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22 Responses to “Listen now! Subscriber special: Rd 18 question and answer”

  1. andymac

    Hey guys

    So I have Saab as a 6th CTW, need to move on that. Guessing the best option is to nuff him out, take the cashola, and use it for a) immediate front row upgrade or b) Cleary/Papi contingency fund???

    Thanks legends…

  2. Nelson

    Hi fellas,

    First trade I’m doing is CHN to DFifi
    Second trade i was going to do Curran to Haas but am $200 short. Who would you trade out of Tohu, Matto, TPJ for Haas or should I just save second trade?

    Playing H2H and have 7 trades left.

  3. nick.frost133

    6 trades left

    Keen on Fifita this week, planning on trading lodge to him via duals

    Only way to do this trade is to free up cash, initial thoughts is to trade schuster to a dual nuff. Other halves are walker sj and burton.

    Using 2 trades this week will leave me with 4 for the run home but pretty well covered with depth in all positions.

    Is Fifita worth the 2 trades to get him in plus is schuster the man to free up the cash?

    Not many other options this week as brailey is in my 17 with grant out if I wanted to trade him.

  4. Samuelschembri33

    Hey lads!

    I’m pretty much set at every position except for hooker. I currently have a Jayden Brailey and Simpkin in the reserve, my question is do I upgrade brailey to someone like Mahoney or cook or is that to side ways. I currently have 4 trades left so I don’t really want to waste a trade on something sideways. Also, if I upgrade Simpkin I would be nuffing out someone else and then getting a decent hooker like grant when he comes back, but again, that’s two trades. What are you thoughts? Cheers.

  5. KerrodW

    Gday lads, have held trades well and have 9 left. Coming 2nd in my h2h but looking for some pods. Can easily hold trades but considering trading s.walker to douehi via sj and get rid of simmo for tupou, already have ramien, to’o, Johnston, nofo, Milne. Am I crazy or should I hold firm so I can get in Holmes and grant in next couple of weeks? Cheers lads

  6. MattyO

    Legends, I need to setup for the run home, though Val’s injury last night throws up a challenge given i was hoping to bring back Cleary using the cash from Hynes to upgrade Burtin. With this in mind do I hold or trade Val with just 4 trades left. I have cover in CTW with Hynes, Garrick, AJ, To’o, Tupou & Cini.
    Of my 3 trade idea, which do you deem best;
    1. Gutho to Fifita (hold Val) but would have to play Talakai as 17th this week
    2. CHN to Taumalolo and Val to Fifita
    3. Barnett to Milne and Val to Fifita

  7. Beagles

    Hi guys
    Is Fifita a must this week. I have 9 trades left and rank 1300. The only way I can get him this week is gutho who will start losing money and I was going to trade next week. Leaning towards making the trade.

  8. EggzBenny

    Hey lads!

    Payne Haas’ last 6 scores – 52, 57, 38, 56, 57 and 90 last game – obviously without Lodge that game but minutes were relatively consistent with the rest of the season. Do we really think the big man has turned the corner now, or would you rather take a shot at one of these PODs for the run home instead (H2H player):

    Fotuaika – $568k – 4RA of 82 – looking better each game he plays
    JPapalii – $553k – 4RA of 78 (excluding game he got sent off vs Dogs) – great historical late season record

  9. I’m struggling a little with what to do next as never been this lucky before. I’m just outside top 1000, have 8 trades left and already have brought back the origin players, have no real injury issue’s apart from Harry Grant who I’m happy to hold and have no nuffs at all. I feel like I’m just trading for the sake of it this week. Trades I’ve considered are
    Olam (currently 6/7 CTW) to Gagai
    Schuster to another 5/8 heard on the pod that the spy is going Doueihi or even Munster
    or do I just hold the trades but may have same issue next week?

  10. Cronulla16

    Is schuster to Douhi worth the trade?

    Schuster was originally my cash gen plan to get Cleary when he is back. What are the predictions on playing schuster for the next few weeks with a handy draw or would you bite the bullet and get douhi, likely foregoing the chance of getting Cleary back in

  11. andybarton83

    Yes legends!!

    Need some advice this week currently too 200 and happy with the squad and good depth. Only needing to get Fifita and Ponga/Papy for the run home.

    Hok: BSmith, Watson
    2RF: Crichton, Tohu, CHN, Matto, Barnett, Nuff
    Halfs: Hughes, Hunt, SJ, CWalker

    4 trades left and looking at either this week
    1. Barnett + CHN > Fifita + TC Ropati
    2. Watson + Barnett/CHN > JMadden/Nuff via dual (half/5/8 as can interchange with SJ) + Fifita

  12. samso_sam

    Hi Gents,

    Long time follower, first time poster.

    Do I trade TPJ to Haas (already have FRF of TPJ, Thompson, Papali’i and TKO)
    Curran to Milne

    I wont keep milne, i just think i want to generate a little more cash as i have made some poor calls over the last couple of weeks.
    I have 11 trades before this week and i am already doing Luai to Doueihi.

    I am a H2H player so I want to conserve as many trades as I can but i fall about 12k short of the luai to doueihi, so i need to do 2 trades.

  13. Hi lads quick question

    Schuster to Douehi or Munster I can do both with one trade to partner Walker at 5/8

    I’m thinking douehi with goal kicking great draw and also I have Hughes at halfback so I’m a bit unsure and would appreciate the thoughts

    • Hey Angus,

      Already hit record on the podcast sorry.

      Like it, question marks over Schuster’s minutes coming back from hammy injury, plus Manly have lots of back-row depth. Wouldn’t be surprised if he came off the bench tonight.

      Love that Munster and Doueihi have the big ceilings so I think it’s a great play personally.

      – TW

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