Top 5 money-maker rankings: Round 5

2019 NRL Supercoach champion Declan Creek updates his top five Supercoach cheapies for Round 5.


After a tough and uncompromising first month of footy, Turbo Irvo sits 3,655th overall on the Supercoach rankings.

This decent ranking can be attributed in large part to avoiding most of the injury crisis that is currently plaguing the league.

In dire times such as these, it’s even more crucial to pick the right money-making cheapies and mid-rangers that can boost your team value whilst also plugging some gaping holes in your team where injured guns would’ve previously been. 

Below is an updated version of my round one cheapies list, this time with a bigger sample size of a month – which increases my confidence in the list a significant amount.

Note: I will add in some mid-rangers who have risen out of the cheapie bracket and are set for stardom in the Supercoach arena.

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1. Kai Pearce-Paul ($441,100)

I had him ranked as number three in my initial list, however he has jumped straight to the top.

A whopping $96.1k price rise with another $100k+ to come sees KPP become the cream of the cheapie crop in 2024.

This towering beast seems to have locked down 80 minutes on the Knights’ left edge which has seen him knock out back-to-back 60+ scores which has included a bunch of offloads and tacklebusts.

At $441k, he’s hardly a cheapie anymore but he must be a serious priority trade-in for those who haven’t got him yet (myself included).

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2. Lachlan Galvin ($311,800)

The Galvinator has officially landed, and much like Arnold Schwarzenegger, he’s here to punish those who stand in his way.

I would have him atop this list if he didn’t have to sit through a two-week suspension and then return in back-to-back games against Penrith and Brisbane.

“Alas, I’ll be back” – Lachlan Galvin (probably).

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3. Blaize Talagi ($204,300)

Now is definitely the week to bring in the young Eels dynamo before he rises in price.

He has looked seriously impressive so far, however, there is always the off chance that Daejarn Asi comes back in and takes the spot off him so keep that in the back of your mind when racing off to buy him.

Despite this obvious concern, I think I still will, the guaranteed price rises are just too juicy to pass up at this stage in the game.

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4. Samuela Fainu ($335,400)

Despite a $72.4k price rise to $335k, this guy is still insanely underpriced for how damaging a player he is.

He’s an absolute beast 1.2PPM on limited minutes and continues to be a handful for defenses notching up two linebreaks already this season in very few runs.

His tackle count is probably even more pleasing for those who want a safe guaranteed 150k price rise over the coming weeks. 

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5. Kayal Iro ($219,900)

Iro opened his NRL career with a bang, almost cracking the ton in Supercoach on debut with one try and one assist.

It’s a shame that the Sharks have a bye this week, and obviously, there are still questions over job security, but if he did manage to impress enough to hold the spot longer term then I expect Iro stocks to skyrocket in the coming weeks.

Truly a scary prospect to not own going forward and I am very glad I started with him, but very mad I didn’t have the guts to play him for his 97 last week which would’ve catapulted me up near the top 1000. 

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Round 5 Trades & Captains:

Ben Trbojevic OUT Kai Pearce-Paul IN

Drew Hutchison OUT Blaize Talagi IN

VC: Jacob Kiraz

C: Kalyn Ponga

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