Spy Talk: Answering the big questions, Rd 17

The high-flying SC Spy in 320th place answers the burning questions plaguing NRL SuperCoaches ahead of Round 17.

Spy Talk

G’day Troops,

How are we all and how are we tracking heading into the second and final bye week? 

Personally I’m hoping for eight players this weekend if Suaalii ends up playing. I’m happy enough with this given I had a lot of players for the first bye, I already have nearly all the players I want for the run home and with that being said the one or two players short of many teams I will be for this weekend I hope to make up for by being more set for the run home. Time will tell!

From a personal standpoint I have been steady of late and the boys are sitting at 320th overall. 

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I’m hoping to keep a few extra trades for late in the season and the fact I’ll have all of the guns that I want could prove to be a POD in itself for the run home, especially given sides are starting to look similar towards the back end of the season and people are running out of trades. That and Sam Walker

As far as PODs go, I have held him throughout and really hope it pays dividends this weekend against the Dogs especially considering his now low ownership! 

A lot of pressure on a young man to help carry the Spy Squad but I think he can handle it.

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Round 18 warning

I mentioned this last article but whilst we all have an eye on this weekend’s second bye, it is the perfect time to check out your round 18 teams and make sure you are set up okay.

Personally with Origin players maybe not backing up and injuries I may only scrape in 17 good players and otherwise be relying on guys like Leniu, Dunster and Blore to fill my 17 which isn’t ideal at all! 

To avoid this I have been forced to sell TPJ and Tohu Harris who I otherwise could have looked to hold onto. So when making trades this week or deciding if trades are important consider the below scenario –

  1. Hold onto guys and save trades may mean 7 players this week + Leniu in Round 18 as your 17th player. This basically equal 20-35 points for Lenui.
  2. Trade TPJ or Harris to give your team 8 players for the bye plus a genuinely good player for round 18 as your 17th player (rather then Leniu). This equals on average 60 points this week and 60 points next week. 120 total points which is 85-100 more than option A of one less bye coverage and playing Lenui in your 17!! Worth the trade in this instance!

Essentially how many trades you have remaining and your squad depth will be key to decision making, but if you are going to struggle for numbers in Round 18 then any extra bye round acquisition for this weekend could prove to be worth double over a two week period!

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Haas v a bye coverage FRF

I am a little torn on this one. If you are playing Head-to-Head then wait for Haas! 

If not then Haas would need to outscore your bye coverage option (Fonua-Blake, Taupau, Taumalolo etc) by approximately eight points per game to make up the difference of missing this weekend if they both play all remaining matches. 

If your bye option can average you 60-63PPG then Haas would need to average 68-71PPG. Up to you if you think that will happen. Adjust projections accordingly.

It may well be very close or you might think Haas does it easy in which case you can hold off on a bye player and grab Haas next week. Or maybe you have the trades to get a bye player AND Haas next week.

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Is Garrick too expensive?

Bloody hell. If you opted not to get him last week it must have hurt! Is he still an option? Absolutely he is! But he will likely cost you getting another gun into your side so you need to consider if that is worth it? 

He is a goal-kicker, has a good work rate, is playing outside Turbo and is slotting in at fullback when he is out and plays the bye this week so he ticks a lot of boxes! 

But again, you need to see you if you can afford him and how that impacts other plans. 

Basically I think if you can do it then get him in, but if not let him go and pray Manly calm down a bit or he starts to miss a few goals! Someone like Holmes from Round 20 could well be just as good but there are still three weeks in the interim.

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Rd 17 options + rating

Jason Saab – 6 

Potential for anything and you could play him based on matchups, but he could also go quite low at times, especially when Turbo is out. Risk v Reward on him.

Marty Taupau – 8 

Really solid I think with some upside if he can get attacking stats or start offloading more freely again like a month ago.

Addin Fonua-Blake – 7.5 

Solid again and his price presents real value if he can keep his head down and stay out of trouble. Some risk of the Warriors forward rotation limiting his minutes.

Siosiua Taukeiaho – 5.5

Just not getting the consistent minutes or goal-kicking. If any of this changed he could be a gun, but not for now unless you already own of course.

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Campbell Graham – 7.5 

Upside and also a really strong base. I would almost rate him an 8 but Souths wingers score a lot of tries from sweep plays and he misses out. Does have them in him however!

Daniel Tupou – 8 

Decent base and a pretty decent run home. He looks a good thing. The only concern is the Chooks mounting injury toll and whether or not this limits their attacking output.

Jesse Ramien – 8 

He is on fire, has huge base and has a great run home! Some injury history and is possibly over owned but he looks a pretty good thing. Upside limited compared to Tupou but more consistent so far this season.

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Adam Reynolds – 7 

Lacks upside but should score solidly for you. Not the worst if you need a backup half who plays the bye.

Kodi Nikorima – 8/8.5 

If goal-kicking (pending his foot injury) I really like him! If I knew for sure his foot was okay and Connor Watson hadn’t just tonned up that would be my trade. But I may hold Connor and the trade.

Taane Milne – 6 

Obviously handy if you need to free up cash but I worry his spot isn’t secure and the Bunnies favour the left edge so he has low scores in him. He could go on a run no doubt but there is risk.

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SC Spy Trades and Skippers 

I’m honestly yet to decide but I know I need to replace Tohu Harris and either TPJ (or Twal). 

Twal adds depth and is dual position so he could be useful while Origin impacts our teams, but I may also look to bring Haas in next week for a cheapie which could potentially allow me to hold TPJ. I’ll see what I can do!

As for who to bring in I think I will grab Taumalolo and Taupau, though the money Fonua-Blake frees up could be handy.

I may VC Cody and captain Sam Walker if I’m feeling brave! Otherwise VC Garrick into Cody or the like…

Good luck all and enjoy the footy! Very interesting to see how the game is refereed after last weekend’s score lines….

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