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4 Responses to “Listen now! Subscriber special: SuperCoach BBL question and answer”

  1. OccamsSafetyRazor

    Hi guys,

    Slightly complicated question that you may not have an answer for. Similarly priced players have about double BE for a DGW because they play 2 games. What happens to the BE if one game of the DGW is rained out. If it stays the same, then the DGW players will probably lose a heap of value.


  2. Do you think there is a limit of how many players you should have from the 1 team? I am keen to get a quick start and load up on dgw players and then plan to roll the heat players to strikers then to stars etc but if I have and keep just say 5 sixes players is that too many with La Nina around as a wash out to a Sydney game in Rd 2 or 3 would have a massive impact if I don’t have a spread over the teams?

  3. joshhogan58

    Hi guys,
    I’m just going through the process of selecting my team and wanted to get your thoughts on whether you think it’s worth picking players that may have international duties but will return by Rd 3-4 now and just sit them on the bench, or do I look to trade them in as they come back?

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