Champion PODs: Unique players to find an edge, Round 9

2019 NRL SuperCoach winner Dez Creek eyes off the best low-ownership options to set you apart from rivals.

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With two months of footy behind us and a solid understanding of who’s hot and who’s not this season, many Supercoaches will be looking to initiate some attacking trades leading up to the bye round in a month’s time. Below are my top five players (who in my opinion are under-owned) to buy leading into the next month of fixtures. Tom Trbojevic Yes, he has a 150+ BE. Yes, he’s returning from injury. Yes, the Tigers have been playing well, and, no, I don’t care. If you have the money and your team structure allows it (without trading out another gun like Hynes or Paps), just bring this man into your team. Not to mention t

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