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  1. luke richo

    Hi lads – have Brailey/Mahoney at hooker. thinking of bypassing Simpkins as tigers aren’t going well and while he’ll make some cash – saving a trade and I’m getting good points not sure why he a must have, thoughts?

  2. Howdy gents. Dont have Curran, Simpkin or Turbo. Have Liddle at reserve hooker still and Pap / C Thompson at FB.

    Go Thompson at FB again this week and chase the 2 money makers or forgoe one of them (e.g. Curran) and get Turbo at expense of Fus and move CThom to CTW?

  3. blakewt1

    Hey fellas, do you think it’s too late to bring in Dave Fifita? Due to injuries/suspensions over the last few weeks I haven’t been able to until now. Looking at JBailey to Simpkins and Tino to Fifita.

  4. Merseyside Reds

    Thanks fellas.

    My plan for this week was to Trade out Watson and Tino for Simpkin and Haas, but with Teddy going down to join Lil Papi, and Turbo/Gutho/Ponga scoring for fun, I think I’ll need to pull the trigger on a fullback.

    My FRF options are pretty weak with Joe O, Stefano or Leniu my only current options to join Welch. My CTW is ok with To’o, Nofo, Olam & Laurie so can wait a little to upgrade further there. 5/8 is stacked with Cody & Luai though I was hoping for at least 1 ton from either over the last 2 weeks! HB fine with Cleary and Walker.
    2rf will need an upgrade from Wilton soon but ok for now with Fifi & Barnett going strong.

    My thoughts this week are Papi and Joe O to Turbo and Haas, then Tino out next week.

    Alternatively I could go 2 FB with Turbo and one of Gutho or Ponga for Papi & Teddy and pray at FRF.

    Running about 1030 overall.

    Thoughts? Probably have to sacrifice Simpkin for a week or so. Yes there’s a little cash to be made there but no guarantees of anything at the Tigers.

  5. ryan.a87

    I have teddy and pap…. Can’t have both not playing this week so need to trade 2

    Obvious questions are
    Trade teddy (not scoring as well without keary) or pap (probably still out for another 3 weeks

    And bring in turbo or ponga….. Knights have a injury hit roosters followed by about 3 or 4 “easyish” games. Or risk bringing in turbo and just pray he doesn’t get injured

  6. nic.nugent14

    Hey lads, thoughts on Stains to Nico Hynes who will play for the next 2 possibly 3 weeks and cover round 13 (would mean benching Dane laurie) or go Welch to TPJ with a nice draw for TPJ coming up and won’t play origin like Welch. Cheers boys keep up the good work 🤌

  7. mattmobster


    Having Teddy AND Paps is troubling.

    Too much money that may or may not play.

    Yes, Teddys dropped cash and conventional wisdom says hold, but head knock, poor form and not bye coverage leads me to a sell.

    With this in mind, is Gutho and Turbo the best full back combo until post round 13?

  8. Hi lads

    Pulling trigger and going Teddy to Turbo for my first trade.

    Which option to do for my second.
    1. Ofahengue out, $580k to spend bring in Pangai, Murray, Lucy or any other options
    2. Staines out, $467k to spend bring Tupouniua in via duals or A.Johnstone

  9. amy.satchell

    Hi guys.

    What do you think is more valuable:

    1) Liddle and Tommy in for Teddy and Simpkins (plus a cash pot of $306,000)
    2) Corey Thompson and Tommy in for teddy and Brett Morris (plus a cash pot of $244,500)

    Thanks guys

  10. Hayne Bit My

    Looking to make some moves while other are grabbing cashies.

    Considering TKO to TPJ and Pap to Thompson. Titans have a great run ahead and play 13. Allows me to trade someone like a Laurie or capewell to a gun FLB later on.

  11. Hi lads

    Got a trade conundrum and would appreciate some advice

    First trade locked in is Fusitu’a to Curran via Capewell

    For my second trade I’m thinking Tino to TPJ to partner Haas in FRF and hold Teddy if he plays

    Or do I just go Teddy to Turbo as the second trade

  12. Samuelschembri33

    Hey lads,

    Have a few trade suggestions. Wilton to Tohu Harris or TPJ… or I can flip stains to any CTW moneys not an issue, nofo, Lomax, best, or even Thompson.

    Which trade would you do, cheers!

  13. KerrodW

    Hey lads, have teddy and Papi in flb and have tko, Uto, leniu and James as my front rowers. Thinking of going Papi to ponga as a bit of a pod move away from turbo and then pick one of Uto, leniu and James up to tpj? Thoughts

  14. fk.joshua

    I have the opportunity to bring in 2 guns this week with trading Paps out, however there are 2 great cheapies. If I already have Simpkin, is Curran a must, or should I bring in a gun 2RF? Current value is $11.4M. Thanks!

  15. mattmobster

    Closer to lock out not.knowing if Teddy plays is killing me,
    I have already traded Paps for Gutho.
    My second trade depends on Teddy playing.
    Do I trade Teddy for Turbo, or hold and trade in Curran. I don’t need another cheapie as I have a pretty decent set of ripening cheapies.

    • Hey mate,

      No not really. Coaches often run with a utility back on the bench in case 1-5 go down.

      They have a three forward bench and options to cover halves too with Cartwright so just covering all bases and backing the forward to play decent minutes.

      – TW

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