Weekly Wrap: Highs, lows and shocks, Rd 9

Check out our Round 9 NRL SuperCoach wrap, with Tommy Turbo blowing the overall standings wide open.

Weekly Wrap

Well if we thought Thursday night was record breaking.. we weren’t ready for what transpired on Sunday afternoon!

If Brett Stewart was the Prince, surely we have just witnessed Lord Turbo of Lottoland absolutely tear apart the Warriors and Supercoaches.

Owners would have been soaring, captainers on another planet and non-owners reaching for the tissue box. I also was reaching for the tissue box, but for other reasons..

With Turbo going ballistic, Supercoach has been blown right open for 2021. We assume Papenhuzyen will be back next week whilst both Ponga and Turbo have favourable matchups so those who held Papi will be itching for him to return.

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Rabbitohs v Storm

Well we saw the absolute best of Josh Addo-Carr and the rest of the Melbourne lineup on Thursday as he took apart an insipid Rabbitohs attack. Six Tries and 178 points!

He must just be filling his boots this year before he heads to Belmore next season because I doubt he will be getting the same opportunities in the blue and white.

The scoreline was a pretty good reflection for the Supercoach scorers too. 11 Storm players scored over 50, whilst not one Rabbitoh reached a half-century.

Munster and Hughes were sensational as they both raised their bats, although Munster’s boot didn’t make the trip to Sydney. To be fair and being a former goalkicker myself, I think 7 of them were from out wide.

Grant looks an absolute must for those still on the fence with him. Brandon Smith will likely spend next week on the sidelines due to a suspension, so 80 minutes at Suncorp is a tasty prospect.

As for the bruised and beaten Bunnies, Cody Walker was non-existent but his forward pack didn’t really give him a chance to get into the game. It will be interesting to see how much this loss affects them moving forward.

Minute Watch: Arrow 51, Grant 59, Welch 45

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Panthers v Sharks

I have been doing these wrap ups for the past year and a bit now and I think Penrith have lost one game, so I could pull any wrap from the past 18 months and post it in here and no one would notice!

Cleary bounced back to reward (reward until Sunday) those who captained him with 107. A small downdate probably didn’t help those who may have looped, but 107 is 107 nonetheless.

Staines played silly buggers with us all to cross for three tries and bank his first 100+ performance for the year. I doubt many would have played him, but a nice cash injection for those who have held.  

To’o and Luai keep going from strength-to-strength with 71 and 81 points respectfully.

Luai could eclipse both Munster and Walker by the end of the year and be the five-eighth to finish the year with.

Minute Watch: Koroisau 80, JFH 36, Capewell 54 (failed HIA), Yeo 51.

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Eels v Roosters

Another week another Isaiah Papali’i worldly performance. Get this. After lockout he will be the second highest scoring Supercoach player this year. Incredible! And good news for owners he will still make money! For non-owners he can just go play in the traffic! If Fifita gets two weeks is it a straight swap?

Matterson banged out 81 and now must seriously come into consideration for sides. He will be as cheap as he will be all year this week and has shown once fit is as good as Supercoach back-rower out there.

Obviously there’s massive concerns about his melon and the fact he gets a concussion getting a haircut, but if he can string 10 games on the paddock it will be worth it

Teddy continues to be a small rock in the shoe of owners. He knocked out 54 on Friday but his slide continues and with the massive ceilings Ponga, Turbo and Papi have shown us, it’s a real conundrum as to whether to keep him or cop the loss and sell.

Minute Watch: Mahoney 34 (failed HIA), Paulo 68, Papali’i 80, Matterson 80, TKO 63 (likely injury inflated)

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Raiders v Knights

I don’t know what’s going on in the nation’s capital, but if the Raiders keep playing like the way they are, Canberrans will start heading to Parliament House and do the Viking Clap before Question Time to cheer the politicians on.

In a match that both teams looked like losing, it was Kalyn Ponga who put his hand up and broke the match with a try and an assist late to steal victory. Ponga was contained well for most of the match but his class shone through as he finished his afternoon with 107.

Best was held to 30 and didn’t see too much ball. Similar to Nofoaluma he will rely on attacking stats to bolster his score at times, but his base appears good and is still a solid trade option.

Minute Watch: CHN 80, Barnett 44, Klemmer 51, Frizell 80, Watson 40, Fitzgibbon 65

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Tigers v Titans

Case of deju va for the Tigers as they decided at the 75th minute to try and come back and win a match. Adam Doueihi was superb scoring 141 as both he and Nofoaluma came to life in the back end of the match.

The Titans defence had about as much trouble trying to contain him as the Spy has trying to spell his name. Jokes aside he is a serios upgrade option for the likes of Schuster or Watson as he plays Round 13 and all the attack goes through him.

Fifita bounced back with 97 and that included a late sin bin/early shower. He has been charged after his high shot and could miss two weeks if he fights the charge and loses or just the one week if he is takes the early plea. Hold.

Zac Cini only scored 8 so his cash cow potential has just gone out the window. In the words of Mr Burns, maybe he should trim those sideburns.

Minute Watch: Simpkin 50, Joe O 52, Utoikamanu 34, Liddle 30, Tino 58, Peachey 42

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Cowboys v Broncos

Like a throwback to 2015, these two sides featured in an epic encounter. The only thing it was missing was Thurston.

The cool head of Val Holmes was enough to get the Cowboys home, but the night belonged to big Jason Taumalolo! He too turned back the clock and banged out 101, his first 100+ match since Round 12 last year!

I said last week you might pick him up cheap and you still will, although not as cheap as first thought. He could be a great POD in the back end of the year.

TPJ continued his strong scoring form and has been on his best behaviour since he has started playing 80 minutes.

Both he and Haas look like locks this year with Haas notching up 84, his highest score of the year. Whilst Haas is set to play Origin, I’d be trying to get him into your side as quick as possible and leaving him there until the BBL starts again.

Minute Watch: Taumalolo 71, Condon 33, TPJ 80, Haas 62, Riki 80

Sea Eagles v Warriors

191. Four matches back from a hammy injury and the Lord bangs out 191. And that was racked up with 15 minutes to go! Imagine what another try or assist would have done?

Scorers at Supercoach Central would have had their shoes and socks off just to keep up with the numbers. In all seriousness though, what a star!

I thought rugby league was meant to be a team sport? The next few weeks will now be Papi v Turbo as to who scores the most points. There wouldn’t be too many sides running with the Papi/Turbo combo, but if you are, get excited.

Those who went the captaincy on Turbo would have undoubtably won most of their head-to-head matchups and should see some beautiful green arrows.

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There isn’t a better feeling than captaining a player who scores you 191.

It will be tough explaining captaincy choices and why I went with Turbo to Christine in payroll when I get into work, but it will be worth the 15 minute conversation. In fact, I’ll probably send an all staff email outlining my heroics.

Saab continued the weekend’s trend with underperforming wingers scoring well as he joined Staines and Simonsson with 94 and three tries.

It was a big match too from Tohu Harris! He scored a try and set one up to finish the afternoon with 104, his highest score of the year. Set-and-forget for 2021.

Josh Schuster knocked out 43 and will lose cash for the first time this year. Holding onto him wouldn’t be the worst thing to do, but 43 from a player now worth 500k just isn’t enough. 

Minute Watch: Harris 80, Curran 80

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Dragons v Bulldogs

It wasn’t a match to inspire any Supercoach related excitement to finish the round.

In fact, if you had any players in this fixture your team probably has a few issues.

Matt Dufty tonned up, but remains hard to have while only available at fullback. Jack Bird also scored 107 and has POD credentials heading into Round 13, as does Ben Hunt who had a solid 69 points.

Minute Watch: McGuire 72, Thompson 68

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