Weekly Wrap: Round 15 highs, lows and shocks

Check out our Round 15 SuperCoach wrap, with some big individual scores helping sides struggling for a fit 17.

Weekly Wrap

I, like many other would like to congratulate Shaun Johnson on the arrival of his daughter Millah.. I just wish it could have happened sooner than Friday!!

It was panic stations for my side at around 5.30pm on Friday when word filtered through SJ was out. No problem I thought, I’ll just reverse my trades and bring Luai back in…

That ladies and gentlemen is where yours truly learnt a very harsh and costly lesson. I learnt that you cannot reverse trades once the round kicks off. This might seem like old news to most and I’ve heard it mentioned in passing but what does it really mean?

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It means Nick, that once kick-off occurs in the first game, any trades you make are final. So don’t make any stupid trades like getting rid of Luai for a Nuff (Josh Schuster) when you only have 15 active players. That little dumb move cost me close to 130 points as I was forced to play Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow and the great DPP Daine Laurie.

Of course I was aware of the inability to reverse trade after initial lockout, but complacency and a severe lack of using my melon got the better of me.

But like a scorned lover, even though I have been treated like dirt by the SuperCoach Gods, I’ll come crawling back on Thursday, albeit with a little better knowledge of how this beautiful beast works.

We are only one round away from head-to-head finals, so fingers crossed your side is shaping up to make a charge in the finals series. Let’s hope for no more injuries and some big names to return come team list Tuesday!

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Eels v Storm

A good scoring game here SuperCoach wise despite the 14-0 scoreline. I’m a Paulo owner and former Matterson owner which has just taken years off my life over the last couple of weeks.

What a player Matterson is! He must not like playing the ball or something because he tries to offload every run.

He scored a massive 115 points to kick start a big weekend for owners. He will drop in price but not much unfortunately for many who might be looking to get him in.

Sivo could have scored more than his 69 if he didn’t spend so much time milking for a penalty. If he can’t pick up a contract in the next few years I’m sure Bega Cheese will make a play for him.

With the loss of Brandon Smith to a jaw injury it would appear likely that Cameron will return this week which will be a godsend for any who held onto him. I have no solid info on this, just a Cam Smith owner who needs him back more than Melbourne.

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Panthers v Sharks

What a team this Panthers outfit are! Led by Cleary they have points in them all across the park.

Four players went 99 or above with Mansour crossing for two tries to score his first century of the year. As strange as this sounds, I’d be trying to get as many Penrith players into your side as possible. For head-to-head players they play the Cowboys then Bulldogs in the final two weeks of the season, these being the preliminary finals and grand final. That could decide your season.

The only downside to the game was an apparent calf injury to Koroisau who may miss a week or two. Hopefully Ivan doesn’t play silly buggers with us and either names him or not.

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Broncos v Dragons

This was a matchup I thought Zac Lomax would have been licking his lips for. Up against Jordan Kahu who has played about as much footy as me in the last two years, he was a sneaky play for a captain choice but unfortunately failed to deliver.

He was outscored by Ravalawa who appears to be the premier Fijian winger at the moment with another 100+ score.

McInnes just gets through his work without fuss. I reckon he is due for a try too so I’m calling for 100+ next week for him.

For Brisbane it was much the same where they appeared to be in the game but failed to remember how to finish it off.

Carrigan was exceptional captaining the side and scoring 86. He has been as solid as ever for them this year and even better for SuperCoach owners with only two scores under 70 since Round 8.

Kotoni Staggs gave Euan Aitken a test of the surface of Suncorp with an absolute belter of a fend and try.

He is the spark for Brisbane at the moment and a smoky for a final spot in your 17 with a final round matchup against the Cowboys.

He did some damage to sides that didn’t have him at the back end of last year so keep that in mind. 

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Titans v Raiders

The foundations of Cbus Super Stadium were shaking when Papalii thundered downfield and pulled off one of the great ankle taps we have ever seen!

What a player he is, but unfortunately for SuperCoach owners he only played 40 minutes and with the run the Raiders have, it might be all he gets in games where the result is all but done.

They have a very soft draw apart from the Roosters so beware if you are looking to bring him in.

Johnny Bateman was good and I think his combination with George Williams will only get better. He wouldn’t be a top trade target but someone I’d be keeping an eye on.

For anyone who brought AJ Brimson in I applaud you! What a player this kid is going to be. He has a three round average of 90 and probably has been the pick of the fullbacks over the last few weeks.  

Fotuaika appears a sell for any owners as it appears he will spend a couple of weeks on the sideline due to a crusher tackle.

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Tigers v Roosters

Inside the first 20 minutes I thought we were set for a Teddy masterclass. That’s about where it finished though as he finished the night with 61.

Again disappointing but it’s someone you can’t do without I believe. It would take a gutsy call for anyone to move him on, but SuperCoach comps aren’t won on easy decisions.

SST owners would have been crowing with his output. 102 points in the FRF position that is so volatile. Well volatile for me as a Papalii and Paulo owner. What a player he is.

The Chooks may be starting to make a run and he looks like the creator in the middle and is playing the entire 80 at the moment on certain weeks.

Brett Morris was also a welcome addition to the Chooks outfit and will be about $630k come lockout ending. He knows his way to the line and has a massive ceiling.

I’d be entertaining the thought of a straight swap for Nofoaluma. We all know how hard the Tigers draw is and although he ended the night on 68, if it wasn’t for that try in the 79th minute, he would have scored around 40.

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Rabbitohs v Sea Eagles

I’m not paid enough to recount a game like this. In fact I’m not paid at all!! The only positive I can take out of this match was the fact I have quite a high ownership of South Sydney players, so when Latrell went huge, Cook followed suit and Murray broke 70 it took the sting out of what was an absolute thumping of my Sea Eagles.

Latrell is shaping as a nice POD heading into the finals series. I’ve got the Rabbitohs as my dark horse to win and Latrell just needs a game like that to spark him into gear.

Cam Murray on the edge still worries me. I can’t really move him on so I’ll have to ride out his scores like a majority of us will.

For my wounded Eagles, it may be curtains for 2020. Although I’ve got them finishing as high as 5th on the NRL ladder predictor, that appears unlikely now, but I’ll stick with the mathematical possibilities. I’d be moving Jake Trbojevic on if you owned him along with DCE.

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Bulldogs v Warriors

As irrelevant a SuperCoach game as they come. If it wasn’t for Jazz and Tohu there wouldn’t be much interest in this match at all.

We saw a slight increase in Tevaga’s minutes as he played 59, but he did come off due to a HIA. He finished with 83, so he’s still going at far better than 1PPM.

Tohu thankfully was shifted back to the edge after reports he was to play halfback. His score of 67 was very solid as he also only played 64 minutes.

Will Hopoate’s first match back and at fullback will create some interest. He scored a try and set one up to finish with 85 and is relatively cheap.

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Knights v Cowboys

This was just an awful game to watch. I, like many others, were hoping Ponga could produce a huge score as captain to round out a pretty good week.

But Kurt Mann and Phoenix Crossland had other ideas. He must have stolen their shoes or dropped in on them surfing during the week because they did not want to pass him the ball!

The Knights had 55 tackles inside the Cowboys 20 and I reckon Ponga touched the ball six times! It only took till the 78th minute to work out passing the ball to Ponga equals points as he set up Tuala with a magic cut out ball.

Klemmer was beast like as he played 67 minutes for his 81 points. If you have him for the run home well done because judging on this match up he will be playing similar minutes moving forward.

The injury to Taumalolo looks serious which is just what everyone needs with five rounds to go and very little trades. With the Cowboys season over I’d be moving him on straight away.

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  1. The only downside of loading up on Panthers players, is what happens if they lock up the minor premiership with 2 weeks to go and decide to rest Cleary or Api? Need to keep some trades up your sleeve cos they may need to go late!

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