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  1. Beagles

    Hi Guys,
    3 trades left and ranked in the 300’s. Currently have Watson/Brailey at HOK. I was thinking of trading Watson to Radley who should maintain minutes now or Grant. Alternatively I could just save the trade. Is Grant a must given he seems to have limited minutes these days?

  2. ajbicknell

    Have been running Turbo & Walsh since Round 12 with the intention to trade Walsh > Papenhyuzen once he returned, and I’m still waiting. Two trades left. Do I – A) continue to hold Walsh until Papi is named at fullback and dirt cheap, B) hold Walsh for the season & save the trades, C) trade to Ponga now or D) trade to Teddy now which will require both trades. Walsh plays the Dogs this week and Broncos next week so leaning towards A or B right now.

  3. max_bryden

    One trade left. Ranked #911.

    Have Hynes & Talakai as my 4th/5th CTW and Blore now as my 4th 2RF.
    Worth trading out one of the injured NPRs (Laurie/Tohu) for a better CTW? or treat the final trade as emergency cover in case I cannot field 17 (Leniu NPR).

    tempted to suck it up unless Sitili plays centre again in which case I can move Talakai up for depth and get someone.

  4. Hey lads hope your well

    Would appreciate some advice on my last reserve and captain option
    Last reserve out of Nofo, TKO and Brailey

    captain options this week

    1. Teddy vs Broncos
    2. Turbo vs Eels
    3. Walker vs Titans

  5. I got 2 trades left and in top 4 finals game and would really like the win to get next week off. I can field 17 this week without trades but then will need to play Brailey and Tapow.

    Should i trade and use up all my trades for year or just use 1 or save both.

    Thinking of below if i do trade (SJ and To’o out). If I trade SJ will need to use both trades.
    1. Hughes and Nofo/C.Thompson
    2. S.Walker and Holmes/Olam/Tupou

  6. Hey boys – keep up the great work,

    Realistically I no longer have any chance of making the Top 1000, so my focus is now on H2H only. I have a fair chance of making the GF in all four of my leagues, but it’s going to be tough to get through. I have one trade left and have decided to use it buying a second FLB – I already have Turbo. My questions comes in two parts:

    (a) should I buy Teddy or Ponga or Doueihi? My head says Teddy is the safer bet, but I’m leaning towards Ponga for his slightly better POD value. Although he’s probably the most consistent, I’m not really interested in Doueihi at this time of year, as he has the lowest ceiling/cap.

    (b) to finance this purchase I can either sell Alex J or Angus C (via duals)? Whoever I keep will probably have to play in Rd 25.

    Your thoughts/advice will be greatly appreciated.

  7. samso_sam

    Hey gents, I am a top 4 H2H player and I have 5 trades left so hopefully if I win I won’t need to do anything next week.

    I’m thinking of going
    Crichton > Garrick
    Luai > Teddy

    I was saving some cash in the bank to get Cleary back in 2 weeks (presume I win this week). Do I do the trades above and maybe go Hughes to cleary in 2 weeks as Hughes will likely get rested.
    Or other trades?

  8. Gents, it’s been a wild SC season, and I’ve realised trading is what keeps this game dynamic! So, after a week off from trading I’m using my last trade this week.

    Angus to Joey Manu or Cam Murray?
    I like the upside of Manu and he’s owned by the red hot fav to win my H2H league, though I’m also going for overall glory. What to do?

  9. Joey's Dingers

    Hey boys,

    As usual, the pod has been excellent lately. I must say that I have been really enjoying Adam’s appearances, hopefully he continues as a regular contributor. Few trades up my sleeve and the common complaints (Crichton, Lodge, AJ, SJ etc), so looking to make a trade or two this week (possibly big Luce, Murray or Val, but considering a range of options).

    To help narrow the field this week, and for future consideration, who do you think are the most likely candidates to be rested in the finals rounds?

  10. The Integrity Unit

    Lads – 3 trades left. Don’t have a HFB so going to bring Sam Walker in for Ben Hunt. In order to ensure CHN isn’t in my 17, likely to make a 2nd trade which will either be Aitken for Laurie or Crichton/CHN for any other 2RF (maybe Murray or Luciano).
    Should I trade out a NPR (Laurie) for greater squad depth, or is it better to get rid of a player who MAY be a precious number in future weeks (Angus for Rd25, CHN if he regains starting role) but trading him out will enable me to trade in a gun? I have Luke Thompson & Johnston returning next week so should be fine for numbers, but you never know the way this season is going!

    Plan is to keep final trade for Rd25 teamlist carnage!

  11. Sorry boys for second question – just finished listening to podcast and want to know best way to use my last 2 trades. I got SJ, Too, Angus and Hynes as possible trade outs – which would be best 2 options from below

    1. SJ out for halfback – Hughes/SWalker/Arey. Burton is my other half
    2. Angus out for Cam Murray. DFif, Matto, BSmith, Lolo are my 2RF
    3. To’o out for another CTW. Garrick, Gagai, Ramien and Hynes are my other CTW
    4. Hynes trade out for another CTW or keep on bench

  12. ewaninnes

    Hey guys,

    2 trades left & only 16 available this week. Should have 2 or 3 players back next week.

    Considering 3 trade options:
    1: SJ & To’o to Manu & Doueihi
    2: SJ & Crichton to Munster & Murray
    3: SJ & To’o to Cleary (if named) & warm body under $300k that with some luck stays out of my 17


  13. Boys, great pod this week. H2H only and have maximum trades left.
    1. Who of the following would you trade in as a one week rental for the final reserve spot – Aitken, Mansour, Brooks or DCE?
    2. Any love for Matto over Murray as a replacement for Crichton?

  14. Brock.Walker.9

    Gday fellas
    Cheers for the content week in week out loving it.
    3 trades left
    Looking nicho to papi if he’s named to start or ponga and running critchon and thinking of going cheese to 2RF and getting Grant as I only have 3 playing in 2RF
    Thoughts on making 2 trades or is 1 of these more of a priority?

  15. Hey lads,
    Thanks for all your work this season.
    Trading out CHN. Who should I trade to out of Frizell, Barnett, L Leilua, Tupounuia and Koloamatangi. Can only trade a 2RF as I have no duals.
    Is there anyone else that you think might be better out of those 5.
    I already have D Fifita, I Pap, Crichton, and two NPRs

    My gut is telling me Frizell.

  16. christopher.j.w.e

    Hey fellas! Spewing everyone is bringing in Cam Murray now, he’s been my best POD!
    I’m in the same boat as Tim and have anti-POD’d Garrick all season (shocking move), should I cave now or continue to anti-POD? Trades would be Hynes & SJ out for either
    1. Ponga & Garrick (cave) OR
    2. Teddy & Holmes/Aitken (continue anti-pod)?
    Have Tupou, Gagai, Ramien main CTW, cheers!

  17. Hey Walson – I just listened to you responses, quality stuff. Thanks for answering my question (no. 9 on the list). Your advice to ignore overall ownership percentages (and instead focus on ownership amongst the remaining teams in my H2H comp) has proven really helpful, and it threw up some surprise results. Armed with this new data, I am confident of wins this weekend.

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