Updated team reveal: 2019 champion Dezzy Creek drops his squad

Updated: 2019 NRL Supercoach champion Dezzy Creek reveals his NRL Supercoach squad to start the 2024 season.



Apisai Koroisau ($572,200)

I had Harry Grant absolutely penned in to this spot all off-season because he has burned me so many times in previous seasons when starting without him.

However, as soon as I saw Api take the kicking tee in the Tigers trial match he was replacing Grant faster than you can blink.

Provided he gets at least 65 minutes per game I think he is exceptionally priced for a goalkicking hooker despite playing in a very weak attacking side.

Brendan Hands ($342,300)

Similar to Api, Hands doesn’t necessarily have to play 80 minutes to be a valuable asset to begin the 2024 Supercoach season.

We saw enough from him in limited minutes last season to know he has a Supercoach relevant game and as such is priced very cheaply considering.

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Max King ($547,800)

With the Bulldogs lacking middles, Max King is likely to play big minutes meaning he should score well with a nice offload to boot

King comes into my side in place of Reuben Cotter.

Sam Hughes ($238,900)

Looked fantastic in the trial and should lock up a solid 30-40 points each week in an extremely baron position for Supercoach.

My advice is to lock him in or you’ll end up wasting a trade to purchase him before he makes an easy $150k in the first 4-6 weeks.

Thomas Mikaele ($238,900)

The unfortunate injury to Coen Hess, and departure of Luciano Leilua, has opened up minutes in the Cowboys pack.

Mikaele looked excellent in the Cowboys trials and can hopefully get enough minutes to earn some cash.

Mikaele replaces Xavier Willison following reports he’ll be dropped for Marty Taupau in Vegas.

Viliami Fifita ($204,300)

Cheapie placeholder for the time being, but if he jags 20 mins off the bench then I’m happy to sit on him for half the season as is tradition in the FRF wasteland.

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Heilum Luki ($471,200)

Luki replaces Viliame Kikau in my squad.

Luki looked devastating in the trial win over the Cowboys so he’s in.

Shaun Lane ($446,200)

I don’t think I can say anything here that any of my fellow Playbook contributors haven’t already said, set and forget.

Beau Fermor ($467,300)

Fermor replaces Josh Curran who may not start for the Bulldogs this season. If he does, I may have a rethink.

Fermor played on the left in the trial which will be next to Kieran Foran at least until David Fifita returns.

He starts at a bargain price for a big minute back-rower with try-scoring ability after missing last season due to injury.

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Brendan Piakura ($426,800)

Looked outstanding in the trial match scoring two tries before he picked up a grade one MCL injury.

He appears to have been cleared to play in Vegas, and will be in my team regardless of his availability for Brisbane’s opener.

Kane Bradley ($238,900)

Bradley replaces Kai Pearce-Paul.

Obviously this is a big watch on team lists next week to see if he does start on the edge for the Storm as per the trial.

Dual position and cheap, hard to pass up even with concerns over job security.

Ben Trbojevic ($277,400)

With news that Josh Schuster has been ruled out of the season opener it’s 1000% Burbo time.

He looked sharp in the trial match and has been finding the try line a lot over the whole pre-season. Cheap, dual and a Trbojevic…what more could you ask for?

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Nicho Hynes ($970,000) & Nathan Cleary ($912,500)

Maty Ryan worded it perfectly in his team reveal, so I’m going to copy the nation’s best goalkeeper and say ‘Proven guns and for me are locked in’.


Luke Brooks ($560,300)

You were waiting for the craziness to start? Well, here it is.

I present to you the 5/8 mid-range saviour you’ve been waiting for, future Manly Sea Eagles immortal and potentially the greatest player to ever lace on footy boots…

It is of course Luke Brooks who we’ve managed to poach from my second favourite team the Tigers.

In all honesty, he could be anything this season and I’m sure as hell on for the ride.

Just picture Brooksy out the back to Turbo as he slices through the defence for his hat-trick and Manly go 30-0 up at halftime and you’ll see where this selection is coming from.

Ethan Strange ($238,900)

Looked very crafty in the trial game including a try.

I just don’t see who else you can slot into this role who will generate more money than Strange over the opening weeks provided of course he does get the nod in round 1 over Kaeo Weekes.

If it’s Weekes, I’ll slot him in.

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Jacob Kiraz ($605,100)

My assertion to begin last season was that Kiraz and Marzhew would be the highest averaging CTWs in Supercoach and that assertion hasn’t changed one bit.

This guy is an absolute animal when it comes to run metres and tacklebusts and also has the ability to offload at will, much akin to prime TPJ.

Clearly underpriced for what he can offer upside wise in a Bulldogs team that is due big improvement this year in my eyes.

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck ($539,600)

This man almost cost me $50k and the Supercoach title in 2019 when he was running rampant over the competition.

In my opinion, being able to fit RTS into CTW for $540k odd is an absolutely Godsend from the powers that be.

The trial only reaffirmed my suspicions that he will be a staple player this season.

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Taylan May ($458,800)

Under $500k for a Penrith CTW?

It feels like a tale as old as time itself by now, and it’s a tale I will continue to buy into and read from cover to cover.

Drew Hutchinson ($354,900)

A starting halfback with strong base, hard to ignore.

Jaeman Salmon ($313k), Taine Tuaupiki ($277k), Chevy Stewart ($204k)

My bench cheapie contingent pending round 1 teams.

Stewart doesn’t look likely to play round 1 with Rapana seemingly preferred, so that can be tweaked if required based on the CTW cheapie scene once we see teams.

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Kalyn Ponga ($892,800)

The Supercoach Spy put it well (rare from him): No way am I starting without this man.

KP looks to be as ripped as ever in the pictures I’ve seen circulating of him in the pre-season, we could see him elevate his game to an almost untouchable sorts of levels the likes we’ve only seen from Turbo in 2021 where he averaged 143.

Tom Trbojevic ($833,500)

I won’t drag this team reveal out any longer. Turbo is in and he stays in as long as he remains injury free, very simple.

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