Weekly Wrap: Round 14 highs, lows and shocks

Check out our Round 14 SuperCoach wrap, with plenty of guns doing damage across the competition.

Weekly Wrap

If there is one way to ruin a good weekend it’s fluffing your captaincy choice and watching your new acquisitions absolutely bomb.

SuperCoach can do that to you. A few weeks back I went back to back 1480s and had sent resumes into NRL Supercoach hoping for a gig as an expert analyst.

Now I’m struggling to reach 1,200 and watch every game with a sense of regret thinking ‘Why didn’t I bring him in’ or ‘Please don’t go left’ or my personal favourite, ‘If he can grab a quick two tries he might finish with 70 odd.’ Hindsight at its best.

But therein lies the beauty of SuperCoach. Although I have bombed out in the last few weeks, come Thursday afternoon I’m looking at my side with a feeling of anticipation, wonder and confidence.

You just need to ride the highs and do as much gloating as you can when you are on top, because, case in point, it doesn’t last long!

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Roosters v Storm

Oh Teddy where art thou? And for that matter the rest of the Chooks outfit?

The Roosters were totally outplayed and outclassed by a Cameron-less Melbourne side with not one player from the Roosters side breaking 70.

The loss was compounded by injuries to Lam, Aubusson and more importantly for SuperCoaches Keary who looks set for a long stint on the sideline and is a sell.

With Keary out I have massive fears for Tedesco and his attacking ability.

It’s madness to think we could be trading him out with six weeks to play. They desperately need Cordner and Crichton back.   

Even without the Cameron’s, Melbourne were clinical. A lot of their attack is now focused around Jarome Hughes who could be a big POD play for the next few weeks.

Papenhuyzen was unlucky not to score more than his 59 but seems to rely heavily on attacking stats rather than tackle busts due to his frame. I reckon the Spy would have bigger arms than him!

Warriors v Panthers

Nathan Cleary had most of the smart SuperCoaches hopes on his back with 17% putting the captaincy on him.

I say smart because I went against it and when he looped a ball over to Naden to score the first try I feared for the worst.

He was in everything, but the Warriors are a different side to what they were six weeks ago.

They’re gutsy and defend a lot better through the middle. Cleary still was able to finish with 92 and was ably assisted by Koroisau who notched up 89 and now has a three round average of 81.

I’m not usually one for trading back players after I have rissoled them, but may have to make an exception. He is on fire!

For the sake of all of us owners of Tevaga I’ve reached out to @Toddpayten on Twitter to see if we can increase his minutes!!

He is a PPM beast but when he only gets 50 odd minutes it makes it hard for him to break 70 and put himself in that elite field of back-rowers. It’s even worse knowing it’s Adam Blair taking up all those minutes.

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Eels v Dragons

Those death riding Lomax – I’m looking at you Tim Williams – can keep doing it because he keeps delivering for owners!

Whilst 69 isn’t exactly record breaking, he is as consistent as they come.

The Dragons do look a little more threatening than they have in the past and take on Brisbane, Cowboys and Titans in the next three weeks.

It might be time for non-owners to swallow their pride and get on board.

Matterson’s return was four weeks coming for those who held onto him. He banged out 60 in base stats and should be around that $585k mark for those looking to add him back in next week. Murray to Matterson looks a safe trade.

I’ll be hoping for a dry match next week for the Eels as a Paulo owner. Wet weather footy and ball playing front rowers just don’t mix!

Sharks v Titans

For a team that puts 30 on the Titans, you would assume that SJ had a massive part to play in that. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case as he left the field with a groin complaint and, judging by his reaction after the Kevin Proctor incident, the loss of his right arm.

Fingers crossed the groin was just precaution and he is fit for next week because I don’t think I could cope with him being out.

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Cowboys v Rabbitohs

My overall SuperCoach attitude relied heavily on this matchup as I placed the C on Cook and traded in Latrell at the last minute against a Cowboys side who have already started organising their Mad Monday.

With about 20 minutes to go I was looking at the deactivate team button but thankfully Latrell was able to set a late try up to finish with 49 which shows how desperate I was thinking 49 was a good score.

Cook did a lot of work in the middle but just doesn’t seem to run the ball as much anymore.

Him and Cam Murray won’t enjoy the video review I’ll be undertaking with them. The pair could be cutting oranges for me this week.   

The Hammer took flight scoring a sensational try. And that’s about where his points for the night stopped. If you can, I’d be cashing out on him now. He is an AE nightmare. 

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Raiders v Broncos

I’m trying to find some positives out of this match as an owner of J Papalii. Having played just 45 minutes I feel like I should be asking for my money back!

He dominated the early parts of the game, was taken off and not seen again.

That just about sums up my week. While I’m in despair over Papalii, Overlord Tim Williams is a John Bateman owner and he goes ballistic scoring a try and setting one up to finish the night with 95.

Well done to anyone that brought him in over the last few weeks as he has gone 88, 56 and now 95.

For the absolute mess that is Brisbane, thankfully Carrigan’s minutes were up as he notched up 73 and looks to be a hold for the remainder of the year.

Payne Haas however has done the unthinkable for us owners and likely gotten himself suspended!

This is disastrous for Brisbane as him and Carrigan seem to be the only two that make tackles in the middle.

Haas is set to miss two weeks if he takes the early plea meaning I and many others may have about 1.4 million on the bench for the next couple of weeks with Munster and Smith likely still a couple away.

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Knights v Sea Eagles

This is a tough match report to write. I’m absolutely gutted with that loss.

And to make it worse that lass try-assist to K Ponga killed my head-to-head battle.

I was too proud to bring him in this weekend due to his matchup against my beloved Eagles.

But it seems playing with my heart has cost me big time. Ponga finished with 89 and looks set to explode week after week. He is now a must for the run home, more so than Tedesco.

Jake Trbojevic was again strong finishing with 80 as he tackled anything that ran his way. I’m sure on his day off he pays his mates to run at him all day.

Kurt Mann finished with 77 but failed to meet his BE so will drop in price and might be a good play for the CTW position in the remaining weeks.

He will tackle and run his way to 60 most weeks and can sniff out a try like the best of them.

Tigers v Bulldogs

If it wasn’t for David Nofoaluma and his tackle breaking exploits it would have made for a very disappointing weekend.

He notched up 134 to save many from head-to-head blushes, whilst Tommy Talau caught a cold on the left wing having barely seen any of the footy.

It was a tough watch for Bulldogs fans who just can’t seem to remember how to win a game!

RFM went off after 15 minutes with what was reported as “Flu like Symptoms”.

You would be more inclined to tell people you had pink eye or an STD rather than mention flu like symptoms in this current climate.   

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