Decision Time: Answering the big questions, RD 13

The SC Spy answers the week's big questions plaguing SuperCoaches ahead of Round 13.

Decision Time


Just when I thought things were starting to settle a little bit, carnage hits once more.

You can tell that it’s a strange year when I have lost three starters from my side this week and it ‘doesn’t seem that bad’.

It’s all about just rolling with it and doing your best week-to-week.

Personally I haven’t ever bothered planning too far forward this week simply because plans are impossible to stick with at the moment due to the injury toll.

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Therefore I’m going to play it a little more week-to-week for the next 2-3 rounds and take the best options available to me.

If I think I can hold someone who is hurt I will. This would be a genuine option when a guy is only anticipated to miss one week or two.

Smith would fall in this category if we knew a little more and if Harry Grant hasn’t also gone down for a week’s maintenance.

The reason for this is that your side will likely run out of trades with two rounds left or somewhere around that time.

Check for yourself to see where you sit, but a saved trade or two could prove huge come the last few weeks. Especially for head-to-head finals/grand finals!

On the flipside, if you are high up in the rankings and chasing the glory then it’s worth throwing the kitchen sink at it and trading as needed.

Onto this week’s big issue.

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The Hooking Conundrum

As mentioned, Cam Smith has done his AC Joint. I would not be shocked if he plays next week v The Roosters but he isn’t a certainty so it makes it hard.

If like me you also own Harry Grant it’s tough not to trade him unless you think your auto-emergency will be pretty damn good.

Also if anyone else is a late scratching you may cop a 0. Therefore, I will be trading Smith, but I am also aware that I’ll want him back for the run home given he is averaging nearly 90PPG when playing hooker (injury affected score excluded).

Be aware of this, and have a little plan ready on how to get him back.. So who are the best options to replace the great man? I’ve analysed below in no specific order.

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Damien Cook

A gun and has been for years. A little inconsistent this year but still has the ability to go huge!

The pros are that he could punch out 130 on any given night and is only owned by 16% of teams and has the Broncos and Cowboys next.

The cons are that he is coming off a couple of low scores and has a huge breakeven.

You could go Grant to Cook in two weeks possibly for no cost. Something to consider.

But I must say I don’t mind just locking him in and hoping he goes off if it suits your team plan! But he is by no means a must given the above and his price.

Cam McInnes

It’s a bit of a blow that he has been named at hooker again as he doesn’t get the chance to run the ball as much as he does at lock.

In saying that upon a quick check he has averaged 76PPG at hooker this year and has still run the ball a reasonable amount.

He just came right into calculations for me. Additionally, if you lock in McInnes at hooker, you will have the option to trade out a back-rower when Cam Smith returns, swap McInnes into the back-row and directly trade Smith back in while keeping McInnes. A super solid option!

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Api Koroisau

Averaging 71PPG this year and Penrith have a nice run home. He will do a job and has attacking ability.

It’s a good thing he has had a week off to freshen up. The worry would be that happening again in the final weeks of the regular season if Penrith lock up a top two spot with their soft run home.

But if it’s tight at the top this will help. That’s why it’s important to try and save a trade or two for the final week especially head-to-head grand finals! Another solid option!

Jazz Tevaga

Here he is! The excitement machine Jazz. Averaging 62PPG in just 45MPG after a comeback from injury at a rate of 1.32PPM.

He has played 50 and 52 minutes the last two weeks. If he can score at a rate of 1.2PPM and play 52 minutes he would average 62-63PPG.

But if he could bump up to 60 minutes he could average around 72 or even 79 based on his scoring rate in his first games back.

I think you can lock in mid 60s if you buy him with the upside of 70-80.

One thing for sure is the Warriors look better with him and the new rules suit him.

He also costs less than the above guys which could help with other trades. It’s also noted that he has dual position status like McInnes so you can keep him when Smith returns if you want to trade out a back-rower.

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Brandon Smith

If we knew Cameron was out for more than say 2-3 weeks he would be a near lock for mine!

The kid is an absolute weapon and loves to break the line and score tries.

My concern is using a trade to get him and Cam coming back next week or even the week after.

You will then have to use another trade to move him on. He should certainly score really well when he starts with Cam out but there is huge risk for me given he isn’t a keeper and the amount of other dramas we are needing to use our weekly two trades on.

You don’t ideally want to get stuck with a 40-50 minute version of Brandon who is only okay SC wise.

One for the brave or well-set teams and hope Cam misses three weeks! I just think this is unlikely…

Jake Turpin

This is an out of the box play. He has averaged 57 Points in 65 minutes per game in four games at hooker this year.

It’s a shame Issac Luke is on the bench but there is still a chance for big minutes. He is super cheap and seems to have locked in a starting spot for Brisbane.

You would only do it if you need cash. He can free up a lot. Be aware though that he isn’t likely to average in the 70s like the other guys can.

Personally I’d prefer an elite option but it depends on what you have going on.


  1. Cam McInness
  2. Jazz Tevaga
  3. Damien Cook

It is extremely tight, but based on their current prices and considering breakevens I have McInnes just ahead of Tevaga and then Cook.

I will say though that for those trading where money isn’t an issue for your squad than Cook is my preferred option in the position.

Next week I’ll be analysing the SuperCoach specific run home for each club to help you with your targets for the all-important head-to-head finals.

Lots to think about troops. Good luck and enjoy the footy!!

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