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Have any questions you need answered? To deal with an influx of questions, SC Playbook is offering a weekly audio special to subscribers to answer as many of your queries as possible throughout the pre-season. Simply leave your questions in the comment section on the bottom of the page. Each week an SC Playbook contributor will record their answers which will later be posted on this page. We'll do our best to answer any questions via text if submitted after recording. But get them in early to ensure they're answered. With questions flooding in of late, please try and keep them as concise and to the point as possible to help us

41 Responses to “Live now! Subscriber special: Rd 9 question and answer”

  1. adudge

    Tough week Raiders loss, brought in CT and left Laurie on the pine .
    Who’s the best replacement for Thommo that ideally plays 13 . Already have To’o . Is someone like Remis a reasonable option with his BE or should i just get the likes of Nofo, Best.
    Cheers Lads

  2. philnicolls89

    A few dramas this week guys. Who to trade Cam Murray to? The likes of TPJ or Tohu, or do I just jump on the papalii train even at his price.
    Secondly is schuster a sell now that he has peaked and if so should I upgrade to a gun like walker or a gun hooker like Grant or mahoney via Watson?
    Cheers boys,
    I found your podcast last year and it has helped me a lot. Finally decided to subscribe this year to try and give u guys a little back.

  3. luther

    Hi guys – Do we think Condon is a trade out this week? If so would you downgrade to CHN or Blore?

    If Capewell is out injured help me decide between Angus Crichton or Isiah Papali’i


  4. hhollis22

    CTW is a tough scene this week with Fus, Simo, Roberts, Capewell, Fergo, Laurie, Dunster. 140k in the bank should I be looking at just getting Too in and leaving no cash for next week or look to try and grab someone like Tupou meaning I can probably get another mid ranger at CTW next week?

  5. Hayne Bit My

    I have 3 options this week:

    1. Watson to Grant as a POD move but leaves me 1 short for rd 13
    2. Capewell to Tohu as a anti-pod move
    3. Capewell to Curran for cash. Not desperate for cash but Curran is scoring well and it can;t hurt to have more money right haha

    Thanks lads

  6. Had both CThom and Lomax. Still have Paps because I think with the shoulder he may just play rd13 and trying to save a trade. Have 100k, looking for rd13 and cash potential ideally – Reimis and Douehi clinically insane? Out to 8k after a shocker year of calls, usual top 1k finisher and this forcing me to act crazy…

  7. Hi guys, what does your ideal CTW roster look like by season’s end in terms of depth? Have T’oo, Capewell, Holmes and Laurie. Should I add a 5th CTW keeper this week by trading out Staines? If so, budget is $530k so would definitely be keen for suggestions. Thanks.

  8. stuart_2c3b9fd8

    I’m having my best season ever, well inside the top 1000 and have somehow missed all the injuries, have saved trades and I’m really happy with my side. The one area I’m getting wrong is who to play as reserves each week so hoping for your opinion. I have read Michael Fisher article but still a little unsure as to who to play as my last 3 reserves behind my 2nd fullback. I luckily have the options of Connor Watson, Brandon Smith, Josh Curran, Sam Walker, Schuster and Daine Laurie.

  9. nic.nugent14

    Looking to get tpj in my front row but only have a few avenues to get him. Have 10 round 13 players as it stands not counting luai and to’o
    A) Welch to tpj (would mean starting Matt lodge)
    B) Anti pod Mitch Barnett & trade him to tpj up to frf vis duels. (2RF would be:harris, fafita, chrighton and Curren)
    C) Forget tpj and save the trade.
    Cheers lads

  10. Turbos Hamstring

    Hey legends, looking to get Grant in,
    who should I punt out of Schooey & Watson. Currently have Watson to Grant penciled in due to Schusters nice draw coming up & feel he is improving with each game + offers more upside…
    Keen to hear your thoughts, Cheers

  11. Angus

    Hey lads hope your all well

    thinking of making one trade this week but it’s all Capewell dependent and would appreciate your thoughts.

    1. If Capewell ruled out straight to Best

    2. If he plays then I’ll be trading Uto to Klemmer

    The second trade would
    mean I have 7 good options for reserves this week TPJ, Watson, Curran, Teddy, D Brown, S Walker and Joe O

    I’ve locked in 3 reserves in Teddy, Walker and TPJ but I’m stuck on the 4th. Would appreciate your thoughts

  12. greenmachinejake

    Hey fellas, if you were to go early on one of Faegai or Cini, who would you go for? I think Cini has the better job security and is slightly cheaper but Faegai looked to have the better base. Interested to hear your thoughts. Cheers

  13. Have Lodge at 2nd FRF and he has been underwhleming. Would you: sell Lomax and CThom for two decent CTW with bye cover (e.g. Nofo and RSMITH) or take only 1 this week and upgrade Lodge to TPJ?

  14. andybarton83

    Cheers for the content lads!!
    Ranked 390
    Wilton > Best/R Smith/Topou?
    Which 3 to play in the CTW this week with To’o.
    1. Best/R Smith/Topou
    2. Ferguson
    3. Laurie
    4. Capewell
    5. Nofo

  15. Bring Back Teddy

    Hey guys,

    Debating about 2rf’s. I can afford pappali’i, but is he now too over-owned by the top ranking groups and pricey to be worth it?

    Other option I am considering is TPJ, but does he have the same over-owned issue, and if so would that stop you buying him?

  16. wigum

    Hey guys, thinking of Brailey to Grant & Condon to TPJ/Tohu. Have never been a fan of TPJ’s inconsistency / suspension risks. Has he proved himself enough to forget the past with his last couple 80 min performances?

    What are your thoughts on Peachey in CTW? Was considering Capewell to Peachey also but I think I can wait at least a week on that. Cheers!

  17. Bulmer_54

    Is it worth going the double pod option and 13 cover this week can afford Klemmer and Best/Peachy or go with the pack and get TPJ and Zac Cini would be trading out Capewell and Tino for the Klemmer and Best/peachy trade and other trade would be Tino and Nui
    Cheers lads

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