Draft Breakdown: Round 10, waiver-wire, trade targets

We take a look at the best options to grab from the NRL SuperCoach Draft wires and the best players to target in trades.


Last week’s waiver suggestions went well, with Tuipulotu still having the potential to be one of the best waiver pick ups this year.

The only fail was Reimis Smith who is obviously a drop with a torn pec and out for an extended period of time.

Apologies on the lateness for this week, the below players are still available on 65% of leagues as free agency pickups.

The next few weeks are going to be interesting with some of the better teams having tougher draws and playing each other.

Our eyes should always be on draft finals, but if you need a few wins and have a few out, it’s worth looking at options in the Sharks, Broncos and Dragons for some numbers over the next few weeks as they have relatively easy matchups.

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Braydon Trindall

Trindall has been selected at halfback for the Sharks with Will Kennedy facing a two week stint on the sidelines.

Last year he averaged over 70 PPG when playing halfback for the Sharks.

Last year’s average included the goal-kicking duties which he likely won’t have, but it’s still a pretty impressive average in what was a mediocre Sharks team.

The brief glimpses we’ve seen of him haven’t impressed me much, but with the Sharks form and playing the Raiders and Titans over the next two weeks, he is an easy pick up and play.

There’s also a very small chance he could hold a spot in the Sharks team if he plays well enough.

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Connor Tracey

Tracey also gets an opportunity in the Sharks side due to Ramien being suspended for three weeks.

He will benefit from the Sharks decent draw over the next few weeks and is handy number at CTW or 5/8.

Dean Ieremia

Ieremia hasn’t exactly set the world on fire with his limited outings in first grade, which is likely why no one bothered to pick him up when he was named.

He will play on the left wing, with Meaney moving to fullback for Lil Papi.

He has potential from what I’ve seen of him outside NRL and with every NRL game he plays, I feel like he grows in confidence and shows a little more of what he is capable of.

Also, don’t we all want any piece of the Storm’s backline we can get?

Although he likely won’t go gangbusters this week, I still think the Storm will put a number on the Cowboys and Manly in coming weeks and Ieremia could benefit.

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Thomas Burgess

Turgess has had a real mixed bag this season, averaging 47 points and 40 minutes per game.

He weirdly sometimes gets 20 odd minutes and 50 odd minutes which I find strange.

However, Turgess looks likely to benefit from Cameron Murray being out injured for four-six weeks and a three-forward Souths bench.

Souths will need Arrow, Turgess and Tatola to take on a bigger workload in Murray’s absence.


Kodi Nikorima

Kodi has been named on the bench for Souths but there are rumours Taaffe may be out with illness and Kodi may have to step into the fullback role.

With Souths playing the Warriors, I’d play him in most of my leagues if he gets the fullback spot.

Raymond Faitala-Mariner

RFM has been named on the extended bench for the Bulldogs after a long break on the sidelines due to injury.

RFM has shown brief glimpses of SuperCoach brilliance, but his injuries and body have held him back from being a household name in the SuperCoach world.

In 2018 and 2020 he averaged 59 PPM and was often the only shining light for the Bulldogs.

Be warned it may take him a while to come into the side and when he does, he will be eased back into first grade with limited minutes.

He is a great stash option if he makes it into the side and hopefully is playing decent minutes in the back end of the year.

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