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27 Responses to “Listen now! Subscriber special: Rd 19 question and answer”

  1. groberts92

    Who are the top CTW’s for the run home? Got enough cash to upgrade sualli to almost anyone that isn’t Garrick or hynes (sold early). Had planned for Holmes but injury put a stop to that.
    Got AJ, to’o, nofo, ramien & young… who do I bring in?

  2. blakewt1

    Hey fellas,
    I’m down to 4 trades. Mainly playing H2H but would also like to finish in the top 8k just as personal goal. Currently at 11k. What are your thoughts?
    1. Save trades
    2. Ben Hunt to Reed Mahoney and Foran to Doueihi through Watson. Other halves or CWalker, SJ and Nikorima. I don’t have the cash to bring Hunt down to offload SJ or Niko.
    3. AJ to Laurie or Nofo and Gutho to Turbo – Other CTWs are Ramien, To’o, Garrick and Tupou. Teddy my second FLB.

  3. Hey lads hope your all well love the content and podcasts each week.

    Had my best week ever 1624 last week looped Hynes with Tohu as AE.

    Looking to maintain this momentum

    Couple of trade options.

    1. Harris to Radley and Suaali to Nofo as 6th CTW

    2. Harris to LoLo

    3. would you sell Hynes if it meant you were getting Turbo or hold. Unsure based of Papi news

    Appreciate the thoughts


  4. The Integrity Unit

    Loving the content guys, keep up the great work.

    I’ve been planning all season to come home with a wet sail & have climbed from being ranked 18k(ish) to just outside the top 2000 in the past 7 rounds. Have 6 trades left, $163k in the bank and decent depth, with Luke Thompson, Pangai, Laurie, Johnston not in the top 17 this week. What’s the best strategy for trades from here on in? Thinking about going Thompson to Luai this week via duals for $100k profit and big upside v Broncos. Should I pull the trigger or trying to conserve as many trades as possible till the final few rounds to cover potential resting/injury etc?

  5. reuben.lawler355

    G’day gents,

    I’ve got 7 trades left, i want to use one on niko to go munster/doueihi, do you think its worth holding the trade and waiting for niko to come good?

    After this week the warriors draw opens up and he’ll be a decent pod I believe. Though, doueihi looks like a strong play.

  6. G’day lads, another great podcast this week.

    Currently top 1000 which was my goal this year. I have money ITB and 7 trades to do either of these options but probably not both.

    Option A – Get Cleary Back & maybe 1 other belew
    Option B – use the money and trades to upgrade a number of positions, SJ to Hughes, Schuster to Munster, Gutho to Papi rather than Gutho to Ponga, TPJ to Haas, Manu to Gagai.

    So overall should I be patient and wait for Cleary?

  7. ShaiH1

    Hey lads,
    Wondering if Angus is a must-have for the run home? Only have 5 trades remaining with a 2RF of Fifita, Matto & Tupouniua. Can’t get to Crichton straight from Tohu, so would have to nuff Taane.

    Thoughts on the trades? I’m not opposed to anti-PODing Crichton as I don’t see the Roosters dominating opponents like in recent years. However, these trades would give me enough cash to get in Ponga & Cleary with my final trades in the coming weeks.

  8. Beagles

    Hey Lads, got 7 trades left. I’m thinking of trading SJ and AJ (will still have 5 playable CTW) to Hughes and Fifita which will basically complete my team. Do you think I should pull the trigger or save the trades and run with SJ and Lodge

  9. bpiggott93

    Thoughts on trading AJ to Doueihi? Currently have Garrick, AJ, gagai, nofo, and To’o in my CTW along with Ieremia and Suaali. I’m running Hynes at FB, so could trade AJ to Doueihi, then next round later trade schuster or Walker to a fullback via duals. Have 6 trades remaining, so might be burning a few too many going down this path. Cheers fellas!

  10. craigbartlett3

    Dilemma. 6 trades left. I’d like to get Haas and Doueihi, but dropping Doueihi into FLB this week until I move on Schuster at 5/8 once BE tops out. I can either sell James and Suaalii (I have 680k bank), or TPJ and AJ. Selling the cheapies leaves me about 80k, selling the non-playing guns I have 880k and can buy Cleary with that bank. The rest of the team is great, top of the range across the board (Hughes, Cheese, IPaps, Crichton, Matto, AFB, Fifita, Garrick, Hynes, To’o, Turbo etc…) so no other holes to fill except maybe Grant and lil Paps as second FLB. Sell cheapies or sell NPR guns please?

  11. joshdogga234

    Hey lads, I know it was mentioned in the podcast this week but my heads in shambles with what to do.
    I really like the idea of getting douehi at fullback for gutho this week and then swinging him up to 5/8 in a few weeks once ponga/paps have dropped a bit in price. Currently have 6 trades and my 5/8 are Cody and luai.

  12. paul.cattarin

    Hey guys,
    Love your work.
    Sitting around the 1K rank, have 4 trades and 440K in the bank.
    I have Tohu and AJ
    Going to hold Tohu and wait for a better option in a few weeks.
    Thinking of possibly trading out AJ due to his high price (I have him in the FLB spot) – thoughts on Teddy or Doueihi for AJ? Thoughts are, it will free up cash to go SJ/Burton to Cleary in a couple of weeks. Or should I just hold off for now and wait for someone like Pappy, or Ponga when his draw opens up?
    For reference, I have Schuster, C Walker, SJ, Burton in my halves, and Turbo as my FLB, and I can field a decent 17 this week without making a trade.


  13. Samuelschembri33

    Hey fellas,

    Do we think Douehi is a must have moving forward? I have SJ in my 5/8th spot at the moment and I really want to see him against the dogs this week before/if I’m moving him on. I could grab Douehi at fullback for the time being for AJ that’s sitting on my bench injured, what are your thoughts on this move? Noting, I don’t expect Douehi to score big this week against manly but if I’m going to get him, it has to be this week with his minus BE.

  14. Samuelschembri33

    Apologies for the second question boys, but can’t decide on my reserves. Would would you leave out and not play out of these options

    CHN v eels
    Campbell graham v warriors
    Olam v cowboys
    SJ v dogs
    Or Sam walker v knights

    Cheers fellas, love ya work.

  15. Brock.Walker.9

    Hey fellas cracking effort week in week out much appreciated.
    Running Angus, matto, Fifita, CHN with Tohu and looking to swap Tohu out but thinking I need another CTW as I’m only running 4 with ramien, AJ, to’o and Garrick but do have nicho floating between CTW and FLB. What’s your thoughts beef up 2RF and get the likes of Murray or push for a CTW. Have 120k in the bank with 5 trades

  16. paulbutts45

    Hi Guys ,
    I’m down to 3 playing CTW & have 5 trades & would like to keep AJ. What do you think about Suaalii to Billy Smith or Greg Marzhew ?
    Or should I just trade AJ to another gun (< $800 ).
    Thanks Guys

  17. EggzBenny

    Has probably been asked before sorry guys, but who do we think scores more in the H2H finals out of these two:

    Haas – Roosters, Warriors, Sharks, Knights
    AFB – Bulldogs, Broncos, Raiders, Titans

    Would you take the upside of AFB scoring a try or two in there or is Haas the better play with Lodge/TPJ gone now?

  18. samso_sam

    Who are the 4 best reserves this week.

    I currently am playing

    But i also have on NPR

    Have i made the right choice with the 4 I currently have

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