Final word: Strategy, skippers, trades, Round 10

2019 runner-up Walson Carlos has the final say on the major Round 10 plays, including PODs, skippers, trades and more.

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Magic Round – what a time to be alive for the footy fan and Supercoach fans alike.  Just a feast of footy at arguably the best rugby league ground in the world… Suncorp Stadium.  For Supercoaches, it’s a pivotal time with the upcoming Origin disruptions and byes all needing to be taken into consideration.  If you are a bit behind, the bye and Origin period could be the target area to really make up ground on the front-runners and if you’re one of the front-runners in the top 1,000 Supercoaches, it’s probably more a case of trying to protect your position and set yourself up for the run home.  Embed from G

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