Final word: Strategy, skippers, trades, Round 5

2019 runner-up Walson Carlos has the final say on the major Round 5 plays, including PODs, skippers, trades and more.

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The first massive twist in Supercoach came on the weekend with the return of Nicho Hynes in the last game of the round! 180 SC points and he got taken off early! Absolutely stunning return from Nicho, making it really tough for Supercoaches to move forward without him. Sharks impending bye in two weeks throws a cat amongst the pigeons for SC owners. Decisions, decisions! Embed from Getty Images Strategy Seriously looking at pulling the trigger on my hattrick of Trade Boosts this week to get in two players I feel just have to come into my side and are both keepers so that’s how I’m justifying it.   Those two player

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