Spy Talk: Answering the big questions ahead of Rd 2

The SC Spy answers the burning questions plaguing NRL SuperCoaches ahead of the Round 2.

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G’day Peeps! Round 1 is done. It was a bit of a rollercoaster with some really big scores. I was generally happy with things, but not skippering Teddy hurt of course. Angus Crichton scoring 98 was great as captain, but it’s no 162. Outside of that, an early hammy injury to Matt Lodge cost us any chance at seeing what his output across a whole match would be. A shame, but that’s SuperCoach. My man Brian Kelly was subdued but still scored 47 while basically doing minimal by his standards. He now has a busted hand. Embed from Getty Images Crichton is also out for one match suspended, but it’s not time to panic. If

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