Trade guide: Analysing the most traded players, Round 6

Herald Sun journalist, Dylan Bolch, takes a look at the most traded in and out players each week to determine if SuperCoaches are on the right track.


Upgrade season is upon us!

Sports journalist and SuperCoach expert Dylan Bolch will run his eye over the top trade targets each round and summarise which players are really worth trading in, and which are really worth trading out. 

He will give a quick take each week on the ten most traded in players and the ten most traded out as per the official SuperCoach site. 

Maxed out rookies, suspended stars and in-form premiums are just some of the talking points in this week’s guide.

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1.     Matt Roberts ($129,800 MID/FWD) – After scoring 93 last week following three matches scores as the sub, Roberts seems to be the best downgrade option this week. The South Australian product is hard-working and has a high football IQ and should have some reasonable job security whilst the Swans deal with a spate of injuries. 

2.     Seamus Mitchell ($123,900 DEF/FWD) – I don’t think we should go early on Mitchell, despite being impressive on debut with a 67. Wait a week to see how he performs and if he’s likely to get a third match. The likes of Day and Scrimshaw are still to return so I’d be wary of going early.

3.     Jordan Dawson ($655,100 DEF/MID) – Absolute gun. His style of play is just so conducive to SuperCoach scoring. I get the vibe he might cop a Finn Maginness tag so I don’t know if I’d choose him as a captaincy option this week, but he’s definitely one of the best defenders to own in 2023 and therefore you need him in your team as soon as possible. 

4.     Matthew Johnson ($139,000 MID) – Similarly to Roberts, Johnson has previously had two sub-affected scores, meaning he is yet to have a significant spike in price. Looks promising, but again the job security is the issue here. Don’t mind it as a downgrade, but don’t think he’s a must have by any means.

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5.     Jack Ziebell ($442,200 DEF/FWD) – Ziebell has found his SuperCoach form in defence again this year and looks like a solid trade-in option. However, Aaron Hall is sniffing around (named on extended bench) and could hurt Ziebell’s role moving forward. For that reason, I’m holding off bringing Ziebell into my side, but I certainly can’t knock his form so far.

6.     Chayce Jones ($308,300 MID) – Mid-priced madness or the real deal? Jones has scored 93 and 116 in back-to-back weeks as he has moved into a more attacking role on the wing. It would be a pretty rogue trade in given the current landscape and I’m not sure he can keep his form up.

7.     Touk Miller ($624,200 MID) – I think Miller is the best upgrade option this week. Five consecutive tons and an average of 115, I’m not sure we are going to get him much cheaper. He has some really juicy fixtures coming up. Three-round average of 134 v North Melbourne, 137 v Richmond and 140 against Melbourne… delicious.

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8.     Corey Wagner ($117,300 DEF/MID) – Looked flustered early but worked into the game after that. Didn’t set the world on fire and I think he’s got shaky job security, so again, wait a week.

9.     Dylan Williams ($123,900 FWD) – Has been named an emergency for Port Adelaide’s match against the Eagles so I would not bring him in.

10.  Alex Cincotta ($102,400 DEF/MID) – Cincotta has been confirmed as a debutant for the Blues this weekend but one of the golden rules of SuperCoach is that you don’t go early on rookies. His VFL numbers have been elite, but the Blues have a heap of half-backs to come back in the next few weeks. Tread with caution.

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1.     Cam Mackenzie ($263,300 FWD/MID) – Damn, Sam. Hawthorn coach Sam Mitchell opted to use young Mackenzie as the sub last week and it has stunted his cash generation severely. He’s been named on the extended bench this week and if he isn’t in the 22, trade immediately. There is an argument to hold him and ride him to Hawthorn’s bye, because he has been averaging 70 as a non-sub which is solid for a rookie. 

2.     Reuben Ginbey ($296,800 DEF/MID) – Ginbey was in the wars last week and looks like he is tiring. With a breakeven of 81, now is a good time to downgrade. 

3.     Oskar Baker ($252,100 MID) – Many coaches are jumping off Baker this week and with a breakeven of 46 I can see why. If you do plan on keeping him (he’s not an urgent trade out), then put the E on him and see how he goes tonight, he might just churn out a handy score.

4.     Tom Green ($536,600 MID) – Hold. The one-week suspension is annoying, but he’s been doing alright for us through the first month of the season, averaging 107 points per game. I think he’s probably a top 12 midfielder come season’s end so it’s probably not worth burning a trade here. 

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5.     Anthony Caminiti ($229,900 FWD) – Hammer time is over. The young Saint was handed a three-match ban by the AFL Tribunal and with a breakeven of 25, now is the perfect time to move him on.

6.     Noah Long ($243,300 MID/FWD) – Long will miss this week with soreness, which is unfortunate because he’s been a handy bench rookie for us. Won’t lose cash so isn’t a must-sell, but if trading him allows you to upgrade elsewhere then go for it.

7.     Kade Chandler ($279,400 FWD) – I think I’d hold Chandler if I owned. He’s ticking along really nicely and there’s still a bit of cash to make, even if his past two scores have been in the 50s.

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8.     Dane Rampe ($397,700 DEF) – Classic example of coaches jumping on a guy off the back of one score (150 in R1) and now having to use another trade to fix it. The Swans say he isn’t far off from returning from his neck injury, but he isn’t a top eight defender and therefore should be traded. Just bite the bullet and fix the issue now, even if it requires a boost.

9.     Alwyn Davey ($191,600 MID/FWD) – I think Davey will return this week because he was only managed last week and has done some nice things in his first few games at AFL level. With a breakeven of 0, it’s an obvious hold. 

10.  Sam Docherty ($525,500 DEF) – Docherty will miss the next 3-5 weeks with a knee issue, trade him out now and get in another proven performer. 

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