Fixture planner: Byes/doubles, early season analysis

The SC Spy dissects the 2021/22 Big Bash draw with analysis on when to target key teams and players throughout the early part of the season.

Key Analysis Planning Pre-season

Hey Legends,

After a bit of time away for a freshen up in the paddock following the footy season, it’s cricket time and for Supercoach purposes this means BBL. But don’t forgot, the Ashes will also be on so it’s shaping up as a cracking summer!

The first thing I am going to look at is the critically important early fixture analysis. Teams with double games weeks (DGWs) will have both matches count towards a players total for the round.

This makes it almost a must to skipper a player who has a double game week but also to try and fit as many (decent) players in as possible who can have their scores doubled.

Conversely, some teams will have a bye which means any player from that squad will get a 0 for that round.

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Therefore you either need to trade away those players or stash non-players on the bench. You need to be careful not to overload on double game week guys or you might find yourself short the round after (we’ll have more analysis on this vital tactic later in the pre-season).

For example, if you have five from one team and then they have the bye you will need to put at least two on the bench.

This may work for you, but anymore than five and it might get tricky, plus not all players can score points each game so there is no point trying to pick everyone from a team! A balance of batsmen and bowlers is the go, and obviously all-rounders are God-like.

Note – A Double Game Week (DGW) is actually a round which may only be a few days. So don’t get caught thinking you have a seven day turnaround like footy season.

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  1. Gun analysis as always mate.

    Third crack at bbl SuperCoach and my learning from past seasons is trying not to book in 3 trades a week as you often miss out quality cheapies, undervalued guns and dealing with potential injuries.

    My strategy is very similar but only booking in 2 trades a round.

    Interested to get your thoughts on that

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