Final plays: Where to utilise your last trade(s)

2019 champion Dez Creek looks at options for those with few trades, and the likes of Lolo, Crichton, and Hynes posing issues.

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How crazy can a desperate Supercoach get?

Given that most overall players are barely scraping 17s together this week and probably only have one or two trades left, the question remains – how outrageous can you go with your last few trades available? 

This question boils down to which player(s) can cause the biggest inroads into the teams above you who may either: (a) be out of trades or (b) be playing the more cautious and conservative approach by saving their last trade(s) for the final round. 

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For those of us (myself included) who are forced to run the gauntlet and use your last trade now thanks to injuries to big names like Angus Crichton, Reed Mahoney, Jason Taumalolo… the list goes on – the final month will be an absolute death ride and a half if you lack substantial depth across most positions. 

So just how crazy can we get with these last trades (all rank dependant of course)?

I guess there’s only one way to lay this out for you guys:

Nicho Hynes – If you have the luxury to sell him, then sell him – Paps is back and Hynes will be lucky to score 40s each week from now on. 

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Now, who do we sell him to? 

There’s three main options for mine:

  1. Corey Thompson – Exceptional base stats, can find the try line and has always been a Supercoach relevant player provided he stays on the wing. 
  2. Valentine Holmes – Very cheap price for a goal-kicking fullback who has a ceiling of 100+ on any given week, coming back from injury but fit and dangerous in his last hit out 
  3. Euan Aitken – Really easy draw to end the season and can easily crank out those 100+ scores which are invaluable at CTW. Insane base stats to boot, really can’t see any downside to getting this man in (even if you’re up at the top of the rankings).
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Angus Crichton/Jason Taumalolo – Many will be forced into selling Angus or Lolo as one of their final trades and this dilemma definitely presents itself as opportune or inopportune depending on how well you have planned for these sorts of late injuries.

Who do we sell them to?

There’s three main options for mine:

  1. Cameron Murray – Absolutely tearing up for the bunnies over the last five weeks as Bennett is looking to get Cook rolling through the ruck with fast play the balls, and there is no better than Cam Murray when it comes to this facet of the game. You could almost bank on him scoring a try every game for the rest of the season because his prowess around the line is unmatched.
  2. Luciano Leilua – I’ve sprouted this guy all season and I will do it again. He had a 100+ score last week with just one linebreak and try. He has the offload, has the tacklebusting ability and his workrate is reasonably high. It’s a soft Tigers draw to end the year – really worth a crack if you back the Tigers right edge under the every improving Adam Doueihi. 
  1. Tyson Frizell – Absolute machine of a human being, always consistent Supercoach scoring wise and has the ability to create something out of nothing with enough time and space on the edge. With Pearcey and Ponga looming around the backline I expect Friz to capitalise on this easy draw home for the Knights. 

Reed Mahoney – Straight swap to Harry Grant, simple as that provided you can afford it

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Fullback ratings to end the season:

1) Turbo (C every week or you’ll regret it)

2) Teddy

3) Ponga

4) Paps

5) Gutho 

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