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21 Responses to “Listen now! Subscriber special: Rd 21 question and answer”

  1. sarrodjorenson

    Which CTW now stands out as To’o’s replacement after the most recent round? Manu or Nofo come to mind. Is there someone else worth thinking about? I was going to say Staggs, but he’s out with an injury.

  2. ryan.a87

    Hi guys!
    I only have 3 trades left. Should I be upgrading Brailey to Grant?

    Loving knights run home, but I know Grants ceiling is so so much higher. Is this just a luxury trade and I should bank my last 3 for injury cover

  3. geoff.potts142

    Hi lads love the Podcast and the subscriber website
    What do you think of Doueihi as fullback option. Bought him in last week as fullback with Turbo. Would need to flick Cody Walker or Schuster to move him to 5/8 to bring Teddy, KP or Paps in.
    I have 3 trades left. Still holding Hynes and have SJ to move on although not a priority With hopefully AFB and Murray returning I’ll have 19 starters this week subject to TLT.
    Currently around 3K in ranking so concentrating on H2H
    Cheers Pottsy

  4. Trade whore

    Hi Lads,
    Ive heard of but never used the “dummy trade” have you guys? How does it work? I understand you have to switch before the traded out player plays but can you only do it on your first trade for the week? As it appears the “T”button dissapears once you do that second trade. Im just too afraid of attempting it and burning 2 trades instead of 1. Would be a valuable tool during h2h finals if you could execute with confidence.
    PS. I really miss the spys top % rankings could he revert back to this like he did for the first few rounds
    Thanks Lads

  5. Beagles

    Hey lads
    I have 4 trades left ranked around 440. Do you think it is wise to go gutho to ponga and maybe Watson to grant and leave only 2 trades for injury or just hold them? I do have 21 starters at present. Thanks for all your advice this year!

  6. hey boys i have 2 trades left i have depth in all positions apart from HOK, do you think i should trade gutho to ponga or douhei? and if so which one of those 2
    i have munster and cody at 5/8 so i think munster will outscore guth in the last 5 weeks
    also have turbo

  7. craig.squassoni

    Hey team! Head to head player with 5 trades left ! Looking at Hynes to KP and Harris to Hass (have IPAP & AFB) so it’s for depth! However thinking maybe Munster to Doueihi for upside and munster might get a rest? Would still leave me 3 trades left!

  8. sarrodjorenson

    Hey guys,
    With Jarome Hughes’ status uncertain and Sean Johnston’s injury, I may have no choice but to use Leniue as an AE. Is Cleary the only viable halfback replacement for Johnston? or Is Sam Walker/DCE a backup option for the run home?

  9. KerrodW

    Gday lads, sitting in the top 4 in my h2h league and fairly safe. Have 5 trades left and 8k itb. Want to get grant this week or next week for brailey but need to make some cash. Have Tohu Harris to trade and was thinking maybe for blore (starting 2rf, good run) or copley ( starting roosters winger on the right)? Will give me enough cash to trade in grant. Thoughts? Cheers

  10. Samuelschembri33

    Hey lads,

    I have two trades left. I have brailey at hooker and my backup is Simpkin and I don’t have a back up fullback.

    Do I

    A) trade To’o to ponga and keep the one trade and cop the ae for hooker ( who will be either blore or CHN)

    B) use both trades and trade hynes to ponga and brailey to grant, leaving me with no trades left.

    Cheers guys!

  11. philnicolls89

    Not sure what to do with Ramien, do I hold or trade? My other CTW are gagai, nofo, topou & aj. Thinking aj to Garrick next week but am on the fence over ramien. 6 trades left after doing schuster to douehi as my first trade this week. I was thinking of getting best or Holmes if I do move ramien on.

  12. julius.harris1

    3 trades left, I’m considering either using 2 trades to nuff tohu and trade sualli to ponga or should I save a trade and straight swap one of my ctw to ponga via duals. Currently have hynes, gagai, Garrick, tupou, ramien at ctw and aj and turbo at fb. Concentrating on h2h. Thanks

  13. The Integrity Unit

    Great pod again this week guys. The way Timmy chuckles at Moon’s jokes like a love struck teenager is hilarious.

    Could only field 16 last week (after 2 trades) due to FRF shortage but that’s fixed this week. Now have no HFB with Hunt going down. Want to bring Cleary in next week, but need to make some cash.

    Toby Sexton for Johnson, or Nico out for one of the CTW options?

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