Final Word: Key trade + tactical advice

2019 runner-up Walson Carlos has the final say on the major NRL Round 10 plays, including his trades and captaincy options.

Final Word

Finally, a decent week for my SuperCoach side after a terrible fortnight. 

My trade-ins of RTS and Angus Crichton paid off with large scores and I posted a 1,347 jumping up about 9,000 spots to around 23,000th

Still way back, but more importantly for me now I managed to win all bar one of the cash head-to-head leagues I’m in. 

Hopefully I can put a few weeks back-to-back. This week is interesting with some promising trade-in choices as my team starts to take shape.  

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I need to get in Nathan Cleary. For me he is a must with the draw and how dominant he is with that Panthers side. I’ve settled on getting rid of Jai Arrow and Scott Drinkwater and bringing in Nathan Cleary and Tommy Talau. 

On the other trade-in options this week I have to say I am not overly keen on Beau Fermor from the Titans. 

I’m not sure how many more weeks he’ll be in the side and I certainly am unsure whether his scoring rate can continue. 

My advice to SuperCoaches would be to study that trade long and hard before pulling the trigger on it. 

As SuperCoaches start to mould their sides to resemble something like what they are looking for, everyone’s trade ins and trade outs are going to be different but I think its fair to say you want the core of Haas, Lolo, Matto, Angus Crichton, Cleary, SJ/Brown/Munster, Yeo, Nofo and of course Teddy. 

The players around this core team are up to individual preference and draw suitability. 

Even Matt Ikuvalu has to be a serious consideration given what he did last week and the way the Roosters are travelling. 

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Matchups are important in SuperCoach. Here’s a few matchups to consider for this weekend’s games. 

  • James Tedesco v Canberra Raiders. This could be Teddy v any team the way he is going at the moment, but the reality is despite being a strong defensive side this year the Raiders have leaked big points to fullbacks. This Thursday night they come up against the best in the competition. It’s a strong match-up for Teddy.  
  • Munster, Smith and Papi vs the Titans. The Storm don’t always play their best footy against the lower sides, but I expect them to really turn it on at their new home ground on the Sunshine Coast. It’s not beyond the realms that all three ton up this Friday night. 
  • Lomax and Aitken v Bulldogs. The Bulldogs are reeling after having their coach sacked and sitting alone on the bottom of the NRL ladder. St. George are trying to work out whether they really believe they’re a good side or not. They have the list to be challenging for the top 8 and a repeat performance like the one against Manly could see the centres in for some big points. 
  • SJ v Warriors. The Sharks were starting to be considered in some quarters as a side emerging to challenge for the 8. The Panthers well and truly put them back in their place. I expect this could be a high scoring game and hopefully weather permitting free flowing. Could mean some good SuperCoach scores for the likes of SJ, Dugan, Nikora, RTS, Fusitu’a and Maumalo. 
  • Cleary and the Panthers outside backs v Cowboys. The NQ side has been less than ordinary. On form the Panthers put a score on them and generally when the Panthers put on a score Cleary scores very well in SuperCoach. 
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Can you feel your season slipping away from you? Consider these Super Pods to set you apart from the rest. They are risky but the rewards might be there for those that take the risks!

Luke Thompson (Bulldogs- FRF) – Awkwardly priced, however he showed a fair bit in his first blowout for the season. Keep an eye on his minutes because he could be a handy pick up for the back half of the season. 

Siliva Havili (Canberra – 2RF/HOK) – Surprisingly hasn’t been talked about much this week. Undoubtedly under-priced and set for an increased role in the team and significantly increased minutes at dummy half. Not the worst. 

Ben Hunt (St. George – HLF) – I mentioned Hunt last week and he’s still an under-priced POD in the HFB position. Risky because it’s hard to know whether he’ll get his 80 minutes every week, but certainly could be rewarding if he does continue his great play.

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Tedesco, Munster, Papenhuyzen or Cleary. 

Teddy is the safest option, but in saying that given the match ups it’s quite feasible to see Munster, Papi and/or Cleary going 120+. The problem is Teddy is due for a try. So if he scores one it’s anyone’s guess what his score will be!



If you are having a crack at DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) this weekend consider these players in their matchups: 

Brenko Lee and Paul Momorovski v Titans

Adam Douehi and Nofo v Broncos

Nathan Cleary and Brent Naden v Cowboys 

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