Fixture planner: Byes/doubles, early season analysis

The SC Spy dissects the 2021/22 Big Bash draw with analysis on when to target key teams and players throughout the early part of the season.

Key Analysis Planning Pre-season

Hey Legends,

After a bit of time away for a freshen up in the paddock following the footy season, it’s cricket time and for Supercoach purposes this means BBL. But don’t forgot, the Ashes will also be on so it’s shaping up as a cracking summer!

The first thing I am going to look at is the critically important early fixture analysis. Teams with double games weeks (DGWs) will have both matches count towards a players total for the round.

This makes it almost a must to skipper a player who has a double game week but also to try and fit as many (decent) players in as possible who can have their scores doubled.

Conversely, some teams will have a bye which means any player from that squad will get a 0 for that round.

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Therefore you either need to trade away those players or stash non-players on the bench. You need to be careful not to overload on double game week guys or you might find yourself short the round after (we’ll have more analysis on this vital tactic later in the pre-season).

For example, if you have five from one team and then they have the bye you will need to put at least two on the bench.

This may work for you, but anymore than five and it might get tricky, plus not all players can score points each game so there is no point trying to pick everyone from a team! A balance of batsmen and bowlers is the go, and obviously all-rounders are God-like.

Note – A Double Game Week (DGW) is actually a round which may only be a few days. So don’t get caught thinking you have a seven day turnaround like footy season.

Fixtures note – The Sixers, Thunder & Renegades all avoid a bye for the year but only get one DGW compared to two for everyone else. This seems to even out pretty well, so perhaps it shouldn’t be looked at too much.

Round 1

Looking at the graphic above we can see that Round 1 has the Sydney Sixers and Brisbane Heat with DGWs, while no team has the bye which makes things easier.

Basically, we are looking at loading up with players from the two DGW sides along with some quality from other sides, preferably with a double coming up.

It is noted that Brisbane Heat have the bye in Round 2 so I’d prefer to target Sixers players to a degree, but there is no issue with four Heat players if that’s the way you want to go, you will just need to bench one for R2.

It is noted that the Adelaide Strikers have the DGW in Round 2 so I’ll be looking at a Striker or two to begin so I’m ready to go to go the following round!

For what it’s worth I love some of the Sixers players and will be happy to hold them as required given they don’t have any impending byes after their double game week, unlike most other sides who get the double.

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Round 2

In Round 2 Brisbane Heat get the bye whilst the Adelaide Strikers get an early DGW. With some of the quality Adelaide possess if you have one or two already picked in Round 1 you could then take it up to around four or five given they are the only team with a double week.

But be wary, they get the bye the round after and you only get three trades per round so you will need to bench one or two.

This is where I don’t mind a cheaper option with a decent role because it’s easy to bench them as a non-player without taking up cap space when Adelaide have the bye.  

I think I’ll run with four Strikers, but it’s early days and anything could happen. One certainty is that Rashid Khan will be entering the fold and will be skipper.

The question is do I then hold him through the bye and lock him in for the season or get him back post bye at the expense of an extra double game week player?

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Round 3

We have Adelaide onto a bye as noted above while the Melbourne Stars get the DGW.

It’s a very easy move to swap three Strikers for three stars. With the Stars having a couple of gun options you may look to play them from Round 1 so that you again have four or five Stars available come the double.

I currently have Stoinis locked in to start the year. Maxwell is obviously elite also but I may brave it and leave him out until Round 3 and chase talent from double game week sides.

Once again the Stars go into a bye the round after so you need to factor this in, so around about four players look the go.

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Round 4

The Melbourne Stars have the bye and the Perth Scorchers with the DGW.

Again, it’s an easy play to bring in three Scorchers for three Stars, although international selections haven’t helped as I initially had Mitch Marsh starting in round 1.

It is at this point you will need to make a call on getting Rashid Khan back in if you didn’t hold him for the bye and Maxwell could well be a hold.

I like the idea of starting with at least one Scorcher or maybe two in order to facilitate this as you may not be able to bring in three Scorchers if you are looking at holding and getting back guns.

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Round 5 & 6

Nothing to see here. No DGWs or byes in Round 5.

Which means you can prepare early for Round 6 where the Hobart ‘Canes & Brisbane Heat double up.

There are six trades here to use across two rounds to get amongst players from these teams. I love D’Arcy Short so I’ll probably start with him in Round 1 after a down year last time out.

That way I can run with four Canes and three Heat players potentially or vice versa.

As a key note, Round 7 is another blank week with no doubles or byes so we will reassess the second half of the season when we get there.

There we have the first half of the season fixture analysis. Hopefully it can guide your side in the early stages.

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Trade Guide

As reference, my trades will look a little like this barring unforeseen circumstances. Variations will occur as we go mainly with regard to holding onto superstars you pick up for DGWs like Maxwell and Khan, but this is a decent guide to base your plans around.

Round 1 – Start with 4 Sixers and 3 Heat players

Round 2 – Trade 3 Heat players (bye) for 3 Strikers players (Double)

Round 3 – Trade 3 Strikers (bye) for 3 Stars (Double)

Round 4 – Trade 3 Stars (Bye) for 3 Scorchers (Double)

Round 5 & 6 – Use 6 trades to get Heat and Hurricanes players for the Round 6 Double. (No bye to worry about).

This formula should set you up nicely. I have Tom Curran, Josh Philippe, Dan Christian and James Vince from the Sixers for Round 1 who I am happy to play for the next six weeks if necessary and simply use my three trades to drop bye players for double round players.

Maybe you go with three Sixers and use the spare roster spot on someone you prefer who has a double game week coming up and no byes like the Scorchers in Round 4 or Hurricanes in round 6.

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This works out to be the same amount of games played but I guess the guarantee of being named for Round 1 is nice and will help you start with a bang.

Do be aware that things will change with injuries and form, while you may decide to keep certain guns after you bring them into your side and trade someone else out instead. This is of course fine!

It’s a long season, so set yourself up with a strong base, a fast start and go from there.

Thoughts? Happy to discuss. Good to be back and see you on Twitter! (@scspy1)

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  1. Gun analysis as always mate.

    Third crack at bbl SuperCoach and my learning from past seasons is trying not to book in 3 trades a week as you often miss out quality cheapies, undervalued guns and dealing with potential injuries.

    My strategy is very similar but only booking in 2 trades a round.

    Interested to get your thoughts on that

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