have only made $60k off the trade and with a BE of 163 this coming week.. He may even become a sell!

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The Warriors should have been better and I don’t think they will take any tips off the last paragraph of a Supercoach wrap, but they look tired and might need their own bed. I’d be over it if I had slept in a motel room since March 2020.

Credit to them after a big few seasons, and hopefully they can bounce back in coming weeks before they get back to some genuine home matches later in the year.

Minutes played – Wilton 80, McInnes 64, Aitken 53, Tevaga 62, AFB 52

Reported Injuries – Euan Aitken (head knock)

Judiciary – Will Kennedy (sent off – dangerous tackle), Jesse Ramien (shoulder charge)

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