Trade guide: Assessing the most traded players, Rd 12

We take a look at the most traded in and out players each week to determine if SuperCoaches are on the right track.


The byes are upon us!

It appears this week will be manageable for most coaches, with next week’s bye the biggest killer.

It’s important to look at all three byes when making your moves now, as there may not be much benefit in bringing in a player a week or two before their bye.

Sports journalist and SuperCoach expert Dylan Bolch will run his eye over the top trade targets each round and summarise which players are really worth trading in, and which are really worth trading out.

He will give a quick take each week on the ten most traded in players and the ten most traded out as per the official SuperCoach site.

Here is his analysis ahead of Round 12:

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  1. Tim English ($597,700 RUC/FWD) – Comfortably will be a top six forward come the end of the season and his dual-position status provides coverage too. Averaging 128 and has a nice run of fixtures coming up. Only caveat here is make sure he doesn’t throw out your bye structure.
  • Joel Jeffrey ($188,900 FWD) – Jeffrey is an excitement machine and has now had two consecutive scores in the 90s in SuperCoach. He has risen by 61.5k already though, so has that ship sailed? May be worth it if your cash generation has stalled, but don’t expect a score of 90 every week.
  • Mitchito Owens ($117,300 MID) – I think Owens is the best cheapie to get this week, despite the fact he has a bye this round. There’s always risk going early on rookies, but I think Owens’ performance (14 touches, ten tackles, two goals) against North Melbourne buys him a little bit more time in the Saints side.
  • Tom Stewart ($618,600 DEF) – He’s a gun and with a breakeven of 69, now is a good time to jump on. The biggest concern here however is that you are paying close to 620k for a defender, when you can often get solid ones for 550k. Stewart’s three-round average is 136.3 though, so you are paying for what you get.
  • Jacob Wehr ($123,900 DEF) – Like Owens, Wehr has a bye this week so won’t rise in price this round. Averaging 55.5, the main concern with Wehr is whether he holds his spot when the Giants get the likes of Lachie Whitfield and Tim Taranto back. Don’t think it’s worth going early on Wehr, if you need to go early on a rookie make it Owens.

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  • Luke Strnadica ($102,400 RUC) – Unfortunately, injuries and illness have stalled Strnadica’s 2022 campaign of late. If you are looking for a R3 downgrade, perhaps consider Brynn Teakle from Port Adelaide instead, who has dual-position status. If you are looking for an R3 who *might* feature again in 2022 though, Strnadica isn’t a bad shout.
  • Sam Butler ($136,800 MID/FWD) – Butler has poor scoring potential which is why I think it is best to pass on him. A couple of quiet games could see him out of the Hawthorn side too, but he should play throughout the byes at least and provide cover there.
  • Brynn Teakle ($102,400 RUC/FWD) – Port Adelaide’s mid-season draftee looks to be the go-to man for R3 due to his dual-position status.
  • Sean Darcy ($581,600 RUC) – Darcy makes his way into the top 10 most traded in this round because he looks to have bottomed out in price and has the round 14 bye as well. After a sluggish start to the season, Darcy has scored 141 and 134 in his past two matches. Should be a top 3-4 ruck alongside Max Gawn, Jarrod Witts and Tim English. 
  • Max Gawn ($552,600 RUC) – The Demons big man bounced back with a 118 after three lacklustre SuperCoach performances in the past month. Despite that lean run, it’s worth noting Gawn averaged 140.4 SuperCoach points per game in a five-game stretch between Round 3 and Round 7 earlier this year. A man of his calibre demands SuperCoach attention, and he is a good upgrade for coaches looking to move on Sam Hayes or Braydon Preuss.  
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  1. Sam Hayes ($308,200 RUC) – Hayes has the bye this week but has been a great player for our SuperCoach sides this year. With a breakeven of 49 he still has cash to make, but if you can upgrade him to a premium ruck now would be a good time to do so.    
  • Braydon Preuss ($457,100 RUC) – Preuss played in the VFL last week after being ruled out from the AFL side the week before with illness. Like Hayes, Preuss has the bye this week but has a breakeven of just 47. However, does he get back into the AFL side right away? Matthew Flynn was okay against the Lions and Preuss didn’t set the world on fire in the 2s. I’d be upgrading if possible due to the uncertainty around his return to the senior side.
  • Nic Martin ($368,700 MID/FWD) – A lot of coaches jumped off the silky Don last week but a score of 92 in the wet against Port Adelaide has seen his breakeven drop back down to 76. Essendon have a bye this week which means he should be refreshed and ready to go in the back half of the year but look to upgrade him at some stage throughout the bye period.
  • Josh Gibcus ($325,900 DEF) – I think it’s time to cut ties with the young Tiger, who has a breakeven of 77 and a bye this week. His past three matches have yielded an average of 60.3 so his cash generation appears to be over.
  • Nick Daicos ($363,600 DEF/MID) – One of the Rising Star fancies, Daicos seems to have reached the end of his time in our SuperCoach sides with a breakeven of 90. It’s been revealed this week he has been dealing with a niggling injury which may be the reason behind his scoring rate slowing down. However, depending on your bye structure, it could be worth holding Daicos for the next two weeks and trading him in Round 14 when he has his bye.

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  • Tom Green ($489,600 MID) – I didn’t really understand this ‘trade in’ earlier in the year and the ‘trade out’ makes even less sense now. Green is averaging 108 this season and trading out on-field rookies should be priority number 1. Hold and maybe make him your final upgrade.
  • Isaac Heeney ($462,800 MID/FWD) – This one is even weirder than the Green trade out. Heeney is the 8th highest averaging forward as it stands and as mentioned above, it’s more important to trade out on-field rookies first rather than premiums who are in a form slump. Definite hold.
  • Hugh Dixon ($246,200 FWD/RUC) – Dixon hasn’t been able to make his way into the West Coast Eagles side and downgrading him to a Teakle type at 102.4k looks to be a good idea. Even if he did get back in, a breakeven of 41 means his cash generation has started to slow anyway.  
  • Maurice Rioli ($188,100 MID/FWD) – I’d be holding Rioli, despite his bye this week. He will provide coverage next week and that score of 7 against Hawthorn falls out of his three-round price cycle next week, so he still has plenty of cash left to make.
  • Nathan O’Driscoll ($296,100 DEF/MID) – Definite trade. He’s out indefinitely with a foot injury and you’ll need as many players playing as possible over the byes.   

Let me know what your trade plans are in the comments below or over on Twitter @BolchDylan.

Good luck in Round 12!

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