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41 Responses to “Listen now! Subscriber special: Rd 5 question and answer”

  1. amy.satchell

    Hi guys.

    I’m a bit stuck. My centres are strong (BMoz, To’o, Laurie and Gagai) but my 2nd row are pretty gross (Murray, Tino, Sitili). I was thinking of trading Murray and Sitili to Angus and Sue (as that young Cronulla player with the low BE doesn’t have heaps of job security by comparison). I have Latrell and Teddy in FB. Should I be prioritising Angus/ Fifita or Pappy?

    Thanks for all the help


  2. Hitro Okesene

    I have reached the point where I feel I can no longer be without Papenhuyzen. His price is already pretty high, but with a negative BE and a game against the Dogs this weekend, I feel like it’s now or never. But because I only have $1000 the only way I can get him is to sell Tedesco. Plan is to bring him back for Mitchell in 2 rounds, when I expect Mitchell’s value will be higher and Teddy’s will be lower. In my head it works, but there’s a lot that can go wrong so it’s probably a pivotal decision for me season. Is Papenhuyzen a must have, or do you think I should just hold Teddy and Trell?

  3. luke richo

    Hi lads, kikau worth the pod against Fifita – similar scores/tries – panthers have great run (only 2 top 8 teams in next 10 games) and kikau plays first bye with no origin? Makes me nervous tho

  4. jakeh2020

    Currently ranked 1k

    Thinking of trading Hoy > niko
    Teddy to RTS

    Warriors have a great run vs cows and manly twice. Would have to not play niko when they play Melbourne and eels.

    Thoughts or am I trying to hard to find pods

  5. LordOfTheUpdates

    Fergatron! How good to see the big fella back in SC stardom!

    Fifita is now at a premium price, jump in and pay up or hope for a poor game and his price to cycle down.

    Capewell my only real option to get Fifi with, would need to go early on Topine or go Burbo with Walker playing now so there’s probably room for another NPR despite him been named in the 21 this week ?

  6. stuart_2c3b9fd8

    Looking at downgrading either a centre, 2RF or Front Rower to then have cash to buy another gun (was going to be Cody, Munster or Luai).
    I’ve looked and can’t see anyone obvious, should I go early on Topine, wilton or Condon?
    Other option is to do no trades this week which puts Topine and Condon on the bubble and also can re look which 5/8 to buy.

  7. nrl.tim.h97

    Hey fellas, currently ranked around 1k overall and am concerned about not owning D.Fifita.

    Have Sitili in my second row, and believe he is a sell. Trading Hoy to Schuster this week gives me about 550k in the kitty, and I am leaning towards the pod move of bringing in L.Leilua. Is this viable or should I figure out a way to bring in Fifita (meaning I can’t get Schuster)? Cheers

  8. ShaiH1

    Thinking of downgrading Fuimaono potentially to Blore this week, in order to go Tupuoniua to Fifita or Niu to To’o.

    Thoughts on which trade to make? Also have Capewell who could be upgraded to To’o without needing to downgrade.

  9. shaunxuefengwang

    Thinking of getting Zane Musgrove

    Should I trade out:
    1. Corey Waddell
    2. Brandon Smith

    Also do you think Connor Watson will play 5/8 for the remainder of the season. The knights don’t seems to like playing Kurt Mann at 5/8v with Ponga

  10. jesse.beard96

    Hi fellas,

    Went with the POD play of owning both Munster and Cody Walker in hopes they both go massive over this period. Hasn’t worked out great and had to miss Schuster last week because of it.

    Is it worth going Walker > Schuster now so I can go Tupounuia > David Fifita?


  11. Beagles

    Hey Guys
    Currently ranked around 1800 and want to continue to climb so bringing in Too. Currently going Fog to swalker to fund the trade which would see me trade either JoeO, Lodge or Staines out. Who do you think would be the priority trade out of these 3?

  12. The Integrity Unit

    Was weighing up last week between getting To’o & Chrichton, and pulled the wrong rein bringing Chrichton. Need To’o: do I bite the bullet and cop a $55k loss & lost trade to get him in for Stephen, or trade him in for Niu?

  13. jduff102

    Fellas, sitting 31st at the moment and the team is really settled so looking at saving trades this week – the only trade I am considering at the moment is jumping on Sam Walker early. Only reason i would go early is so I have the trades next week to move on the likes of Niu and Fuimaono as they peak in price or in the case of injuries etc. Thoughts? Save the trades and wait to next week for Walker or go this week?

  14. christopher.j.w.e

    Hey lads! Strong week, well done to you all.
    Is it still worthwhile to jump on Schuster? Have Cody and Moylan, so going Moylan to Schuster means he’s a play this week (holding Cody!)

    Also, man crushes aside, is Cam Murray a sell? Cheers

  15. Mattybarber88

    lads ! love your work. i have held onto matto this whole time, mainly because i had other more important trades to make in previous weeks. but now that he looks set on returning, im abit concerned abit his high be. looking to trade him out before he leaks cash. is ipap still a good option (bit of money to be made still) or would you just trade him for a set and forget player like tohu harris ? or barnett ?

  16. Samuelschembri33

    Hey guys,

    Do you think I should trade tupouniua to Angus? Or niu to too? Can only do one.

    Keep in mind if I do the niu trade Ill have to play tups and he has a massive BE of over 100 because of that 4 points last week. Cheers.

  17. jacob.elsworthy

    Gents bit stuck on a second trade. Am going to go Cody walker to Luai which leaves me 86.4k in the bank. Am looking at either:
    – swapping Niu to Fox or Kenny Maumolo (both have decent draws); or
    – trading Riki out, moving capewell up and buying either fergo or olam (or similar). Would need to play Niu this week if olam goes up to second row; or
    – Saving a trade – would mean Niu would play this week in the CTW (with capewell, To’o and Laurie)

    Cheers boys. Love your work.


  18. andybarton83

    Yes legends!!
    Thanks for the content each week.
    Is it worth trading B Smith and Fuimaono to Wilton and Fergie Ferg via duals.
    Leaves 90k to upgrade to Grant next week.
    Rank 788
    2nd Row: Fifita, Crichton, Barnett, Riki
    CTW: To,o, Capewell, Laurie,Mead , Simonsson, Suaalii, Nuff

  19. danezzy09

    Hi, brought in Stephen Crichton last week for the early pod play and it backfired. Do I cut my losses or do I try to hold through that the good period post this Raiders game. I only brought him for the run with a view to upgrade later after the bye.

  20. k_jones_99

    Hey legend!

    Currently sitting rank 13 thanks to the sc playbook!

    Wondering what your thoughts are on selling Josh Jackson and going early on nofo. Would mean I’d potentially have to bring Condon in which I’m not sold on.

  21. lobrien00013

    Hi guys,

    Would like to get your opinion on my sticky situation.

    I am currently thinking Stili – Condon and Fusi – To’o. I am really not keen on Condon or anyone else in that price range, but that’s the easiest way for me to get To’o in and Stili out.

    My other thought is to axe Welch as well and go Stili – To’o (via capewell) and Welch to someone likeRyan James (leaves me ~150k but also leaves me with Capewell in the 2rf, which means i’m playing 2 of Staines, Roberts and Simmonson.

    Thanks guys,

  22. h.white94

    Hi Lads,

    Great to see a lot of the sc playbook boys getting off to a cracker start.

    Is Ryan Matterson (likely sub 600k very soon) a viable alternative to D Fifita?

    Essentially the trade off I’m looking at is
    Staines and bsmith out for
    Fergo and matterson OR Stephen Crichton/cambell graham and Fifita

    Note these trades would happen over the next two weeks.

  23. Hey guys, thoughts on this Matto move? Ive still got him but i can downgrade to James and upgrade fusitua to To o – but I know ill probably bring Matto back later and burn more trades this way. Too sideways?


  24. Have changed my trades to Fusitua -> Suaalii and Niu -> To’o which lets me save trades and keep Matto for the year which I think is a better move? Can’t see many better bottom dollar cow prospects, worst case he’s a bottom price non player for the year. Cheers always appreciate your input!

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