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46 Responses to “Listen now! Subscriber special: Rd 2 question and answer”

  1. luke richo

    Do u hold trading the cheaper guys until seeing 2 games worth – then trade worst 2 to best 2 money makers. Just worried if I don’t trade out lodge this week to ah mau/leniu/James or a ctw cheapie – next week could have more injuries/suspensions but don’t want to go early after only 1 week.

  2. wadespeer1

    Wanting to save as many trades as possible. Hit out a 1426 which was great to start. Had lam in my starting and late traded watson to Moylan when the news came that he was benched. Don’t know how Lam gets under 30 with the flogging they produced. Is it worth trading in watson this week for lam or should I hold out an extra week and give lam another chance? Cheers as always fellas 👍🏻

  3. christopher.j.w.e

    Hey fellas, started with J.Brailey & Lam at hooker, Watson & Moylan at 5/8.
    Do we think Liddle is a worthy cow now? Do I trade Watson or Lam for him? Lam scored low in a Roosters thrashing and Watson off bench? Cheers

  4. pymbledane

    Please rank in terms of potential value in points per $ spent (ie they are all at different prices so can’t purely compare on point scoring potential as none are likely to be keepers):


  5. Refugeesus

    Leeson Ah Mau smashed out a great score. Were his minutes overinflated or do you think that may be his role moving forward? I am looking for a replacement FRF for Leota, who didn’t impress me too much, to bolster my side. Am I jumping the gun on that? I am also considering Leniu. Appreciate your thoughts on this or other options. 20k left in the kitty before trades.

    Cheers lads, love your podcast.

  6. andymac

    Hi Lads

    Looking to punt Angus and bring in Cody Walker. By bringing in Ryan James to the 2rf (and benching him) and punting Moylan who went OK (but is no Cody).

    In 376th so an unexpectedly strong start, and want to keep it going.

  7. jduff102

    I had a great round 1 score with 1417 and wasn’t going to make changes to save trades. But now I’m thinking about cash generation and considering Fusitua and Lam out for Mead and J Brailey. Thoughts? Cash grab or save trades?

  8. ShowusyourJohnson

    Had To’o in my squad all
    Preseason and changed last minute to stack the pack. He looks so dangerous. Is it worth a downgrade of a forward to bring To’o in immediately? Very worried about his scores and price getting out of control

  9. jesse.beard96

    Torn between bolstering my forward pack or trading in Cody Walker to run both he and Munster together

    NAS/Lodge > Paulo/Ryan James
    NAS/Lam > Walker/Ryan James (means I have to play Leniu this week)


  10. andrew.jarvis

    Hey Team

    Trade 1. Lodge to Ah Mau (POD) or James?
    Trade 2. Lam to Liddle or Brailey
    …….with the cavet of going to Liddle frees up cash for a CTW circa $220k to Fergie Ferg the following week.


  11. dylanjamieson95

    G’day fellas. I’m second guessing myself and thinking that i’ve stuffed up leaving myself too short in the CTW’s. The players in question are Simonsson, Roberts, Saab, Ieremia. I also have Staines, but I think I saw you guys mention that he could be a slow burn. I just wanna see your thoughts around those CTW’s and any suggestions. I do have $95K in the bank too. Cheers for all the help lads

  12. Hey Fellas. Wondering what to do with Gutho. He went only OK considering the opposition. I’m terrified of what Latrell could do to Manly this week. Going to down to Latrell will free up cash to fix up other errors in the following weeks. Do we think Latrell can sustain his monster base and power stats, or is last week a fluke and he returns to his lazy days?

  13. Five Cougars

    Is Mitch Barnett a trap?
    Feel like Ponga will be back soon so too Fitzgibbon and Barnett will lose minutes and goal kicking.

    Jai Arrow off the bench. 70 points in 45mins.
    How do you rate his first round performance and is he worth trading in before rd3?

  14. Samuelschembri33

    Hey guys! Trading out lodge as I need the bench coverage due to Angus taking the week off. My thoughts are Ryan james or Leniu? Leaning towards Leniu due to so many mouths to feed at raiders, I’m just worried about the minuets for Leniu – I’ll have to play this player in my 17 this week as well.

    Second part thoughts on trading out Lam for Brailey?

  15. lesley.greenhalgh.1968

    Is the 5/8 rotation policy a play (like last year’s flb rotation) ?
    Surely Cody v Manly outscores Munster v Parra (and I can’t afford them both yet).
    Also, what is the name of Walson’s team?

  16. christopher.j.w.e

    Hi lads! Thoughts on Cam Murray? Big minutes but rotating to the edge doesn’t help his scoring. Keep or trade down to a value proposition e.g. Arrow, Barnett or too get funds for buying Cody Walker? Cheers

  17. ShowusyourJohnson

    I am doing something i thought I would never do and that is trading out Angus with the aim to be bring him back R4. I need to strengthen centres and Too is my man. In downgrading Angus I need assistance in choosing either Ofahengaue or James. I feel Ofa will give me a better 18th man but James would give more cash in the bank to bring Angus back in 2 rounds.

    • Hi mate, we’d recorded before you dropped the question sorry!

      I’m not crash hot on either this week, I want a better look at both.

      Not great minutes for either, Joe O, output was strong though.

      I’m just not sure James gets 40 minutes each week with a four forward bench.

      I probably go him though as he’s $100k cheaper, but if you need to play either in your 17 I’d go Joe.

      Love the To’o trade!

      – TW

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