Team announcement: BBL09 champ Thommo Aitken drops side

2019/20 SuperCoach Big Bash champion Thommo Aitken drops his team for the first round of the new season.

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G’day Supercoachers, With the opening of the season around a month away, I thought it might be a good chance to have a bit of a sneaky look at what my starting team looks like! My current remaining salary is $13,000. Wicketkeepers Josh Philippe // $177,300 It looks like this year there are three main wicket-keepers that look enticing. Philippe, Wade and Inglis look like they will be opening the batting for their respective teams and the fact that Philippe has a double game during the first round means he will start as my keeper. Philippe has been a star on the rise for the last couple of years now and will be one of the ke

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