Spy Talk: Tackling the week’s big questions, Round 3

Fresh off a 91st placed finish last season, the SC Spy looks into the big dilemmas facing SuperCoaches each week.

NRL Spy Talk

Hey Gang!

I hope round 2 was okay for everyone. There were a few bounce backs here and there and all things going well that will continue into the weekend, although looking at the forecast it isn’t great for Sydney and Wollongong.

Teams that have dry tracks look like coming from only three matches and these are Penrith v Newcastle and Melbourne v Parramatta, whilst Canberra v Titans may be okay but is still a chance of some drizzle.

Given we all have our sides already this probably just means taking a look at the weather for possible trades.

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Workers may well be advantaged on the wetter tracks, although with an increase in errors, work rates may be down a little.

Attacking outside back may be the most impacted for the wet weather games. It’s not the be all end all, but just something to consider when making trades.

For me this week it’s time to prepare for Cleary and Turbo soon enough. This means looking to make trades that offer value for money whilst also giving me the chance at a decent score at the same time.

Onto the big questions and issues in round 3.

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Kotoni Staggs / David Fifita

It seems an obvious area to start as there will be some frustrated owners amongst us.

I think Kotoni is an easy hold. Brisbane’s attack will improve and so should he as a result. He also isn’t worth a whole lot, so I’m not sure if he is worth selling unless it’s to someone like Taylan May, but this could wait a week.

I don’t own Kotoni, but will honestly look to pick him up in the coming weeks if we see signs of more ball going his way. By all means sell if you have a plan, but on the surface he looks like a hold to me because he could erupt at any stage.

Fifita is a trickier prospect. Whilst I hold the same sentiments in that he is due to go large and the attack should in time see him get more and more ball.

I also think his tackle busting and offloads are down and given his massive value he could be your ticket to Cleary/Turbo and other guns if you downgrade him.

The decision would be who do you want more and can you fit them all in? I am of the opinion that I want to sell him now to free up that cash! Fifita to Taylan May via dual position could be a great play. A big call for owners.

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Tom Trbojevic

There may not be a week that goes by where I don’t talk about this guy. That’s simply because he is soooo important to the game.

In short, I think you need to sell him. Cash generation is just so important and if you flip him to someone who can make $100k, and Tommy loses $200k+, that’s $300k extra you have in your bank! The run is good though and if you think he goes 150+ you can keep him, but it’s a big gamble, especially with the rain forecast…

Overall Manly look clunky as all hell, but they will come good in time. The question is when will that be? We will certainly know when they turn it on…

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Nathan Cleary / Nicho Hynes

Cleary superstar has been named on an extended bench and I want him badly!

I’d like to grab him as soon as he returns, but realistically I’ll give it a week just to make sure he ticks all the right boxes.

Whilst I wait for this I am dead keen on Nicho Hynes who seems to have become the new accumulator in Nathan’s absence from the competition.

He simply does a heap of everything and loves to get his hands on the ball. I’m considering the following: Schneider to Hynes this week

Round 6

Dylan Brown to Cleary – This will be possible because Sam Walker is playing 5/8, so I can flip him to 5/8 in Supercoach once he gets dual position, and bring Cleary in at halfback alongside Hynes! TEMPTING.

It’s likely 2-3 rounds without Cleary which is nerve racking, but it may be worth it.

Or I cut Sammy W now! That would hurt but may be necessary, although the Chooks draw opens up from next week and he is an absolute weapon… It may be a patience game though because Souths will be hungry this week and it’s wet. So the benefits may not come until next week.

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Quick Cash

Quick cash this year could be very beneficial if you can near guarantee $100k+.

Someone like Kikau could be a nice shout because he will definitely make money (barring injury) but also comes with upside, so you could nab points as well.

Hiku is another who set to make a quick $100k+ whilst also potentially scoring well.

How many of these type of guys you add I’m not sure, but I’m not against taking one of the two and then cashing them in a couple of games later.

Best case they become keepers or guys you can play for a long time. Maybe you add both and go from there (extra trades used to do this is a factor), maybe you avoid and just trust your original plans.

It’s a really interesting call and it’s hard to say which one is correct but as always back yourself!!


I’ll talk about this a lot this year, but trades are always invaluable! Don’t trade for no reason. There are five extra trades this year, but it may be that COVID means we needs some extra trades as the year goes on…

Even more so, don’t just throw away a trade boost, but if it means doing something productive for your team I am not against it.

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Has anyone else noticed how tricky skippers have become.. This is another reason why I want Cleary so badly! This week is up in the air. Hynes could be a nice straight C. Do you target a dryer game? I really don’t know. Go with your gut on this one.

Team edges

Thank you to SC Playbook community member ‘Ant’ for answering a few requests from followers to list the edges at each club when at or around full strength.

Broncos Left
Kelly, Capewell, Farnworth, Oates

Broncos Right

Reynolds, Riki, Staggs, Cobbo

Bulldogs Left
Burton, TPJ, Naden, Addo-Carr

Bulldogs Right

Averillo, Hetherington, Burns, Okunbor

Cowboys Left
Townsend, Gilbert, Holmes, Taulagi

Cowboys Right

Dearden, Nanai, Hiku, Feldt

Dragons Left
Hunt, Bird, Suli, Ramsey

Dragons Right

Amone, Su’A, Lomax, Ravalawa

Eels Left
Brown, Lane, Opacic, Blake

Eels Right

Moses, Papali’i, Penisini, Simonsson

Knights Left
Clifford, Barnett, Best, Tuala

Knights Right

Clune, Frizell, Gagai, Young

Panthers Left
Luai, Kikau, Tago, To’o

Panthers Right

Cleary, Martin, Crichton, Staines

Rabbitohs Left
Walker, Arrow, Milne, Johnston

Rabbitohs Right

Ilias, Koloamatangi, Graham, Paulo

Raiders Left
Wighton, Young, Timoko, Cotric

Raiders Right

Schneider, CHN, Valemei, Rapana

Roosters Left
Walker, Tupouniua, Momirovksi, Tupou

Roosters Right

Keary, Crichton/Butcher, Manu, Smith

Sea Eagles Left
Foran, Schuster, Parker, Garrick

Sea Eagles Right

DCE, Olakau’atu, Harper, Saab

Sharks Left
Moylan, Graham, Tracey, Mulitalo

Sharks Right

Hynes, Nikora, Ramien, Katoa

Storm Left
Munster, Bromwich, Olam, Ieremia

Storm Right

Hughes, Kaufusi, Smith, Coates

Tigers Left
Brooks, Tuilagi, Gildart, Maumalo

Tigers Right

Hastings, Leilua, Roberts, Nofoaluma

Titans Left
Brimson, Fermor, Kelly, Sami Sexton,

Titans Right

Fifita, Herbert, Marzhew/Thompson

Warriors Left
CHT, Aitken, Berry, Montoya

Warriors Right

SJ/Nikorima, Katoa, Vailea/Arthars, DWZ/Pompey

The Sum Up

The week is as tricky as it comes. I still have no idea what to do! I will be back with an update on Twitter before kick off in the Sharks v Saints game.

Either way I’ll have a view to N Cleary and Turbo (generate cash/free up coin). Hynes on the way to those boys could be nice if I can swing it! Happy Supercoaching!


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