Weekly Wrap: Round 9 highs, lows and shocks

Another week, another James Tedesco masterclass. Check out our Round 9 NRL SuperCoach wrap.

Weekly Wrap

After captaining Teddy and bringing in Crichton (Angus) and RTS, I’m currently sitting on 1484, so the first to comment on this post gets my potato and gravy from the KFC winnings as the highest score for the weekend.

The overlords at SC Playbook will get the rest of the cash.

What an enormous week for SuperCoaches! And an even better week if you are a winger that gets called into the side at the last minute!

It started with Matt Ikuvalu coming in for Brett Morris and scoring five tries on Thursday night, then Charlie Stains backed it up on Saturday afternoon for Penrith bagging four against the Sharks.

Being a former winger myself I feel I could have scored at least 7 of the 9 tries between them, but that’s why I’m writing weekly wrap-ups and they are out there training and playing first grade. Well done to the two boys.

I doubt anyone had them in their line-ups, but if you tell me you did I would say you would be lying to me..

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Cowboys v Roosters 

Wow. Two superstar performances, one that went largely unnoticed whilst the other was there for all to see.

Before we touch on Teddy, wasn’t SST was enormous! A try-assist, 37 tackles and a mountain of runs, he is another Rooster to add to the ever growing list of trade targets.

He was actually named player of the match and finished with a season high of 92.

But the night belonged to James Tedesco. He is out and out the best player in the NRL at the moment. Certainly not a huge statement, but one we can all agree on.

For those who chucked the C straight on him we (I say we as I was one of them) were all rewarded at a massive score of 178 after updates. And that was without a try.

If you haven’t got him in your side you may need to offload two guns, a set of golf clubs and your kidney to afford him. 

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Titans v Warriors

Not much happening here SuperCoach wise, but I did listen intently to Walson Carlos on the podcast who was big into getting RTS.

I talked myself into it and weren’t owners rewarded! He scored his first try in 2020 to finish with a season high of 87.

Beau Fermor scored a late try to give any owners a boost, whilst Tohu Harris is showing no signs of slowing down with a massive 81 including 48 tackles!

Keep an eye out on Jazz Tevaga in the next few weeks also as he returns from injury.

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Rabbitohs v Tigers

Someone at Souths has finally flicked the Dane Gagai switch to Origin mode as he went over for three tries out wide, but it was another huge showing from two premier hookers that had the interests of most SuperCoaches.

We keep talking about him, but my god Harry Grant is a special player.

He set up Aloiai to spark the Tigers back into the contest, but his minutes were down due to Benji being back in the side.

Thankfully Josh Reynolds did his best John Aloisi impression, mistaking Campbell Graham’s head for a soccer ball and will spend some time on the sidelines meaning Grant should be back to 80 minutes.

I’d let everyone know how well D Cook is going, but being an owner he is a POD at this stage and has a three round average of 78 not including his 108 against the Warriors.

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Sharks v Panthers

If you had seen the final score you would be forgiven for thinking Nathan Cleary tore the Sharks apart, but it wasn’t the case.

He played second fiddle to Dylan Edwards who must have borrowed James Tedesco’s boots to put in a performance like that.

Unfortunately for most SuperCoaches the wrong players were on the end of the high scores with the likes of Staines, Edwards and Crichton all going large.

Poor Josh Mansour might miss next week with a cold as he was rarely given any ball from Crichton and finished with a measly 29 points, whilst Yeo, Luai and Johnson were relatively quiet, the latter setting up Nikora for his only attacking stat for the afternoon.

Koroisau is still a hold, averaging over 70 with no signs of slowing down.

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Broncos v Bulldogs

If there was a job counting the Bulldogs SuperCoach scores I want it. Easiest job in sport I’d say!

The Broncos on the other hand are a different story. Some strong performances across the park in their first win since a sore throat was just a sore throat.

TPJ was enormous playing front-row, racking up 114 points whilst Carrigan again tackled his way to 81. What’s very exciting for those that held is that he played the entire 80 minutes, massive.

Haas was a little quieter, largely due to the reduced minutes with 62. He’s not a sell, but it’s a little concerning moving forward with the likes of Klemmer, TPJ, Papalii and JFH all scoring well.

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Raiders v Storm

I hope the Raiders have invested some money into their rehab facilities. The poor Green Machine cannot take a trick this year.

Hodgson and Simonsson appear to have joined the Raiders ever growing list of season ending injuries, putting a huge dent in their premiership chances.

Papalii was enormous and, much like Lord Peter V’Landys, seems to have something against Melbourne.

He always plays his best footy up against them as he finished the night with 102.

As I stated last week he is a near must for the run home. For Melbourne, a near length of the field try to Ryan Papenhuyzen was enough to ease owners for another week.

He is starting to build into the year and has a juicy matchup next weekend against the Titans.

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Knights v Eels

Watching Pearce hit Fitzgibbon short every time made myself and the rest of the Best brigade shake our heads.

Best may have peaked, but it leaves a massive hole in the CTW for the year if he can’t produce the scores that made him a must have.

Paulo picked up an injury and played only 29 minutes for his 38 – still good going PPM wise, whilst Matterson was back to his edge running best, scoring a try and finishing with 94.

In the battle of the fullbacks, Gutherson was again superb and rewarded any who traded him in.

Anyone who went Ponga to Gutho would have been dancing in their lounge room as Ponga had another stinker, failing to find any attacking flair.

Gutherson finished with 76 whilst Ponga finished the afternoon with 38 and looks a sell.    

Dragons v Sea Eagles

It’s hard to find positives in a game that just was awful to watch as a Manly fan.

Watching them get thumped knowing the weekend is over is as bad as it gets.

Keeping Lomax over the last few weeks made up for it somehow as he intercepted his way to 85 pre updates.

He could be a keeper in the CTW area as the Dragons are just starting to play some nice footy leading to more tries meaning a higher floor than originally thought.

McInnes’ output was down due to him playing lock for the match which looks to be the way forward for him as Ben Hunt played his best game in a long time at hooker. I wouldn’t be rushing to trade him in this week, he also didn’t play the full 80.

Manly are seemingly turning into a bit of a SuperCoach irrelevant side with AFB and Turbo out.

Their attack is stifled without Turbo and they miss the go forward of AFB. I’d avoid any players until the two of them are back, which can’t come soon enough. 

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