Spy Talk: Lethal Sea Eagles could prove the difference

The high-flying SC Spy sitting in 129th place overall finds a few low-ownership CTW picks to give you an edge in the final fortnight.

Spy Talk

G’day Legends!

Good luck to everyone in the overall race, head-to-head (H2H) finals and Draft finals this weekend!

There may be a serious double mismatch on Sunday afternoon in the NRL but the beauty of Supercoach is that it becomes all eyes on to see how Cleary goes, To’o returns and can Tommy do it again with 200+?

Also I can’t wait to watch the traditional derby on Friday Night that is Souths v Easts. You’ve gotta love rugby league!!

Although gee the Chooks are short on numbers… It’s a big test ahead.

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I hope your team delivers for you in the hunt for the Top 4 or Top 8.

For specific H2H tactics check out last week’s yarn here. Hopefully it can help you nail the win.

This week I’m going to have a look at two players of interest for those chasing a POD who will hopefully be the difference before listing some additional options below.

Note that I don’t necessarily have them in order of preference and that some of the guys below the in-depth stat profiles are just as good options.

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The Turbo Effect on Saab

Up against a Dogs side who worked very hard last week to get across and cut down winger’s space, but they were playing Newcastle who despite having all but locked up a Top 8 spot really offered very little in attack (sorry Ponga owners).

Can they turn it around on Thursday night? Anyways I digress…

Manly are firing, Tommy Turbo has been recharged with a week off and Saab plays on the wing outside him and Daly Cherry-Evans.

Let’s check some stats:

Saab with Turbo = 65.15 average (scores of 162, 100 and 90 mixed with 28, 30, 37 and 38)

Saab without Turbo = 19.88 average (irrelevant for this weekend)

Last time v The Bulldogs – 162, admittedly they were pretty decimated that day but I’m not sure they are much better this week.

As we can see above his average is good with Tommy and his worst score is around 30 with Turbo which isn’t all that bad. Although you don’t ideally want that in a knockout match.

Essentially he looks to be a nice punt in the centres this weekend. Just be wary he comes with risk but with Tommy playing how he is and DCE looking for him more and more (including early kicks) I like his chances of some points.

Also be aware that it’s possible Manly rest a bunch of guys next week so you may be forced to play him without Turbo or be a number down.

For this to happen however, the Chooks would need to lose to Canberra and Souths. It’s a chance but a there’s bit to unfold yet….

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Super POD Harper

Harper is averaging 56 for the year but this includes matches against Melbourne and Penrith and they simply are not the Dogs of 2021.

Harper has scores of 141 and 86 back-to-back in rounds 19/20. As above, Harper has the Bulldogs on a Sunday afternoon and is playing outside Cherry-Evans and Turbo. He is another centre option who isn’t too expensive that could go well.

It is noted however, that as with any centres, especially those who are not truly elite he has a 25-30 in him. But by all means roll the dice if needed come Sunday!

Who Would I Take?

My pick of the two is definitely Saab due to him playing on the wing. This should hopefully result in more chance of accumulating linebreaks and tries, especially if Manly decimate the Dogs as many are tipping.

Harper isn’t a bad shout either and as you can see there is risk with both of them. Maybe you’ll prefer one of the below options including Brian To’o and more!

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Other Options

Brian To’o – The obvious shout if money isn’t a barrier. He could go absolutely mad against the Tigers!

Zac Lomax – The kid is a gun! Good base.. I really like him to be honest!

Josh Addo-Carr – We know what he can do and Parra have not defended well on his edge of late. Absolute hit or miss however. Gamble accordingly. Huge upside! Also be cautious of depth as a rest is possible next week.

Corey Thompson/Brian Kelly – Like them both..

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Paul Momirovski – Just make sure he is named! If so Penrith should smash up the Tigers whose season has ended barring the biggest of miracles…

I hope to see you all fighting for a grand final win next week and for those in the hunt for overall just make your decisions and what will be will be!

Not everything will go your way so enjoy the footy as much as possible and celebrate the good.

Cheers, Spy.

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