Talking Tactics: Five keys to SuperCoach success

Ranked 17th overall, Fish drops the five key strategic ploys that have aided his SuperCoach BBL season thus far.

Key Analysis

Howdy folks,

I’ve been a bit MIA this year due to a new arrival to the family.

In addition to being stoked with the new baby, I’m loving BBL SC right now! With luck on my side, I’m ranked 17th overall coming into Round 5.

Here are a few tactics that have helped me get there. Having a new born around has me extra philosophical at the moment!

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Start with ‘Why’

In my opinion, this inspiring book / Ted Talk by Simon Sinek rings as true in fantasy sports as any area of life. So, why do you play Supercoach?

For me it’s because I love sport, data and analysis. I also find it a fantastic hobby that I can engage with anywhere and anytime.

This tip also goes to knowing your ‘style’ as a manager. Whether you’re a conservative player or an extravagant risk-taker; you’ll be on your way to more fun and less regrets if you play the game your way.

Keep it simple

Given you’re reading this article, there’s a fair chance you’re highly engaged with Supercoach. This gives you an advantage over more casual players, but also makes you more susceptible to ‘overthinking’.

Ever decide on a player you like, then change your mind at the last moment, only for the original player to go huge? What a feeling that is!

To me, keeping it simple means aligning thoughts, feelings and actions. In Supercoach terms this equates to matching your analysis and intuition with your decisions.

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Process > Outcome

Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate luck from skill in Supercoach. However, I’m sure  that the former often plays a big role.

You can only play the hand you’re dealt. It’s easy to confuse a bad decision with a bad outcome. If your decision-making processes are sound, you’ve done the best that you can.

Long-term vs short-term

Site founder Tim Williams and former NRL SC winner Dez Creek played this debate out beautifully across the NRL season. From memory Tim (long-term strategy) came out on top, but Des (short-term strategy) wasn’t far behind.

Each strategy has its merits, but it helps to keep in mind that Supercoach is a season long game, not a daily or weekly game. In this regard, squad structure is crucial over the long-term, so that you can move players in/out.

How long to look ahead is key. For BBL, I’d suggest having a plan for the two upcoming double game week / bye rounds. To do this I find it helps to identify season long keepers and build your squad around them. 

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Be kind (to yourself & others)

This last one’s a bit cheesy, but could well be the most important.

It can be easy for fantasy sports to affect moods negatively as much as they do positively. A couple of tips I’ve found helpful in this regard (from the book ‘The Mind Game: Gaining a Psychological Edge in Fantasy Premier League’):

  • Having other hobbies.
  • Looking ahead to the next round, rather than ruminating on the last.
  • Focusing on playing fantasy sports for fun.

Hope this helps you in some way for the remainder of the season. Best wishes for the new year and enjoy the Cricket!

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