Spy Talk: Fullback shootout, amazing Grant

The high-flying SuperCoach Spy assesses the Tedesco v Ponga v Papenhuyzen battle, and why Harry Grant is close to a must-have.

Spy Talk

G’day all!

Trades from now on have to be as perfect as possible given the lack of them remaining. 

I am going to go into a breakdown of some big name options below that are on the radar of many SuperCoaches this week.

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How important is Harry Grant?

For mine Harry Grant when on the field this year has been nothing short of special! Talk about passing the eye test. 

If you had Harry, Cleary and Turbo behind a decent forward pack it would be like nothing we have seen before.

Harry put 98 points on the Chooks in just his second game of the year… in 47 minutes!! 

Unfortunately a hamstring kept him out over the Origin period and then Harry aggravated it a couple of games later. This is the disclaimer with Harry. If you want him, make sure you have a decent backup hooker in case he goes down. Or a spare trade.

Breaking down the numbers, Grant has averaged 74 points per game (PPG) in 55 minutes per game (MPG) which is insane. 

That equates to an average of 108PPG if you stretch it to 80 minutes! Now I’m unsure if Bellyache is looking to build Harry towards 80 minutes before finals, but gee that’s exciting numbers considering the lack of scoring power at hooker lately. 

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Even if he plays 60 minutes a game we are looking at around an average of 80 odd and if he stays healthy I can only see him getting better. 

Further, there is going to be a game where he truly dominates if Melbourne are in the mood! Hopefully it’s the back end of this season and it all clicks.

As mentioned the only risk is injury and of course playing for Melbourne he may be rested in one the the last two weeks. Time will tell but there are the numbers for you on the legend that is Harry Grant. 

Oh and I should mention he is a massive POD and owning him brings a whole bloody lot of good vibes when he is on the field! Get on if you can..

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Tedesco v Ponga v Papenhuyzen

This is my current conundrum. Especially given Ponga has Brisbane this week. 

The risk on KP this week is a four day turnaround and a lingering sternum injury. 

But he has played the last two weeks so he seems to be good to go even if somewhat limited. 

Teddy I am super high on with a couple of killer match ups after this weekend and The Chooks are far more reliable than Newcastle. 

As for my boy Papi, well half the reason I don’t want to get KP this week is because if Papi gets back to 80 minutes this week or next and is goal-kicking he is a WEAPON as you will see below.

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The numbers that matter 

Points Per Minute (PPM) 

Papenhuyzen – 1.41 (Up closer to 1.5 if you discount the return game from concussion which I’m happy to do as he was very very tentative and he won’t play like that again)

Tedesco – 1.08

Ponga – 1.05

Average when playing 80 minutes

Papenhuyzen – 112.8PPG (120PPG discounting return game)

Tedesco – 86.4PPG

Ponga – 84PPG

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The numbers are very easily in favour of Papenhuyzen over the rest! 

But we need to consider that he isn’t starting and playing 80 minutes BUT that could change asap. 

It’s really the big question. Does Bellyache rest him late in the year? 

And obviously another solid concussion and I would imagine his regular season, if not full season is done.

With Tedesco he looks back to his best for mine and has found his combination with Sammy Walker. 

He could end very strong and has Brisbane and St George after this weekend’s tough matchup, plus Canberra in Round 25 who are hard to catch but Teddy traditional goes well against. 

A huge option from next week, or this week if you need too, but he loses some appeal with Penrith included in the run home.

Kalyn Ponga. Well no longer goal-kicking is a shame and the sternum worries me a little. 

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But more so the injury risk he has shown so far this season is a worry. Does he get through? 

His run home is insane starting this week and the Knights need wins. This all adds up to pure gold! How hard a call is this!

SO – You can see why it is so hard. Personally I think all three are brilliant options but it’s all about timing. 

IF PLAYING 80 AND HEALTHY it’s Papi for me, followed by Ponga due to his run home and then Tedesco. It could be close between these two! 

Conversely Teddy appears the safest option, Ponga is safe enough despite the concerns, while Papi could blitz them all!

As a result I’m tempted to wait a week and see where they all land. Hopefully Gutherson has a solid 60-70 in him in the meantime.

As a lot of you will know I love my Papi and he could be a huge POD to get me home late – I really want him. Hopefully he starts this week or next. 

Otherwise I’ll make a call between Teddy and KP. 

Cheers all!

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