Spy Talk: Answering the round’s big questions

The SC Spy answers the burning questions of the week, finds plenty of trade value, and a key nuff option.

Decision Time

Hey gang,

Below I will visit a few options for the run home who could be of great value to your side without costing you a bomb.

This is particularly important if you have had a few tough rounds and don’t have bulk cash to play with.

I will also have a look at a key nuff (non-player) who could be critical, as well as addressing a couple of other important questions/issues.

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Q: My team is a bit short of cash, so I’m struggling to be able to get the premo guns like Daniel Sams and guys around the $200k mark. Is there anyone who could potentially match them or go close at a cheaper price?

The short answer is yes! I have my eye on three guys in particular who have the potential to score very well over the final three rounds without costing over $200k each.

The first is Alex Hales who has started to look in sparkling touch and has the ability to score as well as anyone in the competition, but is only worth around $154k, absolute gold!

If in doubt, check out his scores from last season to see what he is capable of. He’s a great candidate for a quick fire 35 to bank an easy 60 points with the potential for 150+.

Kane Richardson is at absolute killer value right now. He’s sitting at around $125k, is a top line opening bowler and gets some games in Melbourne now which appear to be a touch more bowler friendly, at least compared to some of the roads we have at Manuka and Metricon.

Finally, Dawid Malan, the number one International T20 batsmen in the world could be worth under $130k by the end of this round!

He has shown signs without exploding yet, but is highly capable and again won’t cost you a bomb, absolutely perfect if you can’t afford some of the premo studs.

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Who is the best option to downgrade to free up cash?

If you are looking for a non-player in order to utilise the loophole than Lawrence Neil-Smith from the Sixers is a great nuff.

This is because the Sixers play last in each of the final three rounds which is pure SC gold.

It maximises the potential to loophole your captain or even sit a bloke with an early game on your bench as an auto-emergency and then if they go off you can bring Neil-Smith in as a player to get his points.

On the other hand, if the next guy fails you just leave him and put someone else in to get a second crack at the points!

Zahir Khan from the Melbourne Stars looks like a very good cheapie for the run home, he is more than capable and would be the perfect person to use the AE on to see how he goes while costing under $100k.

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What about Aaron Finch?

Well if you are like me and you purchased him for mid $140k you might as well hold onto him and use him as a bench auto-emergency.

That way if he scores big you can take his score and if he fails you leave him on the pine. The Gades also play first in the next two rounds, so you can easily do that if your team make up allows!

There isn’t much point selling him because he simply has no value. If you don’t own him then you can grab him and free up a heeeaaap of cash whilst also getting a free look at Finch the next two games! It’s a win-win really if you need someone cheaper.

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What happens when finals starts?

Everyone will get unlimited trades to pick from the teams in the finals. Those who have players worth the most money gain the advantage as you can maximise the studs from the teams in the finals without running short of cash.

With that in mind, it might be useful to pick up a few guys with low breakevens for the last few rounds knowing that will likely make cash and add to your team value before finals.

Note – Utilising the VC Loophole is almost a must in the closing rounds with no double game weeks.

Good luck to everyone on the run home. For those right up the top just don’t be afraid to take some calculated risks. That might mean vice-captaining Stoinis rather than Maxwell.

Something that is a decent option that not everyone is going to go for. For everyone else who has had less success, enjoy the last few rounds and try to end on a high!

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  1. Thanks for the advice all season. I’ve been listening to your podcasts, reading the articles and taking it all on board to make my decisions each round. Only played BBL twice, but far outperforming my results from last year.

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