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Have any questions you need answered? To deal with an influx of questions, SC Playbook is offering a weekly audio special to subscribers to answer as many of your queries as possible throughout the pre-season. Simply leave your questions in the comment section on the bottom of the page. Each week an SC Playbook contributor will record their answers which will later be posted on this page. We'll do our best to answer any questions via text if submitted after recording. But get them in early to ensure they're answered. With questions flooding in of late, please try and keep them as concise and to the point as possible to help us

14 Responses to “Listen now! Subscriber special: Rd 23 question and answer”

  1. Miss Jane

    Hey Guys,
    Have loved your help this year… you’re the best!
    I am through to the next round of sudden death H2H.
    2 trades left.
    Decimated in 2RF with only Fifita and Barnett playing. Would you burn a trade and if so, who to bring in? Was thinking Curran or could just cop the AE of CWatson/RJames.
    Have Tommy and Doueihi in FB, was thinking Tommy out and Teddy in or sit tight.

  2. Hi lads, Thank you for your insight throughout the year. Based on my matchups for the run home I need to choose two players in a H2H comp. In the centres who out of Bradman Best or Dane Gagai. And who scores more out of Cherry Evans or Josh Curran in the run home …. Cheers for the rest of the season

  3. KerrodW

    Hey lads,
    Must win h2h and having trouble picking my reserves as have a good 20-21 players which is good. Also centre’s are a bit of a struggle this week. Centre’s are ramien, gagai, Johnston, nofa, c Thompson, should I play all of them?
    Picking the reserves then would be out of thompson, teddy, douehi, Hughes (injured), blore, TPJ (if playing) and Watson. Cheers lads

  4. ajbicknell

    Love the podcast fellas. Two trades left and 19 – 21 playing this week depending on TPJ and JFH. Have Lodge back next week Angus back round 25, so should hopefully have minimum 17 players each week as it stands. Currently have Turbo & Walsh, was thinking of trading Walsh to Papi now he’s back at fullback – so do I go Walsh to Papi and Peachey to Aitken (not playing Peachey), or hold the trades for potential disaster? Other option is Walsh to Teddy but would need to downgrade elsewhere with the second trade. Teddy hasn’t missed a lot of game time so I can see Robbo giving him a week off next week – do you think he’ll be rested at some stage?

  5. Samuelschembri33

    Hey team,

    Hope you are all surviving lock down okay! Was wondering your thoughts on if I should use my very last trade, if I’m having to play jake Simpkin this week to field a 17. I can trade Tohu for either Curran or Aiken? I think both are good options and will strengthen my 17 but obviously worried about zero trades after. Thoughts?

  6. sarrodjorenson

    Hey fellas,
    Is it worth while selling Turbo to Pap? If it means I’ll then have the cash to trade Watson to Grant this week, and Johnson to Cleary next week? It’s a do-or-die situation for me in a Head to Head semi-final.

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