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This week, Tim Williams is on deck to answer your questions.



54 Responses to “Listen now! Subscriber special: Rd 6 question and answer”

  1. I’m considering trading Schuster to Sam Walker (via duals) in order to free the cash to afford Brian To’o in CTW this week even though I’m sure Schuster has not yet peaked. What do you think about this move? The alternative is trading Jock Madden to Sam Walker and getting a different CTW at 520k.

      • What would be your suggestion out of the below…

        1. Riki/Liddle to To’o and Tevaga (via Capewell).
        2. Riki/Niu to To’o and Wilton (or someone around that value).
        3. D. Saifiti/Niu to To’o and Leilua (via Tino).

        I want Fitita but only way to get him is trade Capewell and Barnett, leaving weaker reserves, is he worth it?

  2. andymac

    So I have Schuster and Madden as bench halves. Want to bring in S Walker (obvs….).

    If I trade Madden to Walker, its genuine bottom dollar sideways trade to correct an error.

    But if I trade Schuster, I get Walker at 7, keep Madden at 6 for hopefully a debut soon, and it gives me the cash to get a B Kelly in the CTW instead of Tesi Nui.

    Is that worth it??

    I’m ranked high (which is unusual), so am looking for a boss play,

    Thanks lads.

  3. alex_steedman

    Hi guys, Thoughts on Mead to Peachey and Riki to Hudson Young? I would have just $5100 cash after that move so alternative options of bringing a potential keeper in would have to be cheaper or restrict me to one trade this week. Thanks.

  4. Patrick Z

    Thanks for the great work guys. A questions in regards to trades, is there a golden rule how many trades we should have left for the last 8-10 rounds? It feels like everyone is using 2 trades every round at the moment. Thanks.

  5. Anthony

    My trades this week are probably Capewell (ctw) and Schuster to Suiaali or Burbo and Luai. Have Cody already and want to pair them up.

    Alternatively I could kee Schuster and bring in someone like a Peachey, Kelly into CTW.

    Just inside top 1000 and want to have a go at bumping up over these next couple of weeks while very few people might have 2 of Cody, Munster and Luai.

  6. trekker_81

    Also – I have 25 players playing at the moment so can’t loop.

    Should I bring in Topine/Condon this week who will either need to be moved on or become AE nightmares or is it time to bring in a nuff like Anderson/Milne?


  7. if you got $550k to spend which players appeal more

    1. Paul Momo – still cheap and panthers are great with great draw. but I already have capewell and to’o.
    2. Brian Kelly – pod and running outside the beast fifta with great draw. titans aren’t as good as panthers
    3. any of these catch you as must have: Luke thompson, Corey Thompson, Isaiah Papailli,

  8. Looking to tighten up my CTW, looking Teddy to Thomson (based on cash, match ups and Rd13 bye) and J Roberts to C Graham. Thoughts?

    Other trade out options was looking at was Tino (e.g. to Condon or some downgrade) and then Roberts to one of the above.

    Have Capewell sitting there too but tempted to hold for one more week (Broncos).

    Can’t shake the balance feeling better without Teddy till post origin!

  9. Hey guys just inside the top 1000 thanks for your help. Looking to get To’o this week but will need to trade Capewell or Laurie to get him in or trade Liddle for a Roosters Cheapie and use the left over cash for To’o – thoughts?

  10. alex_steedman

    Hi guys, could Jack Bird be a cut price season long keeper at centre-wing? 65 point three round average. Have Capewell, T’oo and Laurie in my C/W at the moment. Need a fourth and have the cash for anyone but jeez… There are gonna be some fallen gun forwards ready to pick up for ultra cheap within the fortnight.

  11. Des' Door Repairs

    Boys love your work. Thoughts on:
    1) Capewell to Holmes
    2) Barnett to Tevaga
    3) Playing Utoikamanu in your 17 this week
    Particularly interested in your thoughts on Tevaga – was last weeks minutes/points an anomaly or a reflection of his new role without AFB?

  12. Hi guys loving your work as always great insights. I’m saving both trades but find I’m having trouble deciding on my last 3 reserves for this weeks games (def running Papi as one) so seeking a little guidance. Please suggest 3 more from these guys
    Sam Walker

  13. Ryan Aldous

    I need to get rid of Riki, Niu, BSmith and Barnett. Trying to think of what’s the order of priority and who to trade to

    Already have Fifi and To’o

    So thinking about leaving Niu to next week….. Going Barnett to Papa’alli (spelling?) then downgrading BSmith to Condon

  14. King Gutho

    thoughts on Watson>simpkins and Schuster>luai currently sitting at rank 598 thinking luai goes huge this week but with Watson named at lock and Schuster still has money to be made i cant decide have no real problems with team so its more of a luxury trade

  15. Pablo Bill

    Guru’s, keen to bring in Luai & Kelly but have to ditch Ted to do so. Current 5/8’s are Watson & Schuster & wanted to keep Watson. Thoughts on:

    1. Trade Liddle & Ted to Luai & Kelly (Ted avg
    2. Trade Watson & Riki to Luai & cheapie (TBC)

    Current rank 146 so trying to keep going hard, understand Ted highly owned at the pointy end so could backfire but in 10 games without Keary (last 3 seasons), TED has averaged 72 including a 170. Take the 170 out and his avg drops to sub 60…..

    • naughts45

      Luai will be hard to leave out in this form but I could see Wighton as 5/8 as NSW have some serious centre options between Trell, Turbo, Lomax and Best. Freddy likes big bodies so I could see Trell left centre next to Wighton 5/8.

  16. naughts45

    I’m getting Luai in, low BE and great up coming run. Is it better to go Cody straight swap or downgrade Tino (play Into) and trade Schuster out early leaving a 5/8 combo of Luai and Calker? I know both aren’t ideal but I think Luai is a must.

  17. ShowusyourJohnson

    Gday lads. Back again for some weekly trade tips. Just some advice on which 2FR to bring in as these fit my budget. Kikau(already have Cleary, Capewell, Luai, Staines, To’o), JFH, Lucy, Peachy or Jazz. Best of luck this week to you all

  18. stuart_2c3b9fd8

    I’m leaning not playing Laurie, but open to your thoughts on which centre to leave as reserve this week. obviously locking in To’o but will play 3 of next 4.
    Olam, Capewell, Staines & Laurie.

  19. Samuelschembri33

    Hey guys,

    Just want to say thank you for all your content, I’m ranked 58th overall and couldn’t of started so great with out you.

    Anyway, I’m flipping Riki for some cash to upgrade to To’o, what are your thoughts on condone, or any other cheapie?

    And would you trade our Laurie or capewell to upgrade to To’o? I love capewell a draw coming up, but think he’ll play less minuets due to easier match ups. Thoughts?

  20. Really want to get Fifta in this week, what would be the best option from below:

    1. Teddy out C.Thompson in, Tino out Fifta in
    2. Teddy out LTrell in, Barnett out Fifta in
    3. Watson out Liddle in, Riki out Fifta in

  21. Bring Back Teddy

    Hey guys,

    I am tossing up the idea of bringing in a dpp nuff instead of Condon for team balance.

    I like the idea of Zac Saddler as he is FRF&2RF and named in the 21, but is there a better nuff out there that you know of (I already have Blore)


  22. Turbos Hamstring

    Hey legends, keen to hear your thoughts on the following 3 CTWs. Val, Kelly & Best… I’m looking to bring one in, I see a lot pumping up Kelly but I feel Val is the right pick with goal kicking & his nice upcoming draw.
    should be locked into the FB role with Morgan gone?

  23. ajbicknell

    First trade this week Riki to To’o. Do I then trade Niu to Condon, Wilton, Topine, or save a trade and upgrade/downgrade Niu next week? Don’t need to play any of them this week so simply for cash generation.

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