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27 Responses to “Listen now! Subscriber special: Rd 20 question and answer”

  1. Hitro Okesene

    What do you guys think of Latrell Mitchell for the run home? He has some tougher games, but plays Dragons twice, as well as the Titans, and looks in lethal form. I’m low on trades, so nervous about Ponga, Walsh or Papenhuyzen who look like they’re one knock away from an injury. Price also excellent – thoughts?

  2. I’ve only got 2 trades left and need to win this week to make finals.

    My thoughts are either bringing in Ponga and Haas; Ponga and Grant; or Grant and Haas.

    What are your thoughts?

    Current hooker is Lawton and Booth.
    Front Row: Isaiah, JFH, Thompson and AFB.
    Halves: DCE and Cleary
    5/8: Walker and Taafe
    Fullback: Turbo and Douihi

    I can use duals to make the above trades.


  3. MattyO

    Thanks as always for the cracking content! I defied warnings and got far too trigger happy on trades and am left with 2. I only have 15 on the park this week with AJ, JFH, AFB & To’o all out, as well as Milne named outside 17. I am also resigned to not getting Cleary back with Burton losing so much cash.

    I can take the L this week and hope AJ is back on deck a week early I can trade, the following options:
    1. To’o to Haas and Milne to JAC.
    2. To’o to Haas & Milne to Cook
    3. To’o to Cook

      • philnicolls89

        Hey guys, I’m struggling for a 2rf to field a full team this week. I currently have fifta Crichton matto tohu jfh and Shaun blore. My front row is ipaps hass, leniu and Ryan James. The return of Harry Grant (who i own at hooker with mahony) makes me nervous about the cheese. Are there any other decent options to consider. Trades not an issue.

  4. matty_c

    Hi Gents,

    Have been relatively out of the injury wars this week but still tossing up a few things and ranked 698th.

    With 4 trades left and To’o and SJ going down, i was thinking going Johnson to Doueihi and To’o to any CTW at or under 450k (looking at Thompson or Marzhew as i like the Titans run home). In saying this, i can sit these blokes this week and field a strong 17 and look to trade down the line but given they are gone for the year i am leaning towards trading.

    Making the trades would leave me with 2 in the bank and depth in every position or sitting them leaves me with 4 trades and a hit to the depth. What would you do in this situation given there will likely be carnage at the end of the year and i am relatively well placed both rank and depth wise?

    Love the content as always lads.

  5. liam.h.odonnell

    Hey lads.
    Pretty well covered for depth this week but due to some lacking dual positions will use 2 of my 6 trades to improve by trading flegler and to’o.
    Would you go Gus and Saab or Frizell and Fox/Nofo?
    The winger I bring in with be sharing the role of 4th ctw between them, Best and Kelly.


  6. Hey guys, thoughts on who will score more between now and end of season: Trindall v Cleary.
    I think Trindall will be the main playmaker for the Sharks for the run home, with an easy draw and kicking goals.
    He’s pretty cheap at 382K too.
    Cleary may not come back until Rd21/22 and may even be rested during games, and potentially rested entirely for his RD25 as well?

    Just want to know if bias is coming into my decision making as I’m a sharks supporter…

  7. Nelson

    I am currently 3rd on ladder in my cash H2H league and need a win either this week or next to cement top 4 position. I got 4 trades left and can field 17 this week without doing any trades – should I trade or save them this week?

    I was thinking of doing Hughes for SJ (Burton is my other half) and Haas for Tohu if i do trade.

  8. MitchyBurner

    Got Lodge, Thompson, Murray, To’o, SJ (stuck in halfback spot) all out this week at least leaving me with 16 players. 3 trades left. Do I cop the 1 less player this week and keep holding trades for Grant, Cleary and 1 spare, or bite the bullet and go To’o to Douehi with that 1 undesginated trade. Am going for overall and have fallen a cliff to 4k in recent weeks. Thanks as always men!

  9. christopher.j.w.e

    Hey fellas awesome pod with NRLPhysio on deck!
    Front row issues this week; I have i’Pap, AFB, TPJ & Ryan James still so I’m short a FRF. Do I trade AFB or TPJ out for Haas? Unsure on TPJ minutes & role at Panthers for the run home but AFB no confirmation of time frame yet? Could also trade Ryan James out for any FRF under 500k but would empty the kitty (D.Saif, Tapau, Paulo etc…?)
    Cheers for your input!

  10. Miss Jane

    Hey Guys,
    I have 5 trades left and playing H2H… have 17 players fit this week, but only 1 FRF
    FRF is IPap/Lodge/AFB/RJames
    Trade out To’o for Haas via duels to give me 2 playing FRFs
    Trade out To’o to Nofo and cop the AE of Burton for the FRF position as Lodge/AFB will be back soon OR
    Trade out Tohu Harris and bring in Cook via duels and cop the AE of Burton
    I guess it comes down to which player will score more over the next few weeks?

  11. KerrodW

    Gday lads, injuries galore but in a good position with 7 trades. Have Tohu, Johnston, johnson injured and tpj, Milne not playing. 160k in the bank thinking sj for douehi or munster. Then to’o for anyone other than Garrick, thinking gagai. Leaves 9k itb, thoughts?

  12. The Integrity Unit

    Loving your work, as always guys.

    I’ve got Lodge, AFB, Thompson, TPJ (my entire front row!), Eisenhuth, Johnson, To’o and Johnson out so only have 14 fit players.

    Not really bothered about fixing my front with with at least Lodge and TPJ likely to play next week. 5 trades left. Thoughts on Suaalii to Best & To’o to Teddy? (who incidentally hasn’t scored a try for 10 games!) Would be happy to stick with Teddy to the end of the year with him looking the safest option, and at relatively low ownership.

  13. Got 5 trades left, my plan this week was to swap out Gutho for my run home fullback (still not sure if that is Teddy, Ponga or Papi, but that’s another issue)
    I had an awesome front row of Paps, TPJ, Lodge and AFB,
    Do I trade Tohu out and get in a cheap Front row forward for a 1 week play (putting the money towards getting Cleary back) or take an AE this week? I think my AE will be Matthew Feagai who I’ve had since the start of the season. I don’t feel like I’m completely wasting the trade as will use the money for Cleary, but the new front rower might be my AE nightmare moving forward. Just outside top 1000

  14. Gday boys, got 7 trades left so I’m looking to attack this week, tossing up gutho to either dohui or teddy, and to’o to manu or addo car (have gagai, toupo, Laurie, Garrick, aj, furgo). Do we know how long manu is on the wing for?. And I assume it lifts his base being out there. I’d say addo car gets rested at some point. Another option I’ve been looking at is tohu to frizzle but think I want cam Murray when he’s back. Cheers lads.

  15. samso_sam

    Like all, I have lost this week and need to work out trades. I need to do To’o to Nofo to fund the second trade, so what do you think is the best option

    Tohu > Haas and play Matt Burton V Storm
    Johnson > Hughes and play TKO V Eels

    I was going to get hughes, but now I am worried he will be rested in the later weeks when I am in my H2H finals and haas may be a safer play

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