Spy Talk: Strategies to implement + trade plans

Sitting nicely in 450th overall after the opening round, the SC Spy shares his SuperCoach strategies and upcoming trade plans.

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G’day Legends! We’re one round down and a few will be flying high, others will think they are in crisis. But there’s a long way to go and I don’t say that lightly. Personally I’ve jumped into 450th after a pretty decent start! Today, I wanted to jot down a few general points of importance heading into Round 2. 1. Cricket is a massively up and down game. An elite batsmen can get a 0 at any time then ton up a day or two later. A small target might mean less overs for a bowler, or a top four batsmen may not even get a bat. Essentially ground can be made up (or lost) very, very quickly, so truly do not panic and just set up

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