Squad Breakdown: Sydney Roosters 2023 SuperCoach analysis

2020 NRL Supercoach runner-up Tim Williams takes a deep dive into the credentials of the Sydney Roosters for Round 1.


1. James Tedesco
2. Daniel Tupou
3. Joseph Manu
4. Joseph Suaalii
5. Jaxson Paulo
6. Luke Keary
7. Sam Walker
8. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves
9. Brandon Smith
10. Matt Lodge
11. Egan Butcher
12. Nat Butcher
13. Victor Radley

14. Jake Turpin
15. Tyrell May
16. Lindsay Collins
17. Siua Wong

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Team news

With Joseph Suaalii tipped to make the move to centre, this will leave Paul Momirovski and Jaxson Paulo fighting for the right wing spot, which that latter appears to have the edge.

The injury to Connor Watson will see Jake Turpin come onto the bench, which will also likely mean Brandon Smith spends more time as a middle forward.

Highly regarded rookie Siua Wong may sneak onto the bench, but faces competition from a number of players including Tyrell May, Fletcher Baker, Naufahu Whyte.

Angus Crichton is out indefinitely due to personal reasons, with Egan Butcher expected to join brother Nat on the edge.

Either Matt Lodge or Lindsay Collins will start at prop, either way it shouldn’t impact minutes too significantly.

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Dolphins (A), Warriors (H), Rabbitohs (H), bye, Eels (H), Storm (A), Sharks (A), Dragons (H), Warriors (A), Cowboys (Suncorp, Magic Round).

First five round strength of schedule rating (1 toughest, 10 easiest)


2023 gainsSquad changes via NRL.com

Brandon Smith (Storm), Jake Turpin (Broncos), Jaxson Paulo (Rabbitohs), Corey Allan (Bulldogs).

2023 losses

Siosiua Taukeiaho (Catalans Dragons), Daniel Suluka-Fifita (Rabbitohs), Oliver Gildart (Dolphins), Sam Verrills (Titans), Renouf Atoni (Wakefield).

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James Tedesco $836,300

While there’s certainly some value around the fullback position, I find it extremely hard to go past Teddy with opening games against the Dolphins and Warriors.

In games where he could genuinely go 150+ early, if you don’t own and most skipper him if he goes off you could be starting on the back foot big time.

He averaged 79 last season, in the three seasons prior he averaged 87, 95 and 84, I can’t make an argument to avoid.

Joey Manu $801,500

Manu is one I can make an argument to avoid at over $800k based on a stellar average of 76 points last season.

The three seasons prior he averaged 62 (record breaking point season in NRL and Supercoach), 56 and 49.

Now I don’t think last season was an anomaly as such, Manu’s involvements increased significantly to previous years as he’d start playing the roaming centre role and popping up everywhere.

But I do think as a centre there may not be too much more increase on that 2022 season.

Sure those first two games could be big, but then he’ll meet far stronger defensive units and his scoring will likely be more limited.

There’s a lot of mouths to feed in attack at the Roosters, and while they can all score well in unison, it does make it tough to pay up for a centre at that price.

Daniel Tupou $605,800

I’m relatively keen on Tupou to start the season, namely for those first two rounds.

His average increased significantly late last season when Luke Keary made the switch to the left edge.

Tupou has one of the best bases for a CTW, and he’s on that lethal left edge of the Roosters.

My concern is that he is getting on in age and has also had a few injury niggles in recent years.

He also gets Joseph Suaalii on his inside, which may see Teddy play short more often than previous years where he’d often throw the cut ball to Tupou.

I think he’s a great early POD with upside and he won’t let you down, but he’s not cheap.

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Joseph Suaalii $590,400

One of the big mysteries heading into Supercoach round 1, how will Suaalii’s centre switch impact his Supercoach output?

His base will likely reduce, but I think the big benefit is that he’ll shift to the more dominant left Roosters edge.

He was also limited in ball at times outside Manu last season, particularly when Joey would go roving the field.

He’s one of the higher owned gun CTWs which I’m not sure I agree with, but you’d be a brave Supercoach to bet against Suaalii improving in 2023.

Sam Walker $623,900

For anyone steering clear of Nicho or Cleary, Sammy might just be the man.

Those first two games are extremely enticing for him as goal-kicker, even more so if Luke Keary does miss either as he’d become quite a dominant playmaker.

He averaged 59 last season and 62 in his rookie year, and I think this is the season he may explode.

Being a smaller body he gets through plenty of work in defence, even if he does miss a few, and his goal-kicking improved significantly in the back end of last year.

Earlier on in his career there were games where he was almost losing more points than gaining with his kicking.

But any routs the Roosters put on this season, he could be adding 30 in goals alone.

A genuine round 1 option, just be wary of the round 4 bye if you’ve loaded on Roosters.

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Egan Butcher $482,100

Butcher is expected to start in place of Angus Crichton in the second-row, and he’s one of the harder working players in the game.

Last season he averaged 46 points in 40 minutes, with a mammoth 37 in base in a half of football!

His PPM will obviously drop with more minutes, but there’s upside for a player with such a big motor.

He also spent time as a middle last season which will impact workrate, but I do like his attacking upside in this rampant line-up.

There’s no guarantee over minutes which is the only real issue, if we knew he was playing 80 you’d just lock him in.

Even at 60+ though he looks a pretty safe bet to me.

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Brandon Smith $478,200

The Cheese hasn’t left my side since the game opened, despite a host of great buys at hooker.

Last time he played No.9 fulltime was 2021 where he won Dally M hooker of the year, in Supercoach he averaged 68 points in 60 minutes.

He did score 11 tries which is a lot, but he’s that good that he can absolutely do it again at the Roosters.

He’s priced on a 45 point average from 49 minutes last season.

Between hooker and lock, I expect him to play 60+ minutes in 2023, hopefully even a few more.


Josh Wong $200,800

Wong is one who I can see making plenty of cash this season, but he may be a very slow burn as minutes emerge through injuries, suspensions, Origin call-ups and the like.

He’s not guaranteed a bench spot, but if he does get one I’m not sure he’ll get enough time to warrant starting with.

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