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  1. isaackensell

    My side is currently in a shambolic state and needs serious fixing. Silly enough to trade Barnett out last week for Fifita but managed to bring turbo in for Teddy. Which trades should I do this week?
    Currently looking at booting Tino and Fotuaika out but wondering who I should trade these guys to? Or is it worth keeping Mo with Tino out and trading out say someone like a Sironen.

    Was looking at trading these guys to either Lane for his next 2 match ups plus he plays r13; Curran for his price; other options were tohu Harris, angus Crichton, papa’ali, bring back barnett or are there any other options – possibly some good pods who can help me make up some ground.

  2. Hi guys,

    Had a good start to the season. Sitting just inside top 800. Need to move riki on this week, 130k in the bank. Also have latrell so pending judiciary would be looking to move him (eyeing Gutho). None of the FRF/2rf at 530k ish overly appeal. Thoughts on best of Pangai, L Thompson, twal, tevaga, H young? Any others? Ideally looking for non-origin, playing round 13 but not critical with trades saved up and structure pretty good

  3. Hey fellas

    Thinking of booting Teddy before he loses more cash and getting I.Papaili or Mahoney in (just short on getting Grant)

    What should I go for:
    1. Teddy out Turbo in, J.Brailey out Mahoney in
    2. Tino out I.Papaili in, Niu out cheapie in

  4. KerrodW

    Gday lads,

    Bit of a drop last week and now need a front rower as I’ve got tino and tko.
    55k itb

    Also having to play Staines/simo/Saab as my 4th ctw which is concerning.

    Looking at going either:
    1) tino to Thompson,and going early on one of the cheapies, leniu to Curran or Watson to simpkin.
    Will get lomax next week.
    Or 2) tino to lodge and then nui to lomax and go the two cheapies next week.

    What we reckon?

  5. Five Cougars

    Loving the new format lads. You do the teams wrap on the site, so no need to double up. Would rather hear the strategy and advice/tips!

    Is moving Teddy on this week a waste or will he come good? He’s not getting the early service and looks a dead duck. Ponga or Turbo?

    Also, with Tino out I was going straight to Hass or should I go to IPapa?

    This is also 2 origin played out for 2 origin players. Is this wise?
    Sitting in 636 so don’t want to lose ground.
    Love your work!

  6. Upgrading Liddle to Mahoney via cash from Riki to Blore (hopefully preparing for his return)
    Thinking Mahoney over Grant? (as you would expect Grant will be out for origin)

    Keeping Teddy, and parking Papi – still gotta play Staines tho
    Sweating on TKO, burned me last year with injuries/time in play

  7. Miss Jane

    As if you would sell Paps, but here me out… I could trade him and Riki and bring in a gun 2RF and move Laurie to FB and bring in a gun CTW. If he is named next week, bring him back. If not, winning. Thoughts?

  8. LordOfTheUpdates

    Lads, loving the content again this year, keep up the great work.
    Your sound advice has me sitting just outside the top 600.

    I’m considering a Tino/Staines out for Lodge/Nofo in? Gives me a cracker back line of To’o, Nofo, Fergo, Kelly plus Laurie as reserve?

    I’m also in two minds of what to do with Papi 900k sitting on the bench for up to four weeks potentially is a lot of points left off the table whilst wanting to hold TKO if he sits out?

  9. jlovelock76

    I’m trading out Riki and David Mead so that they don’t bleed cash.

    I’m looking at swapping Capewell down to CTW to sure that position up (To’o, Fergo, Capewell & Laurie) and bringing in either:
    A) Curran & Luke Thomson or,
    B) Condon and then I’m stuck for the 2nd 2RF

    Any ideas?

  10. KerrodW

    Sorry lads another question after tlt changed my trade plans.

    Would you go pap to turbo or ponga if it allows me to get iPap for tino in my front row.

    Or should I stick to my original in keeping Papi if only out for a week and going tino for lodge and niu to lomax to sure up my ctw as I have to play Staines or Saab this week.
    Cheers again

  11. Samuelschembri33

    Hey lads,

    Thoughts on Nico hynes this week? Even if only for 1-2 week play while papi is out, He’s super cheap at 270k and at CTW and will most likely play the bye round with pap playing origin. Or is this a waste of a trade?

  12. Stuck between two sets of trades for this week:
    A) Tino & James Roberts to Curran & Nofa
    B) Tino & Watson/Schuster to Simpkin & Haas

    I’m learning towards A currently, as I’d like to hold Watson for Rd13, and think Schuster might still have 50-100k left in him. I will likely have all 4 by next week, but just wondering which trades I should prioritise.

  13. Hey lads, hope you’ve all been well

    One of my trades is bringing in Nofo and I can bring in any FRF or 2RF via duels with my other. Was looking at

    I. Papalii
    Tohu Harris

    Or go pod-ish TPJ, Lucy or Luke Thompson

    Cheers legends!

  14. liam.h.odonnell

    Any love for Doueihi as a pap replacement?
    Great run of games, plays 13. Only issue is if turbo becomes a must have will have to pick between him at Watson as back up 5/8 once schuster maxes out.

  15. Hi guys,

    My hookers are Cook and Watson, 5/8 Luai and Schuster

    1) Do I go Cook to Mahoney this week and Schuster to Simpkin via Watson next week


    2) Do I pass on Mahoney and go Cook to Simpkin next week and then keep Schuster in my side while he has a few price rises left?

    Love your work fellas



  16. andymac

    Hey guys.

    I can keep Tino a week and go Staines to Nofo, but have to rely on R James as starting FRF.

    Or Tino to Haas, but have to rely on Staines as starting CTW.

    I guess it boils down to sorting FRF or CTW first. Any thoughts??

  17. andybarton83

    Yeah the boys!!
    Love your work each week lads, keep it coming.
    Up to 178 overall and squads looking good.
    Thinking of making a pod play this week and going Pap > Gutho for broncos and dogs games and potential rd 13 coverage if turbo hammies hold up for origin and going Riki > Nofo via duals.
    What are yours thoughts?
    Which one of the below do I leave off the pine this week?
    Watson, Wilton, Schuster, Laurie and Teddy

  18. joshdogga234

    All this trade talk doing my head in.
    I think captaincy choices are more important than they’ve ever been, personally been burnt the last few rounds by mine. So given all the outs who we got on top for C and VC this week?

  19. christopher.j.w.e

    Hey fellas, keep up the quality scoring you’re all flying.
    Need a CTW to play in my 17 under $420k – with the news that Dylan Edwards is back, do we like Stephen Crichton back in the centres? Very cheap! Or do I cop the Fusitua this week and secure a gun CTW next week? Cheers

  20. trekker_81

    Hey Guys – thanks for the advice last week.

    Sorry if this has been asked before but should I got with the crowd and trade Pap to Turbo or can this trade wait a week considering neither change in price this round and we will have more info on Pap injury and Turbo fitness.

    Alternatively – I want to strengthen my forward pack and get some bye coverage too by going Leniu & Riki to Fisher-Harris and Lodge/Curran – thoughts?

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